White House gets ready for shutdown

The White House told federal agencies on Tuesday to prepare for a government shutdown.

President Obama's budget director Sylvia Matthews Burwell in a memo to agencies said they should set their plans in case Congress fails to pass a funding measure by the end of the month. The government would shut down Oct. 1 without action by Congress.

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  • letthem shot down, who cares ........................"couple"idiots less to deal with............

  • I wish you would tell me what Federal Court Order and/or what Fed bankers you are talking about in reference to causing Clinton to almost getting impeached. The best I know is that Clinton got caught committing perjury in reference to the Monica Lewinsky affair, and his enemies pounced on him with this and tried to impeach him. I am not saying you are being untruthful, but I remember nothing about these claims that you are talking about. And I worked for an admiralty law firm that was huge on discussing the dirty inside deeds of Clinton at that time during Saturday night poker games. You are making no references to your claims; it would be nice if you named names.

    I don't know where you learned American Government, but it is the President who passes or vetos bills submitted to him by the Legislation branch. Congress does not pass laws, unconstitutional or not. They submit bills for either passage for law or veto (or pocket veto) by the President. who finalizes the bill into a law or vetos it. 

    Please note that the current (and previous) U.S. President has refused to consult with our Congress representatives in regarding of his committing (and without Congressional approval ) of our troops in faraway countries that have never threatened us in any way whatsoever. With an 80%+ figure of the U.S. voting public citing disapproval, this is the hallmark of a tyrant. And getting rid of tyrants (including the Congress reps who support these actions) is an old tradition in this country that goes back to the removing of George III and his banking buddies. And if a small group of rich white boys could remove George III (who was a certified mentally ill tyrant who eliminated U.S. colony script currency and replaced it with Bank of England debt-based currency (much like today)). they got my vote. Even if they went to the bathroom outside their houses.

    It is also probable that you (and the State Department) can argue that this "end-around" that subverts the Constitutional requirement of the President notify Congress is legit, based on either the actions of Korea and Vietnam or the claim that the Constitution as "just a god damn piece of paper" (and George W. Bush said that). But note that just as a jury of peers can flip the middle finger at a judge (i.e. O.J. Simpson), they can do the same in a maritime or admiralty court of law via a Writ of Mandamus. I worked for an admiralty law firm that had an attorney do a similar action of this nature to a Federal judge (forcing him to perform a duty), so please don't indirectly tell me that government leaders can't be forced into submission by someone who is not a member of their club or jailed with the weight of admiralty law. If admiralty law prevents government leaders from being jailed, then why did Nixon resign? And please don't answer me with Nixon's resignation being related to an argument between him and Nelson Rockefeller, as opposed to the Watergate Burglary.

  • my body is ready

  • >>>---------->   gee however did we Indians survive?!

  • Basically if the don't pass this "funding measure" then they cant print anymore money. Then by the end of the month they're strapped on cash for the beginning of October and they cant fund the new monthly bonuses they give themselves, so they decide the second best decision is to just to shut it all down for a day. But hey, just leave all the hard work that needs to be done to the rest of us and go play, for when the time comes it will be the man who puts his heart into his work and puts his best foot forward who will triumph in his destiny to create an World that is rid of evil.

  • Har har har.

  • Every fiat currency system has failed. The tea party followers of Ron Paul favor a return to the U.S. Constitution definition of money, namely gold and silver, because money backed by a promise from the government is not real money. "Barking dogs" are known to keep away thieves; they sure changed Clinton's behavior when he got threatened with impeachment. 

  • So, shut it down already!  I don't see that as a problem.  No congress, no government, no military, no cops, no pundits, no lobbyists, etc.  Anarchy, I could dig it for a while.  All the government does is accomodate and protect the elite and the corporate fashists from the rest of humanity. 

    • From what I read police and the judicial system are likely to continue to function

  • The Federal government is more concerned about preserving the jobs, powers, and functions of the Federal government as opposed to protection of the citizens and taxpayers that vote them in. These D.C. based parasites would sell out their mothers to whorehouses in Saudi Arabia and Israel if it was needed in order to keep their jobs with the lucrative retirements, generous health plans, AND THE PHENOMENAL NUMBER OF PAID HOLIDAYS AND THREE DAY WEEKENDS THEY HAVE (almost every month) THAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH AS A NURSE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THEIR WRECKLESS BEHAVIOR. I was ecstatic when I heard Ron Paul talk about cutting 1/3 of these departments in D.C.; the daily work of these people is moving paper A to slot B and looking "professional." Either that, or being employed with a Federal job (i.e. Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Education) in which one is trying to figure out methods to mess up the lives of taxpayers who address these "make work" jobs as being wasteful to taxpayers, such as Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, and members of the third party Tea Party (which includes myself for that matter).

    Instead of getting attention for our concerns, we get labeled as conspiracy theorists. Much like the bankers from Germany who want to know where their gold is that was stored in the faults in New York, and why they can't see their gold (in physical amounts before their eyes) stored in the faults in New York. 

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