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Who can teach me the siplest forms of MEDITATION......????????

Dear all. i m searching the simplest form of "mediatation". I tried somany pages from different website and now i feel i m tired and not happy with the ways they teach. They all are different with the views. I am eager to get stable with thoughts and ideas. I want to find the answers of the questions which are in my mind. I dont knwo who is the person can teach me this. But i am waiting for that person. please if u can't show me the way, it is fine but suggest someone to guide me. I am thankful to all of you. thanks a lot and lots of love for all of you.

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Hey Avi,


First of all you need to find a nice place to relax, bush, parkland, quiet room and then some constant music that actually helps you to relax your body (doesn't annoy you) and slows your brain down. Then the step is slowing your thoughts and everything running through your head down. If you can just learn to relax your body (guided meditations can do this) and then let all of your thoughts just fleet through your brain without you focusing on them then your on you way!!! Holosync discs can put you into a theta level (meditation brain wave length level) or even try to download from and see how that goes. Once you get used to doing it and believe me your brain is going to fight it then your answers will come in whatever form. Its cool and don't stress about it as it will happen.





these are great replies and all are on point...

so many techniques and some great advice..

but for me the simplest was learning how to breathe... it's amazing to realize that we simply don't breathe properly and so when I began to experiment with meditation, it was to learn this simple step first... from that springs forth all the others...


Do what makes you feel most relaxed with little to no distractions. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes and clear your mind. What comes into your mind be it colors or images, go with it and see where it takes you. Don't set any expectations, just enjoy the experience while you practice practice practice. Your mind is like a muscle and meditation is like exercising that muscle. Keep at it friend.
thanks a lot for showing me the simplest form of meditation. thanks again. i am going to start it from today with the grace of god. thanks again.



this is the most effective and simplest meditation

try this it may help u

i think it will


Thank you verymuch. thanks a lot again for taking interest in showing me the way. thanks for helpling me out. thanks.
You are welcome AVI AVI AVI :)

Hi Kaunteya,

Yes love Esther n Jerry AND Abraham!!



Hej beloved meditater.
I'am a happy student of the mediational still point :)

After learning and doing yoga and theravada buddhism meditation of self studying,
I find Keylontic Science meditations techs the most effective:

For me Mantras are the best way to meditate. Snatam Kaur, is my favorite, she is awesome. Look it up in youtube. Mantras help you clear you mind of negativity and you can actually feel the vibration. Try it and Good luck my friend :) it really works Rosie

What works for me:

I follow my breath. Sometimes I have music, sometimes not.

I sit crosslegged with my eyes closed.

I have a mantra that I repeat within which, translated somewhat into english is Om Bliss Consciousness Truth Supreme.

Occasionally, I just say Om Shanti shanti shanti =  Peace, Peace, Peace...

If thoughts bother me too much, I breathe in for 8 counts, hold my breath for 4 counts, and slowly breathe out. After a few times, I feel calm and move my attention to the centre of my chest to my heart chakra.

I connect here with my Higher Self, or inner being, or God-self...the part unaffected by drama of life.

It is here I feel at ease. If there is anything to ask, it is in this "space" where I have a dialogue with mySelf. Otherwise, I just sit and enjoy the quietude.

Sometimes I visualise myself in a place where I was close to nature, such as sitting by a waterfall, or in a beautiful garden, or woods etc

To come out of meditation, before I open my eyes,  I concentrate on my breathing and start becoming aware of sounds, sensations in my body and the feeling of the floor beneath me.

The main thing is to observe the breath, and as you do this, you detach from the mind and become more heart-centred.

Love and Best wishes,


Meditation for begginers... I would suggest getting some bianural beats.  Just by listening to them they send you into a meditative state.  All the teachings you have read i am sure are good.  The problem is you are spending too much time on thinking and not being.  I hope you find your path to meditation, because there are many paths to the same point. 

Peice be with you, Much Love, Heffe1



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