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June 15

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Myself and my partner are both very spiritual. I run a spiritual development group and that is where we met. We are twinflames and our purpose on earth is to help teach spirituality and we are also helping the new crystal and indigo children come on line so to speak.

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We are our own teachers. We have got spiritual sourses of inspiration from books and other spiritual friends and in the last year have used the internet.

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  • Hello beloved Twins...... it is with pleasure that i share this message with you both sending my warmest wishes and love to you both.  I have come to know a beautiful twin flame couple in Wellington.  Their names are Billy McGrath and his twin flame Lucy.  Billy is my Reiki Master and a very gifted and talented artist.   Lucy is a Yoga Master.  They would be blessed to know of you.  They are a beautiful couple both are members of Kyzon, and would be so thrilled to meet you.  It has been a few months since Billy and I last spoke as I have been in Australia and will be delighted to pass your email address on to them.  I hope all is well with you both the Luna Moon is definitely heightening the divine lovers energy bringing in the feminine aspect of our twin flame energy and a message that happy days have arrived; the Solar Eclipse definitely was masculine sending alot of energy to my pineal gland and third eye chakra.  My clairvoyance was magnified incredibly including my clairalliance.  The energy brought Aamon and I closer together he is a plumber and was working across town yet I felt his presence and could smell him with me to view the eclipse right above my head standing on my Balcony.  I hope it was special for you both.  Unfortunately we are less fortunate to see the Luna Eclipse tonight clouds are covering our skies in Wellington hopefully the Luna Eclipse will be a day late as the Solar Eclipse, as clear skies are fore casted for tomorrow.  As we celebrate this second eclipse being the Feminine of the two Eclipses her message is a good one we have 12.12.12. to look forward too.  I am on Facebook and have many healers visit my page leaving messages on my wall.  Kaliana Raphael Rose and her Husband John are a darling twin flame couple I met at Tabulam you can contact them on their web through Google.    I am still married to my soul mate.   Aamon my twin has recently become a widower his wife passed over last year after losing her battle with cancer.  We sabotaged our union 29 years ago unbeknown to us that we were flames yet we have remained friends till a trip to the Anangu Tribe at Uluru Confirmed to me that Aamon was my twin.  I love my twin with all my heart as I do my husband.  He too has known I was special and it broke his heart when I declined his offer of marriage, I believe it was a blessing as today we are better people and have grown spiritually.  Until my marriage dissolves or my husband comes out of remission with his cancer we remain very close friends.  My husband is a twin flame also and has found his flame.  She too has been a friend of his for the same years.  Awkward relationships, I think so.  Until the day of our union I am in service doing what I love, helping others to ascend, and twins to find their flames.  I have taken up enough of your time.  Sending you both big hugs and warm fuzzies.  Take good care blessed twins. Love always Namaste. Desireexxx

  • thank you for the warm welcome and friendship :)

    many blessings,

    Goldenlight :)8114490874?profile=original

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  • PS love Sonia Choquette! This photo is from a sacred hot springs in the middle of nowhere on Aboriginal land - can you see the face? :)


  • That's great j&k. We had the pleasure of a Torres Strait islander's company for the whole of 11/11 and he played guitar for us all day and night under the trees. By the end of the day everyone was so in love with him that he was declared our soul mate and made to promise to stay in our lives forever. He declared me an honorary Aborigine :) Just totally soulful. I love that both cultures have stayed strong, here despite systematic, prolonged attempts to wipe them out. I'd been working in communities and I had to quit the career and I'd really missed it, so 11/11 was truly special :) There were some bad moods here this morning! I thought it was just teenager stuff! Hope everyone is feeling great now <3 love and light!

  • 8114139871?profile=original8114172671?profile=original8114267062?profile=originalStay blessed j&k!

  • thanks so much for your warm welcome! :)


  • Thanks for the friendship j&k twinflames!

    I do love friends from "Down Under"!


    Love, light and laughter,


  • hello fellow twins it is a pleasure to meet you I have just done healing of the twin flame energy DNA codes in Tabulam NSW and at Uluru with Kaliana  Raphael Rose locking this into all the sacred crystal sites around the world with the vibrational energy of 50+ more twin flame couples there.  I met more twin couples at the Akkaido Centre who are all in service in Byron Bay nice to have you here.  Letting you know that the Code work locked in on the new Moon the Hieros Gamos symbol now appears above Khufu in Lake Taupo and changes are developing for all twin flames all around the world.  good to see you two here.  Namaste Desiree

  • It is an honour to connect with your delightful energy ... God bless you both for being yourselves and doing the work you do.8114334888?profile=originalNamaste

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Oct 23, 2014
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"thanks for posting has helped clear up som whys,whats happening now,and ugg not again,feel better now just an other challenging time to work thru again "
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"They have gone thru a portal into the otherside , i say very lucky people"
Mar 11, 2014

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