WHY WHY WHY????????????????????????



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  • To control and manipulate.

  • Please Please Mr Drex

    Can you tell the West to get the fcuk on with it..

    The rhetoric is as boring as your constant denials of the G/F..

    Your constant talk of WAR MURDER DEATH is as Fcuking boring

    as the Lightworkers views on timings..

    The G/F dont do time so anybody telling you Dates is a big fat lyer..

    The only thing sadder than your trying to influence is deplorable as is your grasp on the situation..

    The Wests demonising of Russia is to try to and derail The BRICS Alliance..

    Its already signed sealed and up and running..

    Will the Us and UK eventually join YES OF FCUKING course they will..

    They wont want to be last in the queue the public will demand samestatus.

    i can tell you a couple of things that you may well be  unaware of..



    My Question remains Why is nobody throwing Nukes..

    The answer is simply They are no longer blessed with that capability..

    They did try to say The USA has secret technology in the sky..


    That craft imune to human weapons is also GALACTIC FEDERATION

    Thankfully I am right and you are misinformed..

    The Cabal is Departing to pastures new and A GOLDEN AGE IS APON US..


    Much Love


  • Jose, are you still on about ascension and all these spiritual and nesara and ET things being bullshit?

    I think it's awesome that you found your truth, that none of this is real, in your opinion. But why go on about it in this site where most do believe? Are you trying to make everyone believe the same as you? That none of these things are real? It's not going to work.. Let it go and make and do some better more constructive things in your life, I'm 100% sure you can find some :)

    This is just a suggestion.. of course if that's what you want you can keep trying to change people's minds here in your seeming "crusade" to end illusory content :)

    Enjoy life! Live! Play! or help some people in need if you want :)

    The best for you.


    • 8116060465?profile=original

      Thank you

      you say things just and true,

      If this site a majority different from my thoughts for me is not a problem-

      I don't want to convince anyone, expose the problems are real problems
      tangible, then compared the ideas of all
      I know very well the ideas of God and I feel like the only
      Responsible for this situation in the world-
      GOD don't NEVER change her beliefs, as THEY will change the
      presence of HIS ADVISERS, especially the ascended masters (no ascended master is NOW INCARNATE on EARTH)
      then we are heading towards self-destruction with the help of God,
      happy happy ALL HIM..............
  • perhaps because "collective will of humanity" has not yet demanded those subjects yet, (or at least the critical mass of humanity). the creation is based on "free will power". cabal and all governments are stealing the "free will power" from humanity. WILL is the essence of Uni-verse.

  • If Russia were to speak of the reality of ET and offer aetheric energy, the West would launch a nuclear attack.....


    Better to wait until the white knights in Washington expel the Cabal first and then allow disclosure.....NESARA is key and it starts in America.....and roles out globally...The Russians know this....


    •  Drekx Omega

      I'm sorry to tell you that I don't believe in the White Knights of the United States and even of NESARA, NESARA is just a waste of time you're
      certainly not the cabal and neither NESARA will never-
      by how do I remember my past lives that already
      We experienced this style of slow but inexorable changes
      that lead to the self-destruction of the Earth, you'll see that so it is-
      push and pull and we're getting there, we are a broken record that sounds always
      the same music: a BROKEN RECORD!
      CIAO !
    • If the west were to attack Russia after they had advertised free energy and aliens all over the internet and their media, I think the PEOPLE of the west would SERIOUSLY protest that.

      So much, that the west would never do such a stupid thing in the first place. It'd be suicide for all leaders in the west since that'd proove to everyone that the conspiracy theorists were right afterall, and about 2 hours after that, all leaders of the western world would have been killed by their own people.

      You will need to make up a better excuse here, mr Drekx. The one you have is illogical. :)

      Since most of Putins fortune comes from the things that would go obsolete if free energy were to be released, we may hint the answer to José's question right here in This statement. :)

  • thanks for sharing.

    it would be more on the positive side of our emotions if we met a true 5d level of development or higher up HUMAN being (NOT the HUMAN ANIMAL TYPE) as to have real guidance of sincere holy intent to help us help ourselves, i.m.h.o. this is the start of the golden age for the human race on this earth. we have enough human animal types on earth now, low brain and heart use, i hope the rapture of when our d.n.a. codes come online they too may snap out of their behaviors to harm, and lust to control others, just for the animal ego of say a lion.

    i will with an open mind, be trying to not be put in a brain-washable mindset is advised for me and you. they are not idols.

    that servant and king relationship that is vibe up and routinize protocols of earth   is not a holy state of mind  for any race and  i feel it is the animal kingdom instinct in all of  us earth humans to have  this pack animal  predator mindset of invade, conquer, then rule by the sword , but it is wrong when we are close to be able to produce anything with almost nothing = no need for invade mindset!!, we just need a little help, for we are not alone anymore, may one day be the day it is obvious to all of us on this earth. 

    blessings to all of us for we are all one


  • ....Hmm...Probably Coz They Are Focused On Things....That Are Not Important.....But You Can Focus On Things.....That Are Important Too You.....Wont Change Them......But.....May Change You.....I Know...:).......Its.... SHITE......<3.......

This reply was deleted.

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