This discussion is mostly aimed at those who are advanced and are mature.


I'm wanting to know who else is feeling that they are just not that interested in relationships or sex anymore. 


I have been fine with established lovers here or there over the years without getting right into a relationship with them.  (Based on mutual respect and trust).  However, it was surprising to just turn off meat and animal products overnight, now I'm overcoming alcohol cravings  and am conscious (and now desire to) giving it up altogether just as I always knew I'd become vegetarian again.  I'm wondering if chocolate is next in attempt to keep eating only the purest of foods.


I've been meditating everyday and it's doing wonders.


But, I have a hunch that I'm not as needy now and whether I'm going to manage?  I really enjoyed a beautiful night alone (Saturday) last night as I made an organic salad and did my own thing.  I got up and saw the stars out this morning and enjoyed the peaceful surrounds.


I'm not sure if I'm wanting to join my energies with someone that is not vibrating at the same rate anymore.  We have all had dysfunction but joining with someone who isn't trying to attain to be spiritual - you just don't know really.


Any thoughts?  If you've been single and on your path alone and managed well, I'd love to hear.



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  • Hi,

    I understand where you are coming from. I have been single and celibate for nearly 4 years, and absolutely loving it. It's amazing just being single!



    • Hi Ilriaa


      That's so true about 'other' people being worried about people who arn't in relationships.  It's almost like peer group pressure, it's so stupid.


      And yes you do lose yourself being in a relationship.  We've spent alot of our time 'finding' ourselves.




    I have read this book that talks about new age people especially those being born now will use intercourse as a means to deepen their connection. I am very much an indigo and I had thought about this since I was a very young teen, though now with relationship experience and an excruciating amount of knowledge I feel that I have the ability to jettison over anything physical and I AM just like you are describing. I cant believe it, but I was always prepared to believe it that I am actually tired of intercourse. I could explain why but If anyone reading this could just except that and go with the flow that would be nice. Anyone not ready to say those words will never understand on what level you are vibing, my friend. Anything physical is physical. No matter how new age you believe you are or what you are attuned to, if you are still looking for physical connection then you do not share a physical body with your "other side". They are probably still in another body separate from yours and lets hope you find them in the next two years. The closer you are to this the more knowledge you will be ready to gain and the easy it will be for you to connect with the ascension process. If you still feel the need to have intercourse " on a regular basis", i.e., either daily or twice a week then you may still be caught up in the controlling biology of physical life.


    All of this information is something you have to be able to let in. You will not agree if you are not on a level to perceive it. All high knowledge has to be gained through time and thought and the acceptance of it. Most female bodies will be more likely to understand not needed intercourse but that is biology and sometimes emotions. This not wanting or needed intercourse or a relationship has nothing to do with emotions or biology and everything to do with your mind set and the things you expose yourself to and your everyday life. Balance, harmony and truth will set your mind and body free from things that are distracting you from what is real and a real sense of freedom.


    Just to cushion the information I will say that when you share your body with your other half that is the real connection and not necessarily the real one when you connect from separate bodies. It is hard for those who do not feel this way to understand that this high obtain ability is feasible and right around the corner. We have lived as Physical bodies so long that those not ready to let go will regulate themselves and others through fear and the hope of connecting with their "soul mate" not knowing that the real connection is something that is hard to feel with a human body unless you are already connected. Some people who feel they are two different sexes mentally who have spiritual connections may have a higher ability to come to these feelings sooner than others.


    Even those who have found a separate body “soul mate” will have to leave their bodies at a different time than the other person when they pass on and will have to go through who knows what combination of things to re obtain that connection. I could go on about that but, that is another discussion but relevant to the issue at hand. So, if you are trying to connect that way, you may have to live a few more times until you get it right of which is a whole other issue as well.


    Its like everything we do on Earth in a physical body has an ultimate attainability that anyone can have if we simply want it. Wanting physical things is an inhibiter to that attainment and not something to be ashamed of in life. Actually, if we lived in another time or dimension it would be revered as an everyday ability, the common. Makes you realize the low level we live on in this realm.


    With love and light,

    Shannon A. C.

    Everything I say is in the light of love and the giving of knowledge. Something’s in the world are hard to understand, that is why some of us are here to help. If I seem harsh let me know and I can explain things in more detail, as it is hard to sum up a large amount of understanding in just a few random paragraphs.

  • Butterfly ,Yes I am  single and that is what has happened to me.I had many friends and sexual contacts over the years but finally I realized I had to stop and work on my spiritual side for the Ascension event.Also reaching middle age had a lot to do with it. But as a single male , sex was a large part of my life. All of a sudden I became celibate that was 12 yrs ago.I miss it but I realize that my spiritual life has moved much faster and I see many things differently. But I don't believe it is a necessity. I have met a few couples who were very advanced spirit wise. Everyone must make this decision for themselves, its the same way with types of foods. I have went from one extreme to the other ,now I just try to eat healthy.peace,Adonai
  • been that way for a few years now :/   I have a healthy labido, but my heart chakra has been opening up more and more.  I found there was a love far beyond this level of existance, a true unity and connection with others at a soul level.  It's a little frustrating when most other people can't see or comprehend that, but I am patient with them.  I think the world is moving in that direction though, it will just take some time.  I feel we as a planet are moving away from a naval chakra ruling (control, power, ego, self-awareness, etc) to a heart chakra one (unconditional love, purity, connection, harmony, etc.) It may take a few hundred years, but we'll get there someday eventually :P  I'm hoping sooner
  • The sexual part of life on Earth is a part of duality. The masculine and feminine separation is a 3D construct.  Sex and the animosity between these Divine aspects; Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine ~ are to move into the higher realms of being.  A higher vibration and frequency of unconditional love not open to those who remain in the 3D.


    Ask to rise above these old constructs in duality.  It is open to us to become LOVE.  We are to become Christed Beings now! It's a choice you are making whether you realize it or not on a moment to moment basis.  Remain tethered to your 3D body in duality or realize that we have a great opportunity to rise above these old limitations and move onward and upward into higher realms open to us now.


    Again, it's a choice. We've spent 13 million years getting to this point of Earth's ascension.  We came to assist but may have forgotten our Divine plan.  We can choose to ascend with some other Earth at a later date but know this:  We are choosing to ascend or not at this very moment.  We are in the last stages prior to shifting timelines. You can ask to ascend and remember.  You can ask by saying: "I ask that my axiatonal lines be reconnected. And so it is..."  You can ask by saying, "Please put me on the Ascension timeline!  Please use me as an anchor of ascension and abundance on Earth!  Please remove the veils of forgetfulness from my eyes!  I ask to remember all that I am and all that I am becoming.  I ask to become LOVE and a Christed Being now!"  These are some choices we can make in these last moments of linear time.

    Know this:  Ask and it is granted!  Ask and it is open to all!  Ask for your own heartlight to guide and direct you now!  Much love!  We can do this with great unity of purpose...  Be love now!  It's open to you!   xoxoxoxoxox

    • Resonates with me...what a great read!  Y truly are connected.


      much love Christine

  • I agree with you completely.  I don't feel any need for sex either.
  • Sex? It is this> and it will break your heart,and what is in your heart? A flame? A neverending burning Eternal Flame which causes your heart to beat. A broken heart? Why is the heart broken? Cause the flame within the heart is broken and separated from the other part of ITSELF!,Thats why we have the the world of duality,so that the flame can exspereince the pain of separation from ITSELF and in that pain seek to be reunited to thee other part of ITSELF,What is "SELF"? And how did SELF separate ITSELF?
  • I have been feeling this way for a very long time. I agree with what one person said about not wanting to have sex with someone if they are not of the same or higher vibration. I realize that sex can be a highly spiritual experience but refuse to have it just for the sake of having it. I have been celibate since 2002 and am not missing it at all. I am now waiting to meet my twin flame and he just may be on a higher dimension so I am in no hurry. When the time is right, I will be ready.
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