Yes, dear brothers and sisters, it is true, some of the music I listen to is very 'dark' as some would put it, and even more than that, I actually quite enjoy it =S.

Many of it being like some gothic type songs as well as hardcore dance by some evil artists, I even have some little respect for artists like The Prodigy and Angerfist (a very hardcore DJ) lol, who are often termed as nutcases by 'media'.

Does anyone know why this could be, I guess though it depends on my mood since I often prefer uplifting trance or summery folk pop, and more. Perhaps it is sometimes the beautiful melodies in these 'Dark' songs and their rage against the system which attracts me, or maybe there is a dark being trying to control my feelings as well as thoughts and emotions, but if so they are failing rapidly, still I like the music.

Funny because normally I would have a little Idea about myself even though I do not remember what I experience, but this attraction I have to these dark things is near unknown to me, but could this be related to my interest in reptilians?

(...Or I could be going through a shift where my body is seeing beauty in all things even the dark and the things I am not familiar with, as well as beings who have done dark deeds, this could be very lightfull! Who knows..)

And I have to admit to everyone, as well as being a Lightworker and possible starseed, I have a small attraction to the darkness and things like so, stories like 'hell' never scared me lol. Does anyone know what is going on?

Whatever it is, it doesn't feel too bad, just a curious thought?

Oh but no when I say 'dark' I don't mean negative, which I stay clear of and cannot bare, negative like screaming and swearing in songs as well as being completely horrible, but If there was any real concern it would be to follow all of today's mainstream music lol, which some of it is more evil than any.

Anyway's would love to know what you think, I Love you all so much ~*

Blessings and eternal joy ~*

Oen ~*

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  • Hi. I just want to give you my opinion. You are still very young but in few years you will know yourself better and will leave the darkness. You are very confused now. You will learn; do not worry.
    Take care :)
    • Hi, listen MAC, I really wanna sort this out and clear everything up, since I absolutely cannot stand arguing with people, but sadly that seems to have happened with us, and I really want us to have a good connection with each other, whether you do or not isn't up to me. Please try to read everything here and understand as much as you can, I know I don't always make things clear. I can explain why I do get attracted to some dark things but I would need you to accept a few unusual things okay, there are people here with different views and history. You do not seem to fully understand how I am, I am not confused, just have not fully remembered my true being yet, but in reality, who has huh? until they have completed their mission on Earth, very little I would presume. I do know why I am attracted to this type of music, in SOME cases not always, I only posted this discussion to discover what other people here thought of, and could say about it. Thank you for being more understanding now though, I much prefer this, however can you please respect my understanding and feelings, to say that I am just confused or 'too young' is very rude and ignorant I believe. Age means NOTHING to me. I may be a little sensitive in this body, but that comes from my physical mothers personality, spiritually I would avoid these sort of things (oversensitivity) . You are correct in saying I will know myself better soon, of course I will, but you do sort of say that as if you already know me perfectly or yourself, which is of course not the case, however I still see what you mean. If you are on this site, you most likely are still remembering your being, which I am indeed. Thank you for at least trying to help here, and understanding it. The only reason I pointed out that something in the first place was really because I really disagreed with what you did, as you probably do know already. I just never expected to see it here on AC, but I don't wan't to encourage a negative connection between us okay, I will admit that I got a little angry at first, but only because I very strongly disagreed with it, so I told you what I felt was the truth in relation to the discussion. If you did not agree (or don't) then fair enough, but I will admit, the main reason I replied to what you said in the first place was not really to argue against you but to just make a point in reference to the post and what you said, only afterwards did I get a little more angry. If you wish to speak of anything other than the topic to someone though, please do it outside or somewhere else, okay? Please try and respect the few amount of rules we have here to make this website a wonderful online home for everyone. I hope you realise I am avoiding saying many things against you now, because rather than using my mind on here most of the time, I want to use my spirit and heart, and speak without negative and 3D vibrations, that is just me, and this is something you have to realise, not everyone is the same, and there is NO right or wrong. I would very much appreciate if you do not reply with a 'winners remark' or something piss taking, like "finally owning up eh?" or "you knew I was right all along" because that isn't true and would show you are uninterested in being loving and respectful or even understanding, however you probably won't since I can see that you can be a nice person at heart. =)
      One thing I was very wrong with was judging you before even knowing you, I don't know much about you other than your picture and all you have said to me so far lol. I would like to get to know you better, but if you don't want this that is fine, I would respect that. You are right, we are all connected and One, not all the same but connected nonetheless, even the dark and light. I am a light being BTW, but only here to learn adjusting to being as I am in a harsh and dark environment. My attraction to Dark music is probably related to this, but I have recently noticed something, most of the 'dark' music I love is not at all Violent or horrible, its just labelled dark but it only has that theme you know? example... well, the prodigy, who are an electronic band, they make drum and bass electronica tracks, I like the beat and technological quality in it. But Trance music is always something I love, it really connects to my spirit and being. I get attracted to technology more than I do darkness, but effective technology for loving purposes and entertainment, never for evil or darkness. I sincierly hope that you understand. Sorry for this very long message, but I have always got a lot to say lol, not that I always do say a lot, I am known for being quiet most of the time.
      Hope you understand what I am saying and can accept that, that I am. Be who you are, find what your heart resonates with and open your mind beforehand as much as you can. Your brain is indeed a wonderful thing, for here anyway of course, but so is our spiritual body too, so much changes as we advance and reconnect with our higher selves, we will all be amazed and feel far better then. We should not be fighting, but instead uniting. If fight anything then it should be the media, government with their lies and control. I hope you will be that you are, we are all such wonderful and beautiful beings. ;) ~*

      Peace, love and joy ~*
      • Point taken. Now you are being truly a enlightened being. :)
        Glad to see that.

        Best Regards ;)
        • Good, I am very glad to hear that. ;D. Hope you read it all lol.

          Thank you for understanding ~*

          Love and peace =) ~*
  • :) Probably simply getting in touch with the different aspects within u that are finding the triggers via resonating with certain music .. It's when music starts to run our lives it's a problem ... Some people listen to certain music that carry certain frequencies for research purposes -. Does this make them dark invaders :).. perhaps u r doing ur own research on urself in regard to ur inner dialogues . .... each to their own ... thousand passing reasons can be made up ... If it's not hurting u .. then something good will come from it ..... sometimes it's just a form of processing something one can be working on in the subconscious .....


    As I sit here peeling back the lenses
    I see a very Dark part of me that's banging

    Banging at theh Door of Light
    It's been screaming as it's hanging

    It has never trully been heard
    And it yearns 4 Light thru the absurd

    Now that it has some Light
    It can learn freedom dispite
    All the hell it thought
    It deserved

    It tastes new freedom
    Sees now it won't be bit
    Speaks up even when frozen
    Knowing it will not be hit

    Calls out via Snapping
    Still the only way it knows
    A habit formed thru being attacked
    Now Heaven and Hell
    Is what it shows

    Still I hang on
    Believing it will become strong
    Know that strength comes from Divine
    The Light Of Love
    One Day it will Totally


    As I Befriend
    Dark Side

    <3<3<3 RJK
  • Each to their own, I agree. It is great that those with the most open minds and hearts with self awareness can connect to their inner and higher being and self, which shows as their music tastes and interests differ from those being manipulated and taught by media and our false education.

    I have to admit, I am not very instrumental at all, I prefer computerised music totally since I feel there is no need to use instruments which are increasingly difficult to use and have more practise required, having said that the computerized technology is no exception, unless you have the money, that is how it goes here unfortunately. Every, and let me emphasize that, every song has meaning, in its own unique way, whether it be of beauty and heart, or political and rebelious, or just to dance along to, some relate and some don't, they all have meaning!

    Even if it is made through advanced software or technology it makes little difference apart from the sound, I personally am a man of technology but only for that of good and love.

    Wonderful message and thank you Reanne, as long as you can appreciate and see the beauty and meaning in all things, you can discover the sorts of things you resonate with and enjoy ~*

    Peace, love and joy ~*

    Oen ~*
  • As long as they dont run out rampant on the streets with a hack-axe chopping heads off, i encourage people to listen to whatever the hell they like... Do anything that u want.... if u dont bother the one next to you...
    • Haha, very true. The universal law of free will is for everyone, so the common trolls on this website and others would have you deny. ~*
    • Darkness and Love is possible, nothing is wrong or right you know =). I know some very loving dark people myself who are very generous friends. ~*
    • Well Shelly thank you for your ideas, but it is interesting since I am fully against the idea of death and violence. Some of these things I do not like at all, the only kind of dark music are usually beautiful and really exotic ones which do not send horrifying messages to people, such as the duduk flute used in movies and Armenian music.

      To let you know about my self, I am a lightworker and 'almost' a vegan vegetarian (still eat cheese in a minority) while I am fully attracted to the light and everything it radiates, I have spiritually and mindfully learned to see the beauty and radiate love in such harsh vibrations and evil, as such, I see it also as part of a little story where this dark quality brings the light to further existance, as the saying goes: "without darkness there is no light, or vice versa" as well as there are numerous other theories and quotes with a similar scenario, this one really stands out, however I know that the light and Love is by far more powerful. It may not seem so in such a harsh and dark environment such as the one we currently stand in being Earth, but naturally and Universally it is so.

      These negative and horrifying images are of the love of death which is an ideology developed by the dark leaders so called of this planet and the system, who have driven that idea into our minds as a child, therefore this is false and a lie, however I have also learned a saying in the 'bringers of the dawn' video that "darkness is the absence of information" so this could have something to do with that aspect.

      Thank you again for sharing ~*

      Love, light and joy to you ~*

      Oen ~*
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