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what's the real purpose for national parks and wildlife reserves?

it seems like there are national parks and wildlife reserves all over the world, but what's their purpose? I keep hearing people say that any Agenda that is pro-wildlife, and supports preserving nature is Anti-human, and focuses on controlling and limiting human's influence on the world.


so it must be an excuse for the Illuminati to lower the human population and keep them contained in small areas... are they right at least in some areas, or are they wrong? :P

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I think that's a bit far-fetched. People want to put everything on the Illuminati....there's two sides to government. There's the electoral government, which is like how they portray it in encyclopedias, and the secret shadow corporate NWO government...which has its tentacles around the electoral government, but doesn't control everything that happens in it. People like to think everything's a NWO plot....I see national parks and forests as great ways of preserving space for wildlife and nature. What else would it be limit human expansion, honestly, do you really think that?

We have to preserve at least some of our nature....or you'd see things like the great herds of Africa disappear. There's already too much human expansion there, now the great herds are limited mostly to park areas. We need more Serengeti's, we need more Yellowstone's, we need more Banff's. We're not the only beings on this planet, we share this planet with billions of other species, and being the most evolved, we have a responsibility to preserve them and take care of them as best we can, while letting them be free and wild and natural.

Here's a funny story, my family used to go up north here to a place called Rawdon, it's a beautiful place...up north is almost all Rawdon, they have a huge park there, I forget what it's's a big destination for campers and tourists and wilderness junkies...they have two waterfalls there, a river, a's a great place there.

I remember one time, me and my family went camping there....we set up tents by the smaller waterfall, we went swimming in the river, we had fires and roasted marshmellows and hot was a great trek, a great camping experience. I remember one night I was in my tent, trying to sleep, and I heard some groaning sounds....and I was like 9 years old, so I was terrified because I thought there was a bear or even a bigfoot roaming around our camp. I heard groans and heavy breathing, and it seemed to be getting louder. I was real scared, but I decided, I had to see what this was, so I slowly peaked my head out of the tent...and there was no bear....or bigfoot....I walked out and I realized the heavy breathing and groaning was actually my older brother snoring lol He's a big guy, so it didn't really sound human....but it was him lol That was a funny moment.

Many different groups have fought very hard to preserve lands, and sought Government's assistance to help make it 'law' that ceertain areas remain protected.


I saw in Queensland that many beautiful places were just handed to farmers and as a result, there are very few places for the public to go to and enjoy.  Some farmers own land which contains rainforests but the public can't go there.  I compared other states where 'greenies' had fought (even tying themselves to trees, camping up in trees etc) so that forests could be preserved for generations to come.  I have seen other states that do benefit with camping grounds, State Forests and National Parks where these wonderful souls had fought with their lives - so that we could go there and enjoy them.


I don't think it's much to do with the illuminati at all.  There were some sensible people who had the insight years ago to keep land free and available.



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