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January 30

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I came into this world as an incredibly happy child, even though my family had their struggles. Nature always sang to me, and I felt divinely connected, ecstatic even, when out alone in it -- in fact, since being a very young child, I would seek out quiet moments to myself and just BE. There was never any boredom or unrest...it was understood that it was where I belonged. Upon becoming an adult, things got rough -- I had trouble merging my "real" existence with this worldly one and lost my way, tried to sort out what it means to be human in this civilization and play along. The disconnection was painful, some bad decisions were made when my intuitive self felt very far away, but I gradually found my way back. Reading, seeking, questioning...mostly feeling what's right and following it. I long to find similar souls here and share our adventures...and cannot wait for the person to show up who has been looking for me, too. My life seems dedicated to creation of all things beautiful. If I'm making something with my hands, then time stands still.

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Ghandi, Lincoln, Mother Meera, Prof. Sterling, Prof. Joy, Ruis, Atha, my parents who welcomed me here

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nywvblue replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion What are the Pleiadian worlds like?
"hahaha, agree. Nice response, Dalix!"
Jul 29, 2011
nywvblue replied to Butterfly's discussion Who else feels they are moving beyond sex or relationships? Happy alone?
"What you describe feels like how I've lived life, even from childhood. I've never felt needy for others (although I certainly appreciate them and make time for them), have felt full and whole when in solitude doing something I love to do (like…"
Jun 30, 2011
nywvblue commented on s_e's video
"Ah, LOVE Abraham Hicks....thank you for posting! There is much love here for you. ; )"
Jun 30, 2011
nywvblue replied to Ben-Arion's discussion U.S.A
"Syracuse, NY

Greetings, all! Come say hi!"
May 7, 2010

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Posted on 06/03/2023 by EraOfLight — Leave a reply Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently on a assignment with the Earth Council for the ascension of the Earth.I am pleased to speak with you today. What I have to say is…
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Roaring Lovely posted a discussion
Again I see posts on my wall talking of what 'race' Cleopatra was, or posts about 'race' of ancient Pharaohs etc. But I have already explained it here. Two Nigerian parents can give birth to a European child. This phenomenon that might shock many…
35 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin commented on Universal Lighthouse's blog post The Galactic Federation of Light – You Can Manifest
"Why did you post the exact same blog right on top of mine, don't you read the previous post before you blog? rev.joshua"
51 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post “Jesus Didn’t Teach Ascension”?
"What will happen? “in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed”…. “One will be taken and one will be left behind.” (People will vanish)''
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"An article of mine, posted on the IITM website, a few years back, discusses the genetics of Egyptian Pharaohs....Tests confirmed that the Pharaohs had genetic links with a north western European origin…..related to the ancient Celtic Germanic…"
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in Galactic Federation of Light
Could have a world similar to this scene from star wars.
6 hours ago
John Jancar replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Why Does God Like Atheist As Long As They Live In The Mode Of Goodness
"Because they ain’t doing bullshit, that’s why lol"
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