Instead of leaving this task to US government? There is one disclosure that happens every morning: the disclosure of the existence of the sun!:) I don't hear this from CNN obama declaring it for me yet the sun is the most vital thing to my life. So why isn't there disclosure of existence of sun in our midist? (btw I atimes doubt the existence of sun so I might need disclosure!)Alright you have seen one thing!:) If I know that the sun exists, Obama's failure to acknowldge it, other than being annoying will be entertaining to me! So why are starseed angry about lack of disclosure instead of being amused? Do you realy beleive what you beleive you beleive? Do you realy want the government to proof to you what you already know?Now if Obama was to declare the existence of aliens, some conspiracy theorists will declare this just yet another illuminati agenda! Or do you think conspiracy theorists are only starseeds, indigo and lightworkers?

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  • Ah the experts have spoken; humanity is not ready!  And why not diminish another human being in the process, it gives much more credibility to the obvious quality of evaluation of the superior mind.  If humanity is not ready, then why bother at all?  Why Sirius?  Why the conferences?  What will it take to make them ready?  Who will evaluate the readyness of the population?  Already a majority of people believe in UFO, more than half, so democratically the people are ready, but I guess it is not enough for the superior mind.  

    Your article had an interresting questionning from the start, it is sad it was steered off topic so quickly and that only 1 expert dared to suggest an explanation.  The fact that the ETs do NOT want to show up is obvious, and the question of why is seldomly asked because it is embarassing to most 'enlightened' sites, but it is the elephant in the room.  Why don't they just appear in front of a live TV feed?  Why don't they move slowly with their ships over main cities?  Why don't they send images of themselves or the inside of their ships?  Are they not technologically able?  Do 'they' feel we are not ready?  Then why tell everyone to spread the news?  What news?  That the aliens are avoiding us and do not want to be found because we are not ready?  Are those GFL stories just an elaborate hoax?  Have you notice that since Greg Gilles disappeared. there are almost no messages from the GFL?  Are we supposed to understand that they vanished after loosing their spokes person?  Is this whole ET mystery just another hoax perpetrated by superior beings from another dimension?  Have we just stepped in the twilight zone?    

    • 1/3 of the USA believes in UFOs. But you also have to understand that UFOs mean unidentifiable flying objects and doesn't necessarily mean ET stuff. And also, that statistic is only for USA, not the rest of the world.

      You apparently don't understand what happened with the whole Greg Giles thing... o.O.. then again, your use of "expert" is a little skewed so I'm not surprised.

  • humanity is not ready yet for anything this big , just read leftoftrack's comments and think how many more billions of us are conditioned like that.

    And I am sure that huge percentage of humanity lives in fear of them ..............we still need more work for this to happen.

    • .... I'm not conditioned. I'm pro-seeing aliens (with proof that it's not just a hallucination, if you understand anything about the brain... hallucinations do happen). I don't mind if that means they'll exterminate us. I don't mind if that means they'll teach us stuff.

      Conditioned... because I know about photography? And because I can smell bs from miles away? Conditioned. Riiight.

      • I cant speak for you but All I can do is relate information available today. reason I seem to know the subject and topic is from experience seeing flying objects and strongly believe in the presence of 4th and higher "ghosts and "spirits" I had seen. I am trully convinced that I saw an angel, and peaceful at that, mixing that with interrnet, videos , pictures, even reports from main stream media . Yes, information is there, some just dont believe any of that and its fine too..........................................

        Proof is in the heart, the connection with higher "masters" and the Law of One , which many of them thought connection with Universe and Planet you live on, cant be false .

        I thought, no pun intended , that you seek the physical proof but not mental/spiritual ...................thats fine too. We all will get our answers, sooner or later...................................

  • Sweetheart, there's no fear on my side. I've gotten used to it these past 7 months. At first I was very upset that I caused my brain to malfunction (and it IS a malfunction, not some super special power or evolution). You really don't understand the consequences of what you think you're doing. When I have the time... I'll make a post/blog about what happened... maybe.

    There is no such thing as DNA activation. If so, have someone who thinks their "DNA is activated" go to a doctor and get their DNA looked at. It's going to look no different than it did before.

    Evolution is something that happens out of necessity (look at history). Not something that happens because people want it to happen.

    Even IF it was evolution based... think logically about what the next step in evolution would be. Would it really be talking to "other dimensional beings".... =/ talking to "other dimensional beings" isn't required for life. It isn't required for survival. It's one of those things that "would be cool"... not a necessity. Being "evolved" doesn't mean having to lean on some other entity to assistance. If anything that's de-evolution.

    The third eye is nothing more than you using your imagination. Believe it or not, your imagination and mind are capable of amazing things. Don't sell yourself short by giving credit to this new age hubbub.

  • Be careful. With enough focus and intent, you can force your brain to hallucinate and hear things. You can accidently trick your brain into thinking your own (certain thoughts, not all thoughts, depends on how much emotion and feeling you put behind these thoughts I guess) thoughts are a foreign object and it will treat it as such (but it doesn't happen overnight). It's one thing to turn this on, it's a completely different ballgame to turn it off... if off is even possible. You'd think if you can turn it on, you can turn it off... but I'm still trying to figure out the off part.

    So if you think brain damage is a part of evolution... good luck to you.

  • Google: squiggle moon picture (there's a lot under the google images section)

    Here's another I found googling "moon picture moving car" I think:

  • OMG you're serious. You're not familiar with photography methods are you? Holy crap. here's an example of someone doing it intentionally. People who just take a picture of the moon with slightly shaking hands (not holding the camera perfectly steady) produce pictures such as the one you shared.

    Lol, light language.

    Your "friend" pulled a fast one on you.


    Some more:

    The same thing can be done with a helicopter in the night sky.

    Google: full moon slow shutter for more pictures... too many to sort through.

    Although when I get my pictures that resemble exactly the picture you shared, I'm usually sitting in a car taking the picture. But being in a moving car isn't necessary to get that effect.

    • I found it more polite not to tell you what I thought about people claiming to be GFL or hearing GFL in their head. But feel free to share how.

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The Gift of Offering Prayers to Others     The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings  sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return. We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless…
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