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What will Happen on the 21st of Dec? And how have you prepared for the worst but hoped for the best?

    I for one, respect all the opinions of those who have theories as to what may happen On Dec 21st. I have heard all types of scenarios from hypothetical scientific based theories to metaphysical to government  based theories. The fact is many people believe something may happen.

 1.  What do you think will happen?

 2.  And as they say its better to be prepared and have nothing happen then to have some thing happen and not be prepared, how have you prepared yourself and your loved ones?

All comments and theories welcome.

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I for one have a great feeling something will happen but not sure what. I have already planned to celebrate that day regardless of the fact that something may or may not happen. the fact of the matter is that day has great significance in many cultures through out the world. And just as well I can trace my ancestry back to the maya. So even if something does not happen although I hope and feel it will I will still celebrate that day as it is part of my ancestry. As for preparation, i will be with my loved ones, on that date and I have a large home. and have already laid a disaster/evacuation plan which is something all should have regardless.

It's already 21st on some countries :P

Or shall we go with the mayan time-zone?

I would go with the mayan time zone I doubt they were thinking about all the other time zones future generations would make up... :)

exactly, time zones were invented in the 19th century by sir sanford fleming, the man responsible for building railway across canada as well.

we also dont really know when the mayans think the day starts either.

i see many people here already saying "ooh its the 21st here" except most cultures before clocks the day started at sunrise.

so if that is the case we wouldnt know for another 14 hours or so. 

either way it is clear that up until a year ago tomorrow was slated as the final deadline, and in the past year channels and gurus have changed that date to be the beginning.  smells bad to me.

I think it will be a very personal experience. =)

 Namaste devi..

 I wanted to create an open forum for people who may have some questions about the date. I for one Have stocked up on filtered water myself have enough for a few weeks for my entire family if we need it.

 Live and live on in peace...

The weather report for the 21st certainly looks interesting, good for a barbie:

Hey dear nice too see you

Isn't this the religion of Sarah Palin and James Watt (i.e. Armageddon is coming, so why not pillage the Earth?)

Thanks Dawn, I LOVE REM.....

It's your choice beleive this ,or not


Earth is entering a Vibrational Dimensional Ascension . These changes are deeply affecting our emotional and mental state , as well as our life-styles , we are also undergoing some physical changes as our body readjusts to the higher vibrational forces from Star Alciones interdimensional photon belt which activates our increasing levels of consciousness .

More strands of DNA are changing from a carbon-based body with 2 strands of DNA into a crystalline body which has access to 15,000 strands of DNA, because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels . But it is not just we humans who are changing into crystalline, but all life-forms, including the Earth .

Psychic time travel is done by ensuring the brain receives a regular dosage of delta waves through sleep , this charges the brain and nervous system and the subconscious ! Without Delta you cant also take advantage of remote viewing ! The photon belt , because of the energy and frequency shifting can make the human with their jumping DNA hard to sleep . Drugs and elements like Lithium which is also used in thermonuclear weapons as a medium , and Zyprexa will help you sleep and obtain the required delta nervous system charging states .

When you enter into the higher dimensional frequencies, you will be able to vibrate harmonically and sympathetically with the frequencies from higher dimensional spectrums. Thus, you will have enhanced or increased type of awareness. Your consciousness will alter into higher frequencies and higher perception !
All this will start take full force in the years 2012-2013 earths orbit will be
in the photon belt as the sun around year 2000 ! Your DNA is jumping triggering new capabilitys starting these years ! The Dreamspell calendar is
your observation tool !  


 That sounds great Kelly,, I have been working on business things as well continuing planning for the future but hopping something enlightening may happen.



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