Who Are The Blue-Skinned Gods.....??


Dear Lightbearers,

In response to some questions on another forum I have decided to create this summary discussion, to usefully clarify some important answers pertaining to the origins of the term; "blue-blooded," from an ancient perspective....As there are also "gods" rendered in Hindu art that possess blue skin and I will explain the origins of the term...


Early humanity on Earth were a melting pot of genetics from Lyra, Vega, Sirius, the Pleiades and elsewhere...All Earth humans are relatives of these various races...The original Lyran colony also sought the genetic input from the blue-skinned Vegan racial type, so as to create a world of variety....thus we see several races on earth...

While resident within Agartha, the blue skin remained, but upon exiting from below to the surface world, when they created the Rama Empire, those later limited consciousness humans, became the races we see today...the effects of living on a surface without the protective firmament layers, destroyed earlier in the ancient war between Atlantis and Lemuria, some 25,000 years ago...

Krishna was the first earth human to complete the cycle of fall from godhood, back to ascension, upon the Earth chain....He is known today as Lord Maitreya and holds the office of Bodhisttva in the Spritual Hierarchy...Of course, his mayavirupa form can be moulded at will and he chooses not to demonstrate blue skin in modern times....but did in ancient times, as many Hindu artworks demonstrate...

Moreover......I have confirmed that the concept of "blue-blooded aristocracy" was introduced to earth by the Atlantean elites, who were the first to create a "class system" on Earth....with themselves at the pinnacle of rule...

The orginal thoughtform has it's origins off-world among the Sirians, who noted that their finest administrators ("Shiratar" clan) had a tendency to return to their originator world, Deron, to represent the Sirius star nation on the GFL Main Council, which has long been located within the Vega system.....

Many of these Sirians were blue-bloods, in terms of genetics, but also in terms of culture and skills to administer cosmos...many Sirians of Vegan extract....and Vega being the centre of GFL power...

Of course, no actual kings and queens, but the parallel stuck, and has been known on earth since those early associations....Among my contacts, Lady Kalestra is such a blue-skinned Sirian and is our chief representative in Vega...

Remember that the original human race that settled on earth, taking this planet from it's native reptoid peoples, were ALL ETs.....Mainly from Lyra....They established Lemuria, inner and outer...the former becoming Agartha.....

It was only millennia later, during the late Atlantean epoch that the rulers of Atlantis decided to play the dark role of "aristocracy" over their surface subjects, using a deliberately engineered genetic limiter gene, that enabled limited conscious humanity....this was achieved by a simple realignment of genetic sequencing and kept in place by a series of interlocking epigenetic programmes......

After Atlantis was destroyed in the deluge.....The Anunnaki pretended that they were the "creator gods" of humanity....and they appointed limited conscious elites as intermediaries....Kings, Pharaohs and Presidents...

All the while, Agartha and it's allies of the GFL planned the eventual liberation of humanity and a return to full consciousness.....the process defined in precessional cycles, from the ags of Leo to Aquarius....one half cycle of 13 millennia...



Selamat majon dramu kas….!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew


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    • Hehe....!! Great vid Ara...thanks....Although Kelly L has already posted this one, but...always room for another "blue man group" vid I suppose...  ;-) Cheers, Drekxy

      • ohh well ... ;) you've been too quite lately ... at least it get you talking ... lol ...

        • Sweet that you noticed my recent quietness, Ara....  :-)

           I have been busy offline for about a week, so restricted my limited online activities to private chats with Kel, rather than engage with the general blogs and discussions...

          Now I'm back and have been blogging a lot today on various blogs....Maybe talking too much...?? LOL

          Did you read my replies to Alfred/Enlil/Tom..??

          • yep ... and it seems that he closed his account again ...

            • And I thought my  discussion with "Alfred/Tom Carpenter" was going well, so hope he didn't find anything in what I said, to be disagreeable...and closed his account accordingly...

              Was it something else, you think....??

              • honestly Drekx i don't know ... we people are so different in our perception - it's like looking through prism - one may think that is right way and then oops by changing the angle and you have completely different view. However i think he'll be back ...;)


                • Yes indeed, my friend.... I suspect that you are right about Alfred...And just as light may be refracted into seven spectral types, so too does a human being express the seven ray types of variant personalities...Thanks for your wisdom, dear one..... 

  • I will stop myself hire Omega...

    Yeah...it is not my blog sorry..

    Some times i forget that..

    Thx to remind me that...

    Well then i must create my own blog..

    • That's good news Alfred, my friend.....take your time and try to clarify all your points in a way that people can resonate with...I'm sure it'll be a hit...  ;-)

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