That site is a timeline of the immediate future (2014, 2015, 2016, ...) and of the far future (2050, 2100, ....)  based on present facts and data, made by futurologist, an stimation of how it would be if development continues as it is.

Very interesting site.

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  • Thank God this isn't the timeline I'm on. Just sayin...

  • Interesting Future Timelines set by fututoligsts And good to know but it is still human in nature.

    There are Lords of the Universe that have meetings to decide the fate of Planets and the future of Planet Earth is in their hands ... They make a divine plan for each planet and then their orders are carried out by higher multi-dimensional beings of love and light. They do as much they can to assist the Planet and it's inhabitants to evolve which they are doing now to Planet Earth.
    The Planet Earth is in the hands of Lord Vishnu.
    Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu the Lord of the Universe is the Lord of All.
    I go by the Vedic Timelines set by Lord Vishnu in each of the Universes. Everything works on a divine plan.
    We are into the beginning part of a Mini Golden Age in Kali Yuga that will last for 10,000 years and then back to Kali Yuga.
    In this Mini Golden Age you have a Golden opportunity to go back to Godhead.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • Yes a timeline based on one persons view :) Interesting, but no timelines I would personally be happy with.

    • That sucks... because the new xbox and ps4 are coming out and unless you die this year, you're certainly apart of that timeline. Did you even look at it? =P


      They have actual things on there, like literal things that don't take a fake psychic to predict. Like, CA is going to have earthquakes... OH REALLY? NO DUH! And Kate and Prince William are going to have a baby - duh.


      They have real things and speculations. Like you know how there are computer programs where you can input certain information to come up with a conclusion for certain situations? It's like that. Speculating about food price rises, etc. I have yet to see something that said, "some big head in the sky said this was going to happen" lol =P and I hope it stays that way.

    • No, based on actual data, quite the contrary to the timelines you see in this site...

      Also, how you know is based on only one person view?

      Anyone can make a contribution in their forums.

      • Yeah, but if it was not one persons that compiled this data and did this "possible" timeline, it could be a hundred. 

        I stand firm that this predicted timeline is not something that I would be satisfied with, but I do not have the power to stop it. I also think that they understand that much is just a speculation, while some things will inevitebly happen, some things may not. But let's take one example: I believe we will see something that uses zero-point energy even before the first sucessful fusion-reaction for energetic purposes. There are also alot of evidence that zero-point energy is real, and all it takes is to get it out on display.

        Lastly, we will go to a future that reflects our conciousness that's for certain, and that's collectively spoken. It's foolish to believe in a world that only supports a few and not the majority. But today I'm that minority that is unhappy with how the world is to the present, don't know if I'm really a minority, but we can assume that many want a more positive future in all kinds of ways. The one given based on this "data" we got now therefore does not resonate with me, I think it is based too much on what we need to evolve past. A prediction like this may work in a span to 1-5 years. But when you start to predict up to 100 years you are very far off, since so much choises and actions to get you there are just simply impossible to predict with accuracy, even if you have a good lookout from the current moment.

        • Stadistics, that's why it gets update daily, because things change, there are events that can't be predicted, and those don't get predicted, so what is your point? is a PREDICTION not the REALITY.

          I imagined that was obvious, but I think reading lot of predictions in this site which are based on nothing more than what you "resonate" with, changed your definition of what a prediction actually is.

          And why are you telling me this? go to complain to the site.

This reply was deleted.

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