Where will you be on the 11.11.11 ?

This exciting moment is upon us. This day will be just as Powerful as the
Antarion Conversion of 1987, Portals across the Globe will be beaming with
Cosmic Frequencies beaming through our Planet. There will be also massive World
Servers joining in Groups, and some working on their own. I wanted to join a
Group, but it seems that I am to be joining from the silence of my home. I have
3 Budah Figurines that I will place - facing each direction, East, West, and
North with me sitting in the South Position. Candle in the middle. A day planned
for Meditation, Chanting and Mudras, including Silence. I WILL JOIN ALL OF YOU
WILL BE. ? Please share with US.... thank you.

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  • Where will I be... :)  Hopefully I will be as cosmically present as I feel right now.

    11:11:11 is a Friday, so I'll be working until about 5'ish, then I will go home and meditate, focus my energies on the inner planes :)....

    Then I will feel my energy unfold like a blossoming flower, like it feels right now, hopefully.

    Every day is sacred, but the 11:11 seems like a very poweful gateway, I open myself humbly to the energies of transformation and project as much transformative energy as I can!


    • Thank you , Delilah,   it will be transformational, and earth will not be the same after it.   Things are going to change fast, and it will prepare us for the 2012  count down.    :)  blessings, and thanks for the beautiful heart...  :)  smiles.

  • i will probably be in cold sweden , very big chance that ill be sitting outside, it would be fun to do this in a group but dont really know anyone here that is in verge of ascension.
    hopefully ill meet some soon =)


    peace & love 

    • Thank you Yuki,   I wanted to work with a group as well, but I am beginning to understand that perhaphs we are called to work at home, to anchor the energies deep into the earth, and serve as grounding receivers just as the groups will be receivers we will be transmitters.    :)  smiles.   have a good 11.11.11  , cant wait to hear the reports.
  • Hi Starweaver,    My day was going to be just like yours. To celebrate 11-11-11 at home. Things changed when my meditation group decided to celebrate .  Ifound some good imformation under Lord Sananda  and 2011. Whatever you do Have a wonderful day Yvonne
    • HelloYIvonne, thank you for responding to my blog.  I feel much better knowing that many of us, or the majority of lightworkers will be at home grounding the energies from there.  I feel that those whom will be in groups and at sacred sights will be anchoring light coming in, while those of us who will be at home meditating will be working to ground the energies in a different way, but our work will be just as important as the others.   I send you much love, and we will join hands on that day,   to see a new horizon upon this planet, because after the 11.11.11  this earth will not be the same,  things will begin to change with speed.   have a wonderful meditation and celebrtion dear Yvonne,  :)  SMILES.
  • I am going to do a ritual either with myself or my partner. I am not sure if we will do it here or somewhere else. I am not sure what ritual to do. Do you have any recommendations? Does it matter?  I was thinking that it is the intent of which I am engaging in this ritual, and not necessarily the ritual itself.


    thank you, excited about 11/11/11

  • As much as I would love to see Ascension take place on 11.11.11, I have absolutely no reason to believe it will be nothing more than an average, mundane day.  We all heard what a wonderful day 10.28.2011 was going to be and there were many postings here from channelers.  What happened on 10.28.2011?  The exact same thing that is going to happen on 11.11.11.  Nothing.
    • I think that you can create something to happen just by making it so......

      by walking through it before it even begins and see it as having already been a success....

      I hold for myself that I will ascend. God willing. besides it sure is fun!

      thank you

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Peace and love to you as well my friend...
This reply was deleted.

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