When the Euro and the Dollar fall, what will be the effects for the people in India, Afrika, South America.

We are able to buy some food to last a few days or a few weeks, but they don't. Will they start eating the dogs and cats or will they end their lives there? Is anything written about that here or elsewhere?

Love and light to all the brothers and sisters,


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  • Euro's already collapsing, take a look at Greece and Spain...

  • I live in Africa, I will tell you what I believe if only things are to go pear shape and real geographical disturbances take place. Africa will most certainly suffer, not due to the Euro collapse, but rather due to medicine and food supplies. I have noticed the failure "Sanctions" have created in some African Countries and this is of grave concern. As I believe sanctions are good for a country to ready them to stand on their own feet and survive, but this is not happening. People are not standing strong and looking for their own ways to live and survive, they will rather sit outside a clinic door and wait for assistance to be fed or sheltered (this is probably due to a Genocide Plan, planned by the elite many moons ago). The majority of Africans are not educated, nor have access to ancestral teachings as they did, before the colonials arrived. 

    There are many, trying ways of survival and off the grid living, but these are mainly foreigners and the more fortunate, way way less than the majority. 

    So ya, these folks might be in for some hard times, even the ones prepared, as it is a hard task protecting your needs in a city, and not everyone can get access to small holding living, so they rely on food supply from external sources. I do hope and pray for the better outcome, as I to live here and understand the magnitude of disease and hunger even now, we havent even had a collapse yet. So thats my opinion. Love and light to you. I dont mean to scare you in anyway.

  • much love and lite to the souls on earth who may suffer during the change,we thank them with an abundance of love for the life paths they have chosen during this time,we have all been in the same or simular lives in our past lives,we also believe that out of kaos comes calm , is this not what we are here at this time for to pass on our knowing or beliefs to those who are not intouch with there spiritual selves so they may make changes to help them selves , this is what our hearts tells us at this time

    love & lite

    • Thank you very much for your reply and in the light of many lives you are probably very right, but I am not far enough to see misery of other people without that it effects me.

      Peace, love and light

  • Here in Ecuador (South America) we use Dollars, so that will affect us too...

  • The media of the "1st" world has painted a picture of lack in other societies that haven't benefited from our cabalist technologies of warfare and drugs.  We have many starving and suffering people right here in our own streets.  The chemical food and drug culture we are living in here is worse in many ways as the "Walmart and fast food" culture proves.  Stopping the madness may be our only hope?  Have you ever fasted for any length of time? 

    • stopping the madness~!~*~


  • everybody will be fine however we can help them with our meditations, intensions  and our loving thoughts for the betterment of ALL in such challenging times.

    Lets not only worry about just distant countries and their situations and maybe also worry about homeless folks living on the streets of EVERY city of our world, lets not forget homeless and hungry pets ,murdered animals , every yr , to satisfy human thirst for a cooked flesh. How about ocean animals which were reduced by about 70% in last century for a taste of a flesh.

    And you worry only about humans ~?~.......selfish.................

    • Hi Assiya,

      You are right about meditate and send them love, but you are eager to judge without knowing the person behind the  post. Since 1999 I am a volunteer in Bolivia, working with poor people, streetchildren and adults who live in the street, prisoners, ill people and people in a terminal state of their illness. Besides that more than 50 dogs were taken from the streets and 25 of them are living with me. As a vegan I hate to see animals suffering. But the people do worry me more and it might well be that very many people will end their lives then as they have planned before they were born.

  • Hi Love,

    How are you? Still going strong? Hopefully that then there will be no corrupt people around so that all goods will reach where they are needed.

    Peace, love and light to you too,


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