Why can I not see them?

I am a total believer in extraterestrial, extra-dimensional, spirits, ghosts, guides, ufos, metaphysics, the paranormal and the unexplainable, etc...

My question If anyone can give insight is to how come I haven't had any definitive experience that these things exist in my reality?

I totally believe in them yet I have no experience with them, could it be that they don't exist or is it that im here at this time to not experience them? perhaps Ive experience them in past lives?

what do all you think? All answers are greatly appreciated!





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  • Believe you will see them and you will.  

  • It takes time to start really seeing, especially if you haven't had many experiences in your life. try meditating, asking for guidance in your dream state. Normally, when you get comfortable seeing them in your 'dream world' which is often you astral travelling, you become comfortable seeing them physically. Lots of things can hold you back, like maybe your pineal gland hasnt de-calcified, or maybe your crown chakra and brow chakra are a bit blocked. Lots can help this, listen to the 741 solfeggio tunes. I also do distant energy healing, and if I can assist, let me know. In my experience, there is so many different factors holding people back from physically seeing. Start asking your guides to help see. Have you asked the universe to help unlock that potential within you? What is your dominant intuitive sense? What fears do you have with it? Always ensure when you ask to make contact, that you connect with those with the highest good and intent for you as well.

  • Maybe you chose not to see them in this life time, it could be that it would be too distracting.  Maybe you will see them in the future.  I remember one of the channelled messages saying that we interact with the galactics in the astral but we don't remember this because it would be too distracting.  You could try meditating more.  I found some meditation dvd's helpful, you can get them from a local metaphysical shop.

  • I call the one with a one sec big flash the flasher. :) It was one of the first ufo`s to get my atention to the sky in 2010. Now when there are people with me they show me low flying orange lights.

    In December did see also the ones that look like satallites and the fast moving ones as a falling star but then horizontal. After a long time i get visited this month by a few groups of scouts and tree saucers flying together making a cirkel above my house with no lights on. So activity is indeed rising

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    • wooooow oh yes absolutely, thank you so much:)


    • Hah, I laugh because this reminds me of an experience I had.  In the corner of the front of my old house I would always get a feeling that there was a presence there when I would be going to my front door at night, I would normally try my best to ignore it and open my front door to get into my house.  One night though I figured I was not scared, and that I wanted this presence to reveal it self to me.  So on my way to the front door I sensed it, and hardened myself to face this entity, and inside kept saying "bring it on, I'm not scared".  As it got closer and closer a great fear came over me, and when I could feel it was almost upon me I broke down inside and within my being I cried out "i'm not ready", and out of the shrubs a little cat came out and rubbed against my legs a few times while purring and walked off.

  • 8114695498?profile=original8114728482?profile=originalI do see spirits and have all my life, so I know they are real. Before I had an explanation for what I was seeing I tried any religion that would explain it. Now I know what it is I have been seeing and understand the true reality of what life is. Maybe if you asked your guides to help see thru the veil, they will help you with this. Always ask for protection and the white light to surround you.  

  • We are in the same position, however like many said, we are currently only set to work with our dimension naturally the way we grow up. If we re-activate and upgrade our third eye (or first eye actually) located somewhere in the middle of the forehead slightly over our eyebrows, it's a very important step to getting in touch with other dimensions. But I haven't yet myself succeeded at this, I've found it's nothing you do over night. I started almost a year ago to eliminate my intake of fluoride from toothpaste, and have been making healthier choices in what I eat, this will with time decalcify the pineal gland and make it easier for it to work as intended, producing serotonin, melatonin and DMT "The spirit molecule".

    There are lots of good advice on how to decalcify your pineal gland. Let me show you the videos I've taken help from.




    There are lots more, but start with these :)

  • Mabey you must go out and watch them.

    Spend about 10/20 min outside and gaze at the stars in the evening and ask them to show them selfs.

    I see them regular in the last tree years.

    • haha that would help:)

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