~ I have to be honest~ YESTERDAY~ & TODAY~ HAVE BEEN MOST HARD TIMES FOR ME THROUGHOUT THIS PROCESS!!!! Yesterday... I started VIBRATING SO HARD~ SO HARD~ & am losing my old vision~COMPLETELY~ I will go out and EVERYTHING will just become blue & VIOLET FLUORESCENT PULSATION and when I look down it appears I'm standing on liquid & I WILL GET SCARED & THEN~ I will come back to 3D? I KNOW NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING~ BUT~ I feel as if IM TRULY DISAPEARING! I looked & read we HAVEN'T HAD A MAJOR SOLAR FLARE????? Which is usually the cause of these..."Transitions" I go through... BUT~THIS IS SO INTENSE & STRONG! I was TRYING to find a cause~ and read MS? I HAVEN'T HEARD OF ANYONE ELSE experiencing SUCH DRAMATIC and STRONG CHANGES TO THEIR ENTIRE STATE BEFORE? I feel SO happy & good yet ~ confused~ & sad? I haven't told anyone yet... as I just don't know whats happening~BUT~SOMETHING IS TO ME~ & IT IS OH~SO VERY REAL!

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  • Maybe drop the cussing mentality and see a Shrink, your one step away from a nervous breakdown seems.

  • Calm down Silas. Your Pleidian 5d is coming back with you. I'm having the SAME struggles that your going through right now as I type In the past 3 weeks I've been seeing many orbs around me, blue, purple,white,silver. Having major dizzy spells  and my illness that I have has been wreaking my body painfully. I see in the sky tiny dots which I've always saw but now getting more vivid.. Stay calm to not panic your basically growing back to what you were before you were human. I am Pleidian as well. these stages are going to be a little awkward,odd, weird, and painful but it will all get better very soon huni. Hang in there and know that your so loved and safe:o) Be well take care. Love and light *~Samantha~*   

  • sounds what your describing is a kundalini experience my friend. you possibly have ability to see auras around everything as well. your not going mad dont say to much to others in real world as they will think your going mad might be wise to do doctors office visit to make sure your blood pressure and other things are in order , just say need a full physical. im only responding to this cause i have gone thru this hundreds of times,, I AM ASSUMING YOU HAVNT BEEN DOING ANY HALLUCINATING DRUGS OR CHEMISTRY. IF NOT YOU HAVE COME INTO KUNDALINI BALANCE BY EATING RIGHT THINGS FOR PERIOD OF TIME OR FROM MEDITATIONS OR BOTH. OR POSSIBLE IS MEDICATIONS YOU TAKE IF IS FROM DOCTOR PRESCRIBED DRUGS YOU NEED TO RESPOND TO DOCTOR. AS IT COULD BE SIGN OF SOME KIND OF BRAIN TRAUMA.  THE ORBS HOW LARGE DO THEY APPEAR? THIS LENDS ME TO THINK IS POSSIBLE KUNDALINI AS ALL YOUR THIRD EYE SENSES WOULD BE PROMINENT.  HOPE I HAVE HELPED SETTLE YOUR FEAR.


  • you might need grounding i struggle at times with the duality of the planet i turn my stereo up full blast to feel alive

    as i watch the sleeping ones go around like drones ..................... take it easy there buddy


  • Hang In there Brotha... the ebb and flow of incoming Energies can be quite overwhelming. 

    I agree that it sounds like a 'Kundalini Experience'... with added 12-Strand DNA activation. 

    ( ( ( Breathe In: Balance, Healing & Light... Breathe Out: Fear, Doubt & Darkness ) ) )


    “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna 


  • I have had a lot of experience lately with those who are being geared up for service in ascension. The standing on liquid that resembles an iridescent gold or blue oil is common to those special people who are being called and prepared before the rest of us. I write freely to tell you that further instruction will come, not to have any fear and tune into the violet light of St Germain sent directly from the flame of the Archangel Zadkiel.

  • Hi 

    My vision has become extreemly blurred over the last week.

    It is as if im looking from someone elses eyes.

    But this will clear as for you.

    In my experiance it is Spirit getting yself ready for the next step in my journey tuning me into higher frequencies.

    I also have the same sort of symptoms as yourself.

    I now know what to expect and ask for guidance and help when this is going on.

    It is said that we are all liquid but have forgotten this when coming here to Earth.

    The coulours are your higher selfs vibrations.

    On many occassions I become giddy and the room can spin and it also feels like my brain is spinning.

    Other feelings are that my skull has been cut in half and I sit quietly until this process has been done and then I see things not previously seen.

    So all I can say is relax trust what is happening to you.

    The more you struggle or even fight these symptoms the harder it seems.

    I have done exactly the same thing resisting.

    But I now understand what is going on and there is always some Spirit form a higher dimention with me when these changes are going on for me.

    I hope this may help you in some way/

    Namaste xxxx


  • hi silas i dont know if this will help but what you are saying here sounds like what these guys on facebook are advertising , heres the link check out the video clip. hope this helps :).        http://lp.higherbalance.com/in-between-audio-2-2-2

  • Could it be your kundalini awakening???...

  • Hi Silas

    You are the first ive heard with these symptoms fella..

    I long to be in your position all i get 24/7 is the audio

    vibration my friend i just assumed id get the visual at

    some time in the coming days..

    Never fear there are people who can aid love and guide

    you at hand, Just ride it out you are one of the more

    advanced on the road to Ascension be proud..

    they dont choose without much thought and they know

    your limitation and what you can accept and what you cant..

    Be at peace stay grounded in the familiar it will eventually

    calm down, Just accept it as the gift it is and all will be well..

    Just try and centre all your being in line with your heart that

    will never steer you wrong..

    If you need a sounding board feel free to E.Mail me..


    Love and light my friend



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