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Hi my brothers and sisters with much love and light,


Ok as you can see in the title what is your thought of religions and is there any truth in them at all, like is islam the most trueful one and just asking because people are talking about it at work and that if you don't follow it, they say when I died that my soul will not go from my grave and I know that this will not happen.


Because I know that god etc prime creater is all loving no matter if we are positive or negetive beings.


Anyway please do reply back and I will be telling a life story of who I am as a person and in my next discussion.


Much love always





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All organiced religion have a good and a bad side.

Right, like everything in duality, religion has had its positive side, and its negative side. We all are pretty aware of the negative things. But religion has also has had a very good side, and I submit, has been a great light for humanity, despite its other side. In a time when we weren't evolved enough to really understand the universe, religion was there to give people a guidepost on how to behave civilized. Religion has been there to give people hope and purpose, when they couldn't find any. Religion has been there to give people an outlet to express their spirituality, and express their reverence to God, even if we didn't have the full picture.

The first universities came from the old monasteries and cathedral schools, when during the dark ages, dark hordes like the Vikings, the Huns, etc were rampaging across the known world, destroying and pillaging peoples and knowledge. The religions, particularly Christianity, were the one bastion people could go to for relief against the darkness, and were instrumental in keeping knowledge and goodness alive. So I have a lot of respect for religion, and their historical significance, and I also think that the religions were founded in purity, and eventually became corrupted and turned into prison religions of fear and control, by dark souls who saw the obvious threat that religion represented.

Isn't it funny - we were all influenced by Religions in past lives and we all prayed in those lives to go to Heaven after we died .. look where we are now !

Thats exactly what I mean James, I put my hand on my heart as often as I remember during each day and I am filled with gratitude to BE here now, because as you said, Heaven is right here, right now and as soon as everyone relises it, the better and thank God for this incredible awakening, and yes exactly - the Joy that is felt only at certain times by all of us is indeed an inkling of what is to come and its happening as we breath right now - imagine if everyone suddenly awakened but it is a process - how simple it is really.. becomming the Love that we already are.. how beautiful.. we are in Heaven .. it is the mission of every soul to remember that we are already aligned with Creator, its the ego that prevents us from feeling it. I'll embrace the ego deeply and give thanks to it with all my heart for assisting in showing me my true Nature - Love in its purest .. we are not nearly home - we are home. LOVE eternally forever and on the Earth right here, right now - Heaven - my imaginings exactly - through my Heart.. pure Unconditional Christ Conciousness LOVE eternally..

What will be will be - beautiful. ( is beautiful ) .

Love inwards and onwards into the new Earth, Peace Love and Light


Didn't Jesus also say: '' I and the Father are ONE - no one comes to the Father except through me and no one shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven but through me '' - meaning no one can realise their I AM Presence without expresing their Christ Conciousness ... on Earth / as it is in Heaven.
Religion is a cornerstone for duality. It have a positiv and a negative side. Duality---) Religion, Politic, Goverments, Military, Mainstream media, Education money, and a few more.. This is cornerstones for duality on Earth.. In 5`th dimension Earth society they either will disappear or they will be reformed..This is what happening when we se world "Falling apart"..
Yes, I like your response :) also makes good kindling.   One of my pyromaniac foster kids used go into my bathroom and play with matches unbeknownst to me.  I used to wonder what took him so long in the bathroom.   He used to sit on the toilet and rip out a page from my bible that was in the magazine rack in there and tear a page out at a time and light it with a match to watch it burn over the toilet.  I used to keep matches in my bathroom because someone said that if you light a match after taking a good BM that the room would not stink... never thinking about kids playing with matches.....  I thought the bible kept getting thinner and thinner and then one day I walked in on him not knowing  he was in there and found out why the bible only had about 52 pages left.  Lucky he did not burn the house down, he could have caught the curtain on the window next to the hopper on fire and we all would have burned in hell, lol.
unfortunately religions do not teach how to connect with energies of earth~mother and universe's father.
it,s always male dominance oriented and female characters are either omitted , made whores of or just slaves.
unconditional Love is not preached and full compassion to all living beings is not advocated.
they always have a middle man to worship/empty idol not the source of creation.
they do not teach that God dwells within us, they only teach external couse.
they invent stuff and are not historically correct.
and most importantly use fear mongering /scarring beJesus out of ordinary folk.
Hi! As far as answering your question title goes.I would say,"all religions before they became religions."Started out with reminders to people.That they were unconditional loving/positive consciousness emboding a human avatar body.They were advised to make being positive and use unconditinal love in action.Instead of words as a way of life.For all humans on this planet to live by and so after their so-called,"Messengers."Left the uncomfortable task at putting their words to actions.Became the result of what is today known as,"religions."Became something else entirely speaking and contradictory as well.I further that a warning from various beings was clear.If humanity didn't live with positive energy and unconditional love.As a way of life.For them to live by.Than any attempt at co-creating a civilsation for humanity contrary.To these precepts would fail in outcomes.Not yet known to those thrilled.With empire building and enslaving others to their respective wills.As Gandhi once said,"I'am a muslim and a hindu.As well as a christian and jew.So are all of you  

I just want to, thank you for all your reply's and thoughts on religions my brothers and sisters. It means alot to me and I know that there is truthfulness in all religion but there is also misleading information such fear etc.


I want to also say, what is your though of Islam? is Islam the most truthful religion out there? Because I am having people telling me to follow it at work. Because I am 80% of Islam because I don't eat much pork or at all, because I eat meat once week and it's white meat, I also look at women with respect and love not lust, I am a very kind hearted good guy, I hate violence but I play computer games and mainly ones which which are space combat, I believe in the one god, but are there co creators of god like beings with god, like mother god/ father god etc.


I know we are co creators with god and that god is within us, but I say this to my muslin friends they say it's not in us and is a person or thing. Also they believe in jinns and what are they? and another thing is they believe if you don't follow islam when you die you will be trapped in grave by god, which is fear monging to me and the reason I don't follow any religion is because I like to be free spiritual being of love, compassion and love to everything and everyone.


I know there is alot questions to answer and that's why we are on this website to assist each other with questions and answers.


Peace, Love & Light





I dont remember having a religion when i was 3 or 4 years old,all i know is i was just happy to be happy but then somewhere along the line mommy and daddy told me something about God,i wasn't sure what they were talking about,but i remember having to get up for church every sunday cause daddy said so,yeah, daddy was a big bully,not bad ,just like you know , you going to church whether you like it or not,okay but did you ever hear of free will dad? Dad,did you ask me if i wanted to go to church today? No,you pretty much just forced me to go,like i really knew what the priest was talking about in the first place? Yeah,so im in church and there is this radiator heater and i noticed a bunch of coins on the bottom of the heater so im sticking my hand underneath the heater collecting all these coins while there is this fellow walking around the church with a hand held basket collecting money from the congregation but im collecting coins from the heater,i guess he didnt bother looking in the heater for money?I guesss thats why i went to church every sunday,so i could get paid from the heater cause i had no idea what the priest was talking about when he was talking about God?Or,was that Shirley Maclaine?I guess you can say its never right to force your opinion of God on anyone ,not even a 3 year old,but the way i see it is that religions are symbols of grade schools where you ascend from one grade to the next till you get your masters degree,Ascended Masters Degree that is,thats when you and your twin flame become one again with your own "I AM" Prescence yet at the same time maintaining your Individuality,so i heard that religion means>To unite or join together< for you and your twin flame to unite and join together in your "I AM " Prescence,i never learned that in church,but i wonder if this computer is a religion? Like do you people really exist? Are we all just a bunch of mechanical robots?



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