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January 15

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Am a father of 2, Married,living in New orleans

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Terrance McKenna, Juddi Krishnamurti

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  • Hey, it's Darryl.  Made another statement on GG's post.  Copied and pasted it for you:

    "You are correct, Oneness Agod.  Another channel, Matthew, warns that a channels message may be corrupted.  Here is the link to that message:


    Here is a section of the message where Matthew, also talks about his mothers' messages being corrupt:

    She is certainly believing that she is spreading the truth, there is no bad intention in it. And I'm sorry to say that she is not the only one, many missions have been corrupted by the professionality of the thugs in all ways and possibilities of doing that. Most of you have only little ideas about the technologies which are being used to infiltrate the carriers of light with desinformation - and as you know so little, there is not enough discernment and protection and being careful. When a mission has been successful for a while, it's becoming very interesting for the thugs, mostly of CIA. It becomes worth of being infiltrated, as so many readers have built up a resonance with the celestial being and the transmitter, so there is a guarantee to reach and mislead many. I told you the thugs have absolutely developed professionality in doing this, they are practising a mix of real truth and false information - so that the false information can be validated by the content of real truth in the same piece. "

    So, the CIA, when a channels viewership gets large enough, will infiltrate a channels message with a mix of truth and false information, if they are not protected by the light.

    The CIA's headquarters is in Langley in McLean, unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia,[24] a few miles west of Washington, D.C., along the Potomac River.

    ValleyForge located Greg Giles by his ISP on his computer.  He lives in Fairfax, VA.  Not in Los, Angeles. 

    You can connect the dots.

    No wonder he hides behind his computer and avoids people."

    Thought it might interest you.  The pieces are falling together.  Talk to you again, Darryl.  

    public statement by Matthew
  • Hey Valley, thanks for accepting my friend request.8114255893?profile=original

  • Hey, Nayon posted a reply on Greg's post said this:

    Now Steve Beckow has banned this channeler from his site, and his answer to this article could be seen here:


    Check it out if you haven't already.  Darryl

  • What a good photo! I see you entered the Command not long ago, welcome dear beloved friend! Much-much love))) 

  • 8114041096?profile=original

  • 8113954072?profile=original

  • Welcome Valley Forge8114041475?profile=original

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Jul 16, 2013
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Jul 15, 2013
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Yeah... All is quiet on New Year's Day A world in white gets underway I want to be with you Be with you night and day Nothing changes on New Year's Day On New Year's DayI will be with you again I will be with you againUnder a blood red sky A crowd…
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..everything changes.
Dec 29, 2012

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These dark forces with a very dark agenda took control of Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system in which humanity could not escape which is the current system we’re in as of now.On the physical plane, control…
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"不滅の魂 - 天使 -nice poem-did you write it?
Saw this the other day
by James Joyce;

My love is in a light attire
Among the apple-trees,
Where the gay winds do most desire
To run in companies.

There, where the gay winds stay to woo
The young leaves as…"
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This is my take on the four most commonly used asteroids in astrology.  I don't use them in teaching or in readings, but sometimes they can have important meaning with the horoscope.  Similar to Black Moon Lilith' qualities presented as "The Good,…
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"UFO..Unidentified Flying Object …flying through air
USO..Unidentified Submerged Object ..flying under water plus air"
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well time to watch this video :  https://youtu.be/6dsXaSLrOVI
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""Awaken all who slumber....!!" ❤️A message from Lady Kalestra.....

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"Kalestra is one of the wisest and most beautiful off-worlders, that I'm honoured to know......I will always be grateful for her presence and council....She AWAKENS us all, to our true roots.....🤗
Claude Bolling - Main Title [The Awakening, Original…"
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