OK, most of us want to exit this hell-hole on Earth (although it could have been and can still be - paradise), had it been shared with the right people who knew how to manage and live within the laws of nature.


Also many of us have been controlling to other's as well as havd had BEEN controlled (which makes for a hellish existence).


So what do you imagine paradise to be like?  Besides a beautiful place, what is the reality you wish to be in?


- One that is free from cruelty to animals?

- A place where we are all like-minded? (How can we get there if we keep arguing and trying to control other's? - something we must give up)

- A place where we don't have to 'work' in slavery?






Jesus did say to his disciples, 'today you will join me in paradise'. (http://bible.cc/luke/23-43.htm)


So it's  a place that DOES exist. But how do we get there?  While we can't really be 'rescued' from this hellish existence, and skip to paradise, we are here to learn to be Masters.  I don't think it works that we skip Earth school and miss the important lessons we are here to learn.


One thing most humans desire is to be around like-minded people. It doesn't work to just wish people who arn't like us, off the Earth. The attitude is changed from within, and that is one of acceptance.


If we want to be in paradise, wouldn't it work in a way that we must first be strong (and Masters) of ourselves? Then we get to join other's who are strong and have also obtained Mastery?


Feel free to share what you envision paradise to be like - then we can form a clear picture and keep this picture in our minds - a destiny we wish to arrive in.

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          • then why all the stories about the ancient golden times where there was no growth?  obviously if utopia was perfect it wouldnt cause stagnation.

            As for opinions, well see the problem with opinions is people believe they have opinions on things which are not open to opinion, like for example, the earth is round, this is NOT up for debate, which band is best of which flaviour of ice cream you prefer IS an opinion.  If we all think alike this earth would not be fun at all. 

            Thinking alike and like everyone else is something those who want you under control want you to believe

            • ...i agree on this....and on different thinking in preferences... but i dont agree in different thinking that causes imbalance on the environment... there, we must all have the same viewpoint... it must be focused in the protection of the environment, and the well being of all humans...

              about Utopia, i have different definition maybe... for me Utopia means something that is perfect... and when something is perfect, its at its Peak... it cannot grow/evolve further..and so it stagnates...

              also.. what band we like or what ice-cream, i see it as personal preference and not opinion.. opinion is when someone dictates that things must be like this..or like that...like for example, the plane must fly on 10.000 feet...or on 50.000 feet....

              when i hear from the barber next door that the plane is better to fly in 10.000 feet, (without having done any reasearch on this) then thats his opinion...

              • Since there is always change there is no such thing as perfect.  but what you fail to see here again is you want everyone to think the way you do, not allowing for freewill for them to think for themselves.  You believe everyone must work for the environment, who says? the sun is going to explode one day and ruin this environment you want everyone to protect so badly, do you see?  Nature doesnt bother to protect all humans, there is no special human protection clause, nature doesnt even grant our well being, that is up to us, if you want to live you have to work for it, th universe isnt set up to just hand people an easy no work no struggle life, this is on of the fallacies of religion and channelings, fooling people into thinking we are special or deserving of special treatments.

                • ..exactly... and i didnt say the opposite... Nature is Nature, and so we need to do the best that we can to provide us the most optimum way of life that we can provide for ourselves...

                  Yes, everyone must take into consideration the environment... because by taking care the environment, we are taking care of ourselves..

                  Because Nature is the big dictator here... we cannot disobey nature's laws... nobody said that people must think the way i do... but we all must think THE SAME in certain aspects... like i said before... about specific values...

                  if we dont think ALL THE SAME, that we need peace and unity, then there is no point to take it further...

                  • Then you have no freewill, if you want everyone to think the same, which you say you dont then say you do.

                    What is peace? not fighting, it doesnt mean we have to agree, it doesnt mean we have to give eachother backrubs , it just means not to kill eachother for thinking differently.

                    You still arent grasping that you want everyone to believe what YOU do, YOU think we all need to think the same so you say we all MUST think the same.  This is prime example of not examining self thoughts and beliefs.

          • So, instead of being like-minded, wouldn't this fall into tolerance and acceptance?


            Couldn't we just tolerate and respect the fact we all think differently?  That people will just be the way they are and the best we can do is guide, rather than force ideas upon others?

            • ..when people have tolerance and acceptance and respect each other, then they are automatically like-minded in their view, that they need to have tolerance acceptance and respect to each other..

              if i like tolerance, acceptance and respect... and u also like tolerance, acceptance and respect... then we are both like-minded on that...

              i didnt say that we need to be like-minded in our personal preferences... like what color we like, or what type of ice-cream tastes better...

  • Paradise on Earth is, a Resource Based Economy....

  • When I think of paradise, I think of a place where I would be able to watch my children grow- a place where my loved ones could be(even without me, if need be) and be safe and sound.

    That paradise would have a global barter system, perhaps where all have a chance to build skills in any field of work.  For my son, maybe he would like to be a fine craftsman someday.  He could learn the skills from the craftsman in town, per say.  Perhaps my daughter would like to learn flower arrangement and dance from the entertainer.  They could take their skills and teach others, or perform them in exchange for a person's own product of creativity.  Perhaps from a gardner, whom offers a couple of potatoes from their garden?  Perhaps that gardner could even exchange the knowledge of gardening to my daughter, to aid her flower arranging skills..

    This paradise would not need to rate the people by how much money they have or what they own, there is a balance between trading with one another.  There is a balance in using each of our individual skills to aid one another and create a beautiful, blossoming planet of harmony and light.

    The people would have tolerance with one another.  Everyone is different, and unique, and would be accepted by everyone for their very godspark, which links each of us as brothers and sisters- therefore, everyone would be treated like family.

    All aspects of life would be respected.  Instead of wars, we would have civillized debates and come to agreements, to ensure the good of our planet and our people. 


    ...and in conclusion, I would have a beach where I can go hang with the Orcas~  Lol.  I've been in love with them for as long as I can remember..

    I suppose I've had a long time to think about this...lol.  But, it's the honest truth~

  • This reply was deleted.
    • im living my paradise; sun, sea, clean air... healthy body and food to eat, blessings abound... and more keeps coming  <3 ;)

This reply was deleted.

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