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What will Happen on the 21st of Dec? And how have you prepared for the worst but hoped for the best?

    I for one, respect all the opinions of those who have theories as to what may happen On Dec 21st. I have heard all types of scenarios from hypothetical scientific based theories to metaphysical to government  based theories. The fact is many people believe something may happen.

 1.  What do you think will happen?

 2.  And as they say its better to be prepared and have nothing happen then to have some thing happen and not be prepared, how have you prepared yourself and your loved ones?

All comments and theories welcome.

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We have all day, Its 12:17 am here central time which is the mayan time zone. One thing to remember is that if something happens it can happen any time today. The mayans never gave a time only a day.  Have a great day..:)

Lori ---------- A new beginning ! xxxxxxxxxx

If we remember the Mayans tied alot of significance to the solstice which is at about 11:12 UTC time which is 5:12am central time U.S. so there is a good chance something may happen then.



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