Why is Fear Negative?

I have alot to be thankful on the behalf of fear and so do my family and friends. and i'm sure we won't be the only ones.....

Thank you to Fear. I am alive today and joying life, yes I have my ups and down still but thanks to Fear i see how much beauty there is in the world and i also see how much evil there is in the world because of fear too. 

Fear has stop me committing suicide on a number of occasions. i would sit there questioning myself how painful would it be, would i suffer and how long for. i would search on Google things like. how long does it take you to bleed to death in a bath of water. it would show you ways of how to cut your arm. down the vain not across the wrist. then i would read about what would happen. how once you have bled enough you would have a heart attack but by this time they say its likely to have slipped into unconscious so the pain will probably be over.  but thanks to fear i thought and thought about this and it would go over and over in my head. then i would think of the pain and suffering i would course for my love ones. and knowing what that pain feels like. i feared for them. 

When i use to get this low i would get voices, in the lead up to it. these voices would telling me i'm unworthy of living, i'm fat, i'm ugly, i have no worth in this world i'm causing more harm here. i can't do anything to stop the things that bothered me in this world. i thought stupid things were all my fault and these voices would agree with me. and that i have deserve all the bad things that have ever happened to me. 

Then the time i was in the bath. i got everything ready the kitchen knife was on the side. i locked the door and blasted out music. i sat in the bath then the voices came. this time they brought love with them and seemed caring. they told me i was doing the right thing. and i would soon be in peace.  and that I'll be in a better place where i could be more useful. then something just clicked inside me FEAR .... once that fear got triggered in me this being came to me & said. they need you here. you need you here. be strong. i'm not sure if it was a illumination or a hallucination but thanks to fear it came and saved me. and the thoughts of my love ones here in 3d with me made me feel guilty but it gives me one more reason to carry on this fight here in 3D! 

This has been the last time i have been close to suicide and i hope its my last. but just in cause i would like to keep fear as part of one of my emotions just in case i ever need it again.

Why do these supposedly spiritual beings tell you to rid of it? it isn't always a bad emotion. In this situation it turn to be a positive and a life saver for me.

Are these spiritual teachers, light beings? OR wolves in sheep's clothing?       


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  • Sorry to hear about your experiences, Kelly, but happy that some One kept you here!

  • “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise. ” — F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940); author ”

    A friend gave this quote and I thought you would enjoy it :) 

    Indeed, fear is here and should be recognized, and thanked. I personally then set out on the path of transmuting fear but if one wants to hold it within themselves to continue Loving and thanking it, there is nothing wrong with that and should be respected. Fear, like everything else, is the energy of Love in a different, usually more twisted up and turned inside out, form. But it is still Love. Just as we all are! 

    There are still people who would Love to catch the cabals and say 'off with their heads' but we must realize that even they are the energy of Love, incarnate in a twisted and voided form. Love should, of course, be Loved! :) 

    Good discussion :) 

    • Thank you for your input Wes and that quote is a great one. thank you xxx 

      i can understand people who what to take one beings who causing suffering to others. as i would be lying if I've never had that thought myself. but two wrongs don't make a right and you might end up being just as bad, but then on the other hand you could stop that person/being from causing more suffering if you do take them out. so i don't know what is the right or wrong thing to do in this case. as both points have both negative and positive points to them.  

      but i don't think getting psycho and killing them is a smart thing. unless its the last resort. one thing i could never do unless i had no other choice. and even then i'm not sure i could. maybe more for my love ones than myself.  

  • that sounds just like what i say. 

    since getting my little Angelo Jacob tho. it makes those inbetween times of sometimes a reason to not do anything stupid. when i see his little face it can brighten up the darkest parts within me. we all need support in some foam its a hard job here. xxxx love you lots Kelly keep shining here down on earth and we will brighten up the most darkness of corners for everyone including ourselves one day xxxx   

  • Much Love to you Kelly and i'm glad you're here to share your tale to us and the world. x 

  • Fear isnt negative; fear is a great way of making us overcome obstacles and challenges in our life...

    fear doesnt exist except within our own minds;

    i think... for example; fear it can keep me rooted or it can cause me to change the way i feel about things;

    and grow as a person...

    so its a beneficial emotion; because out of fear can good stuff emerge...!

    hit rock bottom...the only way is to go up! <3

    • thank you for sharing Star xxx

      and aye Hit rock bottom... the only way is to go up... i'll drink to that <3 xx 

  • but then people have different understanding of cowardliness. and until you lived in that person's shoes i don't think anyone has a right to say their act was cowardliness.

    i friend of mine ran off and left a group of my friends after they got jumped by some scum bags once. i wasn't there, and i would like to think i would stay and try to defend myself and friends. but i think until you've experience it. you don't actually know how you would personal react to such a event. i know our friends were very mad at him for it. and he lost alot of respect.

    like people who have committing suicide, even if you've been there yourself. the reasons what drove you nearly to it may be totally different to the person who did. you can never judge you're experience to someone else. noone truly knows what the next person has or is going thru. its sad and i have alot of empathy towards people in any situation which is causing them distress.   

  • I haven't felt fear in well... ages.
    • :) X ... last time i felt fear is when i had to walk home in complete darkness on my own. lol i made it with no problems though. (was on a very small scale tho) 
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