Where are the perps who had all these people going on about ascension to the 5th d and how the earth would be in complete darkness followed by the earths transition into 5thd?


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  • Who care's!
  • I think he likes you Lori.

    • No I don't like Lori, I like you Eddie ;)

      And Lori this has nothing to do with competing, did I not emphasize balance.

      I am not competing with you, never was, nor do I see the need or the pleasure in wanting to.

    • monkey_blushing.jpg

  • Excellent you've brought up all the points I was hoping you would. 

    Once again, this is not a condemnation of any kind, merely an observation.

    1) Firstly, I am not arguing in any response, you really have to check yourself on that when you think you see it occurring. I am merely adding to what someone else has said, that's all I ever want to do. Arguing implies the seeking to convince, seeking to apply my pov onto you - I hold no such design. Btw if with "arguing" you mean the use of logic, that in itself is highly worrying if abandoned.

    You post a a lot - and I see a certain 1 sided point of view on what is possible in those posts - BUT - I never replay to your posts, with "I disagree Lori, this is how I see it, perhaps you should too!!". I let people play in their reality for however long they need to remain there. That's why you can't see what I am talking about in this thread, because you are too attached to your point of view. 

    And you judge me for being negative? I mean, really?

    It is the oldest flaw of the whole new age movement, one so many people don't get out of, and this is the entire point of all this.

    To get you to see yourself doing it. When you resist it is really you who are judging, hence your disagreements.

    (Which is why I never do what you have done in the last couple of posts - I don't refer to people personally, I talk about concepts in general and let them see if it can help them in any way.)

    Once again, I am merely adding my knowing (it might challenge the status quo, but how does one grow without that occurring?), you are the one who responded to my posts in disagreement - which is invalidation of another person.

    So who is judging who Lori?

    2) The "usual new age way" is to ignore the use of the left brain as if it is a disease. You do not get into higher realities using only half of yourself. I emphasize balance and balance means looking at the big picture, including the sides of reality that for some or other reason I see people ignoring. Either they polarize to one side or another as far as point of view is concerned. Some fatalist, some utterly utopianist. And my presence seeks to bring balance.

    The vast majority of responses here are predominantly right-brained and within that, predominantly only willing to entertain at a certain "reality". One that is a little too fantasy orientated and not inclusive of the actual reality - lets keep subjectivity and objectivity out of this for a sec.

    That's as blind as one can get, is it not?

    I am fine with people holding onto that for however long they need to!

    But you must hold yourself responsible when you judge another point of view, when it is presented before you.

    3) When you say experience, why then do you disagree with other's point of view or experience, instead of listening to what they have to say? When you disagree with someone, instead of posting "HEY I DISAGREE, HERE IS MY VIEW ON ALL THIS, MAYBE YOU SHOULD ADOPT IT" - I really did not ask for your view. If you want to espouse it then that's fine, but don't be surprised when I continue to post my point of view.

    So instead of judging me as argumentative.....you could be accepting. Yes?

    Wouldn't a more productive, more unifying way be if a person said:

    "I do not understand a single thing you have just said. Please can you explain it" That's real honesty. That's real humbleness and seeking of the "love" you talk about. That's how you unify everyone. And that's the division I see. The invalidation of another's point of view.

    Why so quick to judge negativity as something that should not exist, people are still using it as catalyst, after all. It is thus welcome. For however long it is needed and allowed to stay here.

    4) Btw, I love making sweeping general statement about groups of people, because that's exactly how you point out where they are at, as a group. You are on planet Earth, are you not? You are part of a group of beings called humanity, are you not?

    They are as a mass consciousness at a particular place, are they not?

    This provides you, the observer, with a view of what further needs to occur, does it not?

    So why the fear of the macro reality then?

    This does not imply that you the observer has the understanding or the power to implement what is in the highest interest of all, right now, merely that you are practicing for it.

    • Did someone say something about clowns?

  • Nothing is going on, it's pretty peaceful, has been for months. Where do you hear judgment?

    And to answer the last question, yes I can. This is not what this is about.

    You answered, by disagreement, so it is really up to you to seek my understanding. And thus I bring this judgment thing back full circle.

    Once again, where did I judge and lets see if we can resolve that.

    I do hope that there is an observation of the difference between detached observation and attached judgment.

  • How is it the end of non-time and the beginning of time? I would have thought it to be the opposite. What am I missing?

  • Lori that went off on a completely different tangent than what is being discussed here. And in usual new age way it did not confront the issue at hand.

    No one said any of that is untrue. But I see only division here, people not wanting to understand each other, if it is the last thing they do.

    Why has everyone here become such masters at invalidating each other?

    Everything that you have said in this post I already know and have *experienced* to some degree or another. It didn't add anything. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to the wall.

    If someone does not want to understand something, they should say it out loud: "I WANT TO REMAIN IGNORANT IN ORDER TO FIND OUT FOR MYSELF"

    Not this, sweeping under the carpet that goes on regularly. It's disrespectful, shows no appreciation for the fellow man.

  • Perfect.:)

This reply was deleted.

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