Hello sweet angels of the Mother Earth Gaia. Today, I am going to talk about why the events such as "THE EVENT" do not take place as expected and why they get delayed and what must we do in order to make these kinds of "events" take place on our beautiful angelic planet sooner without any delay.

Before I proceed, I want to tell you that a few things that I'll be talking about will be difficult for me to express it in words because I got to explain you about things that occur at a deeper level which is spiritual in nature, therefore, expressing those feelings in words is quite hard actually. So, I will do my best to keep things as simple as possible so that you will be able to understand me.

Okay, let's get started. So, why do you think that event's like 21/12/12 wasn't up to your expectations? The things said to you didn't fully occur on 21st of december last year (Tbh, quite lot happened but most of us are just unaware). And now people are suddenly talking about this "THE EVENT". Now, what this "EVENT" is beautifully explained by chanellers   such as Blossom Goodchild and Elizabeth Truthwin. You can find Elizabeth's and Blossom's channelings about "THE EVENT" on ACC too.

What you all should understand is EVENTS such as these are dependent on the overall energy levels or frequency of vibrations of each and every human being on this planet. This is were everything isn't as perfect it should be for the EVENTS to occur. Yes you are given a date, now that date given to you is a prediction not a certain date that an EVENT will take place. THE EVENT can occur well before that given date or well past that date or even on that exact date. It so happens because its occurrence depends on the total human's energy level or frequency of vibration for that EVENT to take place on our lovely planet Gaia.

So how do we human angels generate these energy levels or vibrating frequencies? It's simple--- we generate them through our thoughts, the way we think, the way we project our emotions, your actions, etc  at all levels namely: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical etc.

(That is why you should let go of the fear, anger, distress "thoughts and emotions" which arise from our TV/internet news media channels, or movies etc. Our minds (thoughts) are being controlled by them, so don't let them have a control over your thoughts, but it should be the other way around.)

So your THOUGHTS and INTENTS play a vital role and hold the key to unlock these EVENTS. The frequency of your thoughts (and frequency of "everything") has increased incredibly ever  since 21/12/12. So "how long" exactly did it take to get to november of this year, I can tell you it took very less "time" and most of you feel it the same too, that "time" is "moving" fast.

Now, the reasons (a few examples so to speak) why The EVENTS dont take place or are delayed by a few "months" or years" are:

The way you THINK, project your THOUGHTS and your INTENT.

Now if you think, for example say "oh I have heard this before a 1000 times and again I'm hearing the same thing. Let me wait till 21/12/12 and see if this thing occurs or not" ---- NO, it's not gonna occur if you THINK, and your THOUGHT process and INTENTIONS are in that way.


" I know it will occur someday. But it is not gonna occur now because of reasons A and B something else." ----Its not gonna occur/take place now??? Then no it won't!


"oh no another fake message/chanelling. This won't occur at all". --- it Won't!

These are the THOUGHTS, INTENTS etc of millions of people on earth--Their energy or frequency vibrations--- that is why THE EVENT doesn't take place. This is also the same reason why it gets delayed too. Also most of the people aren't aware that any such kind of EVENT is even going to take place.

Ok another old example, Say, you have a radio and your favourite music station is on 600 Mhz. The knob is currently set at 10 Mhz. So you use the knob to get to that 600 frequency range so that you can listen to the songs. In the same way if our thoughts energy levels/ frequencies are in "tune" with THE EVENT's frequencies/its energy level, it's that's when it will take place. The EVENT is already there in space waiting for us to receive it. Its now our turn to raise our frequencies up to that level in order to experience/see/feel it and bring this EVENT to fruition. (Hope I made you understand how this thing works but I know its not the perfect example.)

So please remember our thoughts and "positive thinking" holds the key here.

Okay something I forgot to mention about is our expectation levels.  its hard for me to explain this one, so here we go---It should not be time dependent, it means you should not be asking yourselves WHEN will this take place? Or give it a specific date and keep wishing that it will occur on that specific date. Even though you've come across that date from a trusted channeler just ignore those dates. And dont think "how fast" or "how slow". Just think/visualize that it will take place or even "has taken place" (and "has taken place is the difficult part" and I dont know how to explain it properly. what you're doing here is a kind of positive thinking even though you're "faking it". In doing soo you're actually getting up/matching up to the frequencies of THE EVENT. (It's like you tuning yourself slowly..slowly..and your getting there closer ..closer..closer...one step closer...and the you'll get the feeling you are there..just there..and you are finally there. This is not only a physical/mental process but also a spiritual process, that's why its not easy to explain these sort of things in words.)

Ok, what you got to do is just stay positive that's all. No need to do any kind of meditations. Just leave those meditations to us "Lightworkers" ;p) but if you wanna perform any kind of meditation exercises please do, it will certainly be beneficial to all.

If you have realized it or not we have been using our thoughts either consciously or unconsciously to create things "happen/take place" around us. (Again a few examples) A few centuries back people laughed and didn't believe What Thomas Alva Edison told them--Guess what he showed them on the New Year's Eve (Light Bulb)? And didn't we laugh back then when we were first told that man could travel to the moon? We have always been creating things, from telephones to smartphones, From a Building sized computer to an I- Pad. We have created the good and bad, by making use of our thoughts.

And now, we are being told and being made Aware of THE EVENT. So please, I request you not to miss out on this one.

Thank You.

Love, Light, Gratitude.


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  • Thanks for sharing this video. :)

  • nothing happens because many things take time, like humanity being in oneness collectively , fighting for a cause, for a change. At this time about 40 to 50% of humanity either knows or is learning that something is wrong with this world we live today. The other half is on the cust of self realization, a change and manifestation of of collective mind : hopefully on the path of peace, light and love trail.

    Certain events, humanity is not ready for yet. With one half dancing in orgasm , the other panicking and generating negative energy. The scale must be tiped towards positive path, that takes time.

    ........however, I expect serious changes soon.

    • You're right and Thank You for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. It contains a lot of useful information :)

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful link. :)

  • Yes! Thanks Feather.

This reply was deleted.

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