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What is the Purpose and Mission of the Galactic Federation of Light...??


THE PURPOSE & MISSION OF THE GFL IS TO HELP FULFILL THE PROPHETIC REALIZATION OF THE DIVINE WILL OF HEAVEN........Which is to bring all of physical creation within this galaxy and eventually others, into light polarity....such that physicality becomes a perfect mirror of Heaven and not an imperfect mirror, as has been the case...

This desire for perfecton is the stated intent of spiritual evolution....such that creation and creator become perfect reflections of each other and thus become self-realised at cosmic levels. It is the intent of Lord Surea who is representative of PRIME CREATOR within this galaxy....


This mission will require that not only will Earth require to ascend to 5th dimensional expression, but all of the former dark empires too, such as those of Draconis (Sigma, Theta and Alpha) as well as the Orions (Mintaka and Belatrix) and Zetas (Reticuli,) be fully polarised to the light, also....

So all the darkest corners of this galaxy prophetically become lighted and aligned with the sacred will of Lord Surea, the great being who oversouls this entire galaxy, including it's physical aspects.....Surea is a galactic correspondence to Sanat Kumara on Earth, a Logoi.


The Galactic Federation of Light is the full title in English and is often shortened to "Galactic Federation," in common useage on Earth...It serves the divine will across many planes, including the physical plane.

There is just one GFL and there is no seperate organisation, nor "split," as some false channels may suggest.

This LIGHTED UNION is an instrument of divine will and IN NO WAY INDEPENDENT of that divine will....And when I use the term, I'm referring to the carrying out of the divine Plan, in accord with a prophecy for this "Milky Way" galaxy, that there would be a complete return of all physicality to the LIGHT.

The Lighted Union or GFL is an instrument of the higher will of the Galactic Logos...aka Lord Surea, who decreed that his divine will be unfolded by his agents within the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, presided over by Lord Aescapulus of the Council of Nine.

So the political centre of the GFL is the Vega system and the spiritual centre is the Sirius B system.

There is no greater "Federation" within this Milky Way Galaxy...and no rival to the GFL, which is 4 million (sol) years old.

For aeons the only real rival to the GFL was the Anchara Alliance, centred within the Orion star constellation sun, Bellatrix and it's allies within Alpha, Sigma and Eta Draconis former star empires...

With the treaty of Anchara, signed by both rivals (GFL-AA) in the earth year 1994 AD, that galactic war ended....and those former adversaries, including their allies, the Anunnaki, are now allied to the GFL...

Also I would like to clarify that there is no such thing as a "Galactic Confederation of Worlds." which is based on an approximation used in the fictional Star Trek TV series...


There are federations within the greater GFL, such as the Plejaren Federation.....But there are many false channels confusing the issue and pretending that the GFL and GF are different, when they are, in actuality, the same.


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England sector)

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Thanks for the teachings dear Drekx!!

Much much love to you and everybody

Thankyou friends...I wrote this discussion to clarify some confusions raised today, on two other blogs...hopefully the answers here will suffice.

Also, another reminder that SIRIAN scout ships are mainly of the 100 foot spheroid videoed flying over New Mexico in 2009....These originate from planet Samanet (Sirius B4.)


Thank you for this Drekx. :) 

Thanks for this article Drekx, enjoyed it mucho


Love and Light

Yes Drekx, I agree the GF work for the Divine,

and they are definately not here to harm people lol


Indeed STAR.......

All this speculation about is it GFL or GF.....People forget these are earth language terms and are both valid in defining the one cosmic union......I wanted people to realise that the GFL (aka GF) is an aspect of the will of HEAVEN.....not an "alien invasion of earth."

I agree its easy for the confusion,

its good to clear up misunderstandings...

and yes we all must shine a light , why else are we here

Love! <3

And thankyou dear friends, for thanking me.......!! I had to create this discussion today, as so many ACC people have been swept up by false "channels" and negative vibes......The LIGHT must shine brightly here.....!! It is our job to make that happen.....

People gets so confused by Labels and names, the heart knows no labels. 

The federation works as ONE through the heart. Coordinated and Focused in Love. Its very simple
and effective.  There are no "random" happenings.

As you say and "highlight" clearly Drekx, the federation works together with earth in many ways and there is not even a reason to worry about "false" labels or names. They assist us, we, the Earth-humans are the ones
creating and manifesting this Shift in consciousness TOGETHER. The federation acts and support as a
midwife in this transition into the greater "picture" of Cosmic Brother-Sisterhood, into the cosmic neighborhood.


If you think negative thoughts and Believe in them, you will eventually project Negative Ideas which are just like "thought-ghosts". They arent important. ONLY LOVE IS IMPORTANT! 
Negativity cannot survive in the Light of the heart. You will simply Stop focusing on your
negative thought patterns and focus on what is truly important. Uplift all people around yourself
simply by only Believing in LOVE, that everything is possible. You have the power to hit that switch
within you and choose LOVE in every moment without fear, trusting the Eternal Sun within your being.

If you Love yourself completely, you wont spend a minute on what is not important, you will feel its just "unnecessary" and change focus towards the endless possibilities of Love,It will "help" everyone.

People can be addicted to Negativity and its not always easy to change this "deep rooted" pattern.
You can heal this pattern, if you allow yourself to fall into that unknown place within you, that only knows LOVE and TRUST.

You cant change anything through negativity and resistance, only through love and acceptance.



thankyou ben. .

Beautiful ~ Just like you Ben :)

Big Mahalo



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