The most talked about month in Alternative media history, all the terrible events that were supposed to happen but never surfaced…

Where are our disasters?

Stock Market Crash
The Asteroid Impact / Nibiru
Hoover Dam being Destroyed
Earthquake Disaster in the USA
Jade Helm going live and Martial Law
Alien Invasion
Currency Reset
US Power Grid Down
World War III

So what happened you ask, we are presented with a series of events all of which could be engineered to happen (if you take into account geo engineering for the earthquake and push in to ET technology for the asteroid).  Nobody lit the fuse, the fireworks didn’t start.

How could the alternative media get September so wrong?

It is like calling out and saying you KNOW that someone is going to be murdered, you have the motive, the suspect, all the evidence of the plot and you clearly point the finger at them. You make all the evidence public so as many people as possible know this.  The would be murderer has not done anything yet and would look terribly guilty if they carried out the act the way you portrayed, it would be an open and shut case, public opinion would be against them.  Using their choice not to, it makes you look very bad, even a liar, perhaps a troublemaker, although you were right.  On the other hand, it would be fair to say that if you had done nothing then someone would have lost their life.  You could and should be looked at as a hero, you saved a life!

We are faced with the same situation in September, the alternative media made the Shemitah connections to the stock market crash that happens every seven years, we worked out this time would be the big one and we correctly assumed it was a planned event. The only thing we didn’t assume was that when the plan is out in the open, it has to be called off, the element of surprise is lost.  Word that the elite plan to crash the economy is out, the stock market crash was the fuse that would have set off the other events sending the world into chaos and furthering the plan to setup the New World Order.

You should look at it this way, we were right, surprisingly right. The plans were pushed out into the open, people prepared, the element of surprise was lost and the elite had to back down or risk exposure. The thing they don’t want is to be in the public eye and seen to be the manipulators they are; they would rather wait until they can distance themselves enough from events to convince the masses that they had nothing to do with it. September just got too hot for them!

We should thank the alternative media for exposing as many of these secret plans as possible.  Who knows how many of them would have been carried out had they not gone public?

The heroes that take their time and risk their lives to investigate the elite still go unrecognised by the masses for saving countless lives and blocking their plots. The elite can score against the alternative media for now by delaying or changing their plans but nothing can stop the onslaught against them, we see them coming. Maybe they don’t realize that we don’t want their plans to happen and we are happy when events do not come to pass.  If we have to expose them to block their plans, we will do it like this for every month forever.

September 2015 is going to pass by now and be a relatively uneventful month.

The fuse is still there to be lit, there is no evidence to say our events are definitely going away.  The elite will still wait for the element of surprise, these plans arc over years, decades even. Their stealth tactics don’t change but the plans do.

Look up the 6 million Jews story from the Sun (New York) June 6th 1915 before the holocaust happened, the stories change over time but the intention is there and they keep coming back time and time again until they stick.

One thing we know for sure is that the more people that wake up and help us get the timing right for the future planned events the more likely it is that these events can’t happen or get delayed.  They lose the impact they were engineered to have; people won’t react through fear the way they want us to react.

Take a moment to look up Morphic Resonance which is the scientific theory behind global consciousness. When enough of us understand what is going on it will help others to wake up and learn how the world really works.

We should thank the Alternative Media for saving September and preventing disaster. This is not the end though, only the beginning.

Let’s step up the good work and save the future together.

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  • If we don´t have discernment when we read info then we end up believing just about anything or nothing.  There was enough true info out there on what is really happening...and it wasnt about earth disasters.

  • 8115428692?profile=originalfor the problems should end up the money to finish - Hello

  • I told everyone back in my 23 post that nothing was going to happen. Nothing will happen without my approval. There is only the woman and her truth. The one who knows her rules the world with a rod of Iron. That's all I can about it for now. I need to start using my time more wisely.

  • Nope, the only that thing that did happen is that Lucifer / Phaethon / the Amen Capstone came and opened the IXXI door. "Be ready for what's coming. What is coming? THE ANSWERS." ......
    I have proposed a Rebellion / Reformation for Free May Sun Re

    Job 38:12/13 "Have you commanded the morning, or caused the dawn to know his place? That it should take hold of the ends of the Earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it." The son of the morning opens the door.

    The Messiah that is rejected is the false Jesus Christ. Amen was the lamb from the foundation of the world. Christianity is completely busted and destroyed. The church age is officially over. What they call Antichrist is actually the hero and the real Antichrist was the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ. We are moving forward at last.

    Amen out ranks Osiris. Also Moses. Born on May 26, Receiving of Amen Ra. Moses was Prince Ramose.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • I like your post. The reason these disasters are halting is because more and more of us are waking up to the bullshit and spreading the truth, spreading the evidence, spreading the possibilities. This is exactly what we need to be doing. But you can not say for definite anything is going to happen. Only God knows what God needs. Congratulations t everyone who helped to spread the truth. The best truth is universal truths and how to apply them to yourself though. That way more individuals can work on themselves. KNOW that you represent a reflection of GOD and in order to be a true likeness you have to be love itself. There is no fear in love. So how can disaster penetrate that which is love? It doesn't exist on the same frequency.

  • Yeah what happened with all the disaster predictions? .. pah .. you see, thats the reason why I dont believe half the stuff I read online or take anything on face value, it the same with all the supposed "big" changes just about to take place, around the corner etc, what rubbish. This is the reason why I have totally given up on Sheldon Nidle and all that weekly update GFL stuff, because the updates are always the same updates as they were 10 years ago, just the words are rearanged... where is the big "Event" that everyone was banging on about? ..  wasnt "it" supposed to happen on the 22nd September?? ..Nothing happened, no big event happened .. its crap.... its all crap! ... same old shite, different day.

  • Chile had an earthquake of 8.3 magnitude (with a tsunami) and Baja California had an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude (with property damage).

    • true but not earth changing

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