This discussion is mostly aimed at those who are advanced and are mature.


I'm wanting to know who else is feeling that they are just not that interested in relationships or sex anymore. 


I have been fine with established lovers here or there over the years without getting right into a relationship with them.  (Based on mutual respect and trust).  However, it was surprising to just turn off meat and animal products overnight, now I'm overcoming alcohol cravings  and am conscious (and now desire to) giving it up altogether just as I always knew I'd become vegetarian again.  I'm wondering if chocolate is next in attempt to keep eating only the purest of foods.


I've been meditating everyday and it's doing wonders.


But, I have a hunch that I'm not as needy now and whether I'm going to manage?  I really enjoyed a beautiful night alone (Saturday) last night as I made an organic salad and did my own thing.  I got up and saw the stars out this morning and enjoyed the peaceful surrounds.


I'm not sure if I'm wanting to join my energies with someone that is not vibrating at the same rate anymore.  We have all had dysfunction but joining with someone who isn't trying to attain to be spiritual - you just don't know really.


Any thoughts?  If you've been single and on your path alone and managed well, I'd love to hear.



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  • What you describe feels like how I've lived life, even from childhood. I've never felt needy for others (although I certainly appreciate them and make time for them), have felt full and whole when in solitude doing something I love to do (like making things or walking outdoors), and never really craved a family of my own creation. The chance of finding a compatible partner seems so rare that I do not linger on it. Should that person arrive, wonderful. In the meanwhile, I have chosen to platonically love and respect all those around me for their own unique beauty. I want nothing, I expect nothing. I am whole and happy. (And as for physical yearnings...they seem to be not so strong or apparent, and that seems to be okay. That energy must be getting channeled into other things.)


    At this point in my life, in my 40s now, a close friend said to me that I've "married myself," which I find fascinating to think about. I left my job and career in NYC to move to a strange, new city and bought a house that I have been renovating full-time for the last two years. I suppose these are things we do when significant others come into our lives and we form partnerships. It doesn't seem strange at all to me to do it on my own, and I would recommend to anyone denying themselves something they want because of public perception to kindly look past it, honor yourself, free your soul. What is that quote? Live the life you always imagined...go boldly in the direction of your dreams. Whatever that is to you, if it feels right, do it.


    I think that your raised vibration is a beautiful thing. The path may seem lonely at times, but you are never -- never -- alone.

    • No youre never alone, were here for our special purpose, and the moment you start enter your path and get your higher consciousness going you loose interest for alot of "ordinary" things. Ive never given a flying duck about doing like everybody else, were not here to live life as others want. Then our mission would be in vain.  but yes, the pressure can be stone-hard. I really did fell into my twinflame by accident, and were even promised twins,and at my age,40.. its almost laughable lol  me, that never wanted to be married and have children, that were content. its just the companys too great to spare it. so yes, if its meant to be,it happens. the level were on and the consciousness is well worth it. but else..  sex is so stone-age-brain reptilian thing as they practise it usually. under right circumstances its holy divine. see how they distort it.

      this planets come far from balance. but it only takes the needed % to tip the scale......

  • i can relate to this also. i never really been a relationship type person they never last to long with me for some reason i just dont want to be around them any longer..but now after i had a child i just feel like if there not on the same energy level or path as i am i dont want to waste my time. i like being alone an i dont have a problem with it at all..i didnt know why but im glad im not the only one with these feelings
    • yes Earthgoddess


      their energies are just too different for us now.  I think our sensitivity is heightened, and we are empaths as well, so we are feeling many things.  Our time alone is our rejuvenation time

      • yeah im with you on those ones, me and mine can melt for 13 hours - all chakras all over-and were in total bliss, normal sexual encounter fade in comparasion, feel full like never before. After that we just talk and talk and talk. same,13 hours is one hour for us.  I swore I was satisfied in my own company and its still true, though my twinflame came and I feel double full in his company. We spend alot of time together, work are more manageable, never strived for the work-a-holic-lifestyle. or materialistic one. I think that has a lot to say yes. the higher consciousness the less interest for just sex. I swore I didnt want anybody unless very special and fit me in those ways. Even with this to perfection can still be times lol   connections everything. I bet many would think were crazy to spare sex, but its the best ever. I mean, its in its right place. balance! their is no glory in sex, but in spiritual,divine union, with Creator,your higher self and well.. twinnie there,=) and not to forget the laws,the path. the work,that youre here for. Its s-t because its put out of order at the first place. with everything in balance like the laws of balance it wouldnt get this far.


    • Me and mine we wont pro-create until its right time for us, that is, to have our long waited twins. The laws of God and Creation say "you must maintain a balanced pro-creation of species", that will say,Divine Union under God, with the partner youre rightfully married to- and even if youre not married, you who cohabit as lovers must make the same commitment under God as those that are.  If you dont desire children there is no reason to pro-create,or, until you are capable of taking care of such.  journal 27   

      Sex is not the driving force of mankind, its the creative force of unlimited potential. To make sex the rule over you and your spirituality will bind you to lower astral forms and dimensions. the more spiritual the higher you go the more you loose interest for it and put it in the right place,where it belong.

      note that this is said by one thats tried the other way.

      you can be more intimate with your partner by putting it where it belong. Nowadays human beings are addicted to sex. Its not positive to be addicted. Spirituality is never meant to approve sexual drives.

      Human kinds have misused the gift of pro-creation,and as such over populated the planet, if they had not done that and kept the laws of balance....... 


      Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
      The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
      • I think Maiailla, that part of the problems we are currently facing today, is the fact we are not a Community anymore. 


        People are so flat out working 8-12 hours/day, 5-6-7 days/week.


        A sense of community has gone, and instead it's replaced with 'fear'.  Fear your neighbours, fear this, fear that.


        I think that this sense of community completes us in a way, but people are seeking something through the sexual union now that they are not getting in the community.



  • My opinion is personal. According to Michael Teachings [not to be confused with arch angel Michael] there exists souls at all levels of evolution. I stand at the level where I have YET to experience SEX and relationships. So, I tend to be hurt by people who have moved beyond it. The VAST majority of the world's souls are in the midst of revolving door relationships with involve sex. And then there are the old souls who have 'been there and done that', and are basically here for something different. So I am a young soul who happens to be curious about all of this ET and spiritual stuff.
    • Thanks for sharing, I'd like to read more on Michael Teachings.


      I agree with that - that souls are at different levels of evolution.


      I texted my old 'soul-mate' yesterday (he keeps abusing me for having sex with other men) and said 'when we reincarnate, we desire to have as many different experiences as possible'. 


      Now that it's out of my system, well my interests are obtaining more spiritual knowledge now.  I find this far more intriguing and is overruling the desire for sexual relationships now.


      I think we are here for different things and learning. 

  • Hey.....I have always been a romantic at heart......perhaps have even been 'in love' with being in love....  Yet I have found a greater love....the love of humanity and God.  This kind of love totally fills me and life has turned around completely  in a manner that fills each and every moment with a sense of joy that is difficult to explain..  I feel a sense of 'completeness' that I would only ever feel for short moments before...hence now I feel 'authentic'.  much love Christine
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