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For years i search for a good spiritual et site with a nice big community.

Like Asthar command but with out the ego, shills and bad admin.

A site that makes no difference in people and they have all the same rights to communicate.

So is there a other '' Asthar'' site  because this one is not what it should be.

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Yeah, not a lot of GFL information going around these days. Not like it was about 10 years ago lol.

I agree there, too.. eVOLVED...when people start slinging the name-calling slanderisms with unreserved abandon... it can get taxing... and shows how easily respect for others' views can get lost in the shuffle. It's definitely not for everyone, and if you find it repulsive, at times and not conducive to a higher vibration... I understand, and wish you well in finding a more pleasant atmosphere.

Dont mind some real arguing but more the unfair treatment people get here is what make me want to leave.

Right eVolved... I was kinda thinking more of the original poster when i said that.

That is true, i came here because i had some questions after seeing our friends up close in the sky.
Most of them are anwserd by information from here and other sources.
Before i was not in the spiritual thing but now i know more about everthing so for information i do not to be here anny more.
A bit of me stil want to be member of Ashtar but i can not be part of something that makes distinction in members like there are diffrent classes of people. 

i think you will find 'conflict of interests' anywhere ... ;))

this sites are ok: -  (however not much to do with Ashtar)

A perfect site is not to find but better must be possible,
Thanks for the links i put them on my symbaloo favorites.

Valana:  I agree with you that we are living in seperate universes.  I never really feel like I'm "here".  Some people think that I'm aloof (until they get to know me) because I have a hard time "connecting" down here. 

They think youre aloof because you refuse to play the social game by there rules.

Think indeed that change is just a illusion and that everything has some reason and connection.

Funny i bin captein on several inland cargo and passenger ships ;)

Thank you for sharing!

Historical correct or not learning the teachings of Christ is the best way to be.
I keep it in my favo's and an eye on it.



Better?.. of course 'better' is always relative to individual discernment, Klass. I think you'll find many of the shadows you've described are present (in one form or another), in most arenas you navigate, whether online or in your daily affairs. The micro & the macro are always in effect... & interpersonal egoic drama, spiritual one-upmanship, trolling/bullying etc.,are an intricate part of the final birthing pains of the new paradigm. A kind of collective purging of the remaining veils of duality. Important to keep in mind that for all the discord, there is also mass regeneration... real healing that is also present... even in the most challenging of situations. We learn the most by moving through conflict, not around it. As for your criticism of ACC, it seems to reflect a real naiveté of what it takes to manage a site like this... & the notion that the administration is 'bad' is simply shortsighted. It's actually quite rare to find a site run with the level of patience & understanding shown by Ben Arion. Even so... if you feel there are greener internet pastures that will be better served by your unique sensibilities.... Seek & You Shall Find, Klaas. & have fun with it! Perhaps it's better to focus on what you bring to the table, rather than being distracted by the shadows of your fellows? 'Be the change you want to see'. Raise the bar of your Consciousness in whatever sector of the internet, or the planet you happen to find yourself in... & wherever that is... make no mistake about it, there are always meaningful lessons to be garnered. In Life, we are attractors for what we most need to learn. It's just our job to 'real'eyes that... & to remember that's why we incarnated on the Gaian Matrix in the first place. So if it's your time to move on... so be it. Till next time, brother. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it's on a higher/better level. It will be exactly what you need. Trust your intuition & stay connected to 'how you define yourself'... not others; because when it's all said & done: Wherever you go, there You are. ~InLight555




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