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  • my birthday is December 22 i will be turning 27 and you ?? when is your birthday and how old are you my friend?? ♥‿♥  ٩(^‿^)۶  ♥

  • who do you live with?? you still have your both parents?? do you live with any brothers or sisters?? do you get along with your family ?? do they believe and support spirituality like you do?

  • your eyes are so pretty i know i've told you that once but  i wanted to tell you again that you have an angelical beauty both inner beauty and physical !

  • you are online now!! im lucky !! I hope you  had a nice thanksgiving day with all your loved ones?

  • No my friend never feel you are stupid !! they are the stupid for doing something bad to you a person that wanted to help them they just dont know how special you are !! but i do! Ascencion is getting closer my friend i would like to see yoa and meet you in 5d since there is not a lot of time left in this dimension im sure im from the playades and we might see each other when we return back home! when you are in 5d you can teleport and appear infront of someone you want to see !! and i will think of you in 5d to go and meet you i will manifest my presence to you  !! my sweet friend!

  • Hi Samantha I would like to know if your neightbors got arrested? Did they brake in to your house?? Yes karma will get them back for doing this to you ! what treatment did you have ? Ascension is close my friend ! soon we'll enter 5d and i would like to meet you there my friend!! And dont worry your suffering and your disease will be eliminated forever when we enter 5d and i guarantee you its at the end of the year!! I return the love and the blessings that you sent me and i wish you the best in your life Samantha =)

  • I think in order to be of the Light you need to understand the darkness. :)

  • you look very dark and mysterious... my favorite kind of girl! :D

  • have you visited the hollow earth network? its a about an agarthean male that came to live here with a mission to inform people he is very popular check the last 2 recording calls from agoust  they confirm ascencion will take place by the end of this year and that people will be healed even people with missing limbs. he said 90% of the population of this planet are ready for ascencion!!

  • i've been busy as well i just saw your comment! HOW DO YOU FEEL AFTER THAT 5 inch NEEDLE?? did it help you to feel less pain??

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Philadelphia, PA


March 21

About Yourself

I have a young body but I'm such a old soul. I dealt with so much drama and heartbreak in my life but to me they were all lessons needed to be learned. I'm a strong person that just got re-awaken to everything that I am last year but I always had hints through out my life.. I can still see the beauty in this world that humans destroyed. And the small things mean the most to me. I'm a very understanding person and being and I would love to find and seek out more things about me and also my brother and sisters

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Joshua Shaffer, Jai Ashtar, Banshee Goldmann

shadowsmysticangel1050 left a comment for latinoindigo2012
"Hello my dear friend no they didnt get arrested and no they didnt break into my apartment.. She was feeling depressed and wanted me over and so I went there I just got back home so I had my purse on me and I was trying to talk some light into her…"
Nov 13, 2012
shadowsmysticangel1050 replied to Mr.Mike's discussion Calling All Lightworkers! Are You Seeing Meteors In Your Local Area?
"I saw 6 last month all within the same night within the same hour. The last time I saw one was 2weeks ago and it was bright. Love and light to you all!
Oct 19, 2012
shadowsmysticangel1050 replied to Rainbow Pleiadian's discussion Greetings to everyone here :)
"Hello Rainbow Pleiadian my name is Samantha and yes I do have almost the same thing happen to you when i was younger and very insighted dreams and even until this day. And yes i am also Pleiadian/starseed your not alone and if you thought you were…"
Oct 15, 2012
shadowsmysticangel1050 left a comment for latinoindigo2012
"Hello my dear friend!!! I'm sorry I haven't said hello to you in awhile I just had another treatment today, it was my 3rd one..Also 2 people passed away 3 weeks ago and I had a personal problem with my drug addict neighbors they stole my medication…"
Oct 11, 2012

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Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
When they are serving food to millions some every day regular undisclosed visits by health food inspectors must be carried out as after visiting many places of worship that serve food the standard of food and hygiene was very low in most places…
10 hours ago
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Greetings,We are a Draco Group here today to introduce ourselves to humanity. We come in peace, we work and have alliance with Galactic Federation of Light. We fight against the same enemy as you have: Dracos, Reptilians, Anunaki and etc.We reside…
10 hours ago
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Nothing nothing, nothing must be kept hidden all must be revealed and all corruption must be removed for planet earth must come crystal clear and all living entities must live in the mode of goodness ..this will accelerate in the Golden Age  
10 hours ago