What is real?

I got tired of seeing most of your kind, being played with like nothing.

They make you a product with government, they enslave with money, they defile you with science. It's like taking a piece of art, perfectly made, and then start to ravage it with toxins, poisons as they destroy something that was already perfect.

You would be able to shape-shift, to express yourself with telepathy, to live as long as you want, to teleport, to jump between other life-times, to create whatever you want, instantaneously. You would be born knowing everything, because that is your nature. Aging wouldn't deteriorate you, but make you even more perfect. More beautiful in every possible way.

Their so-called education wouldn't be "needed" Work wouldn't be "needed" Food wouldn't be "needed" Nothing which comes from them is needed.

You could set up your organic vessel to feed up on light, and so you would maintain yourself indefinitely. You would be able to create life as art, to give life to your own feelings. To create your own worlds within you, and live whatever you want. You're deceived as they try to make you believe that you need their science, their religion, their education, their government, their technology. As they slowly corrupt your own nature, they poison your perfect bodies with drugs, medicaments, your pure consciousness, disrupted with radial signals.

Science is a distorted ramification of control. They had you believing that cancer is just another of their diseases, while it's originated by Life pressure within your light body-Information pattern, as radiation. Emotional trauma is what I meant to say. Which is why stress can cause cancer.

They intoxicate your body, soul and consciousness from the very first moment you're born, and then they make a product out of you. They have you playing inside their little system for money. They apply you emotional, physical and mental pressure constantly, then they feed you some trash too keep you distracted with media, drugs and toxins.

They condition you to think that you're nothing without them, that you need to constantly interact with another people, as this causes, to each person, a constant friction between both ego-centric magnetic fields, disrupting your Cordial-Center, your heart, so you start to become emotionally blind. You lose your connection with the cosmos, and so you start to feel alone, then you start to look for more people, which only make the whole thing worse. And so they have you breeding like a herd.

Within the cosmic frequency, you wouldn't need anything, you wouldn't be bored, you wouldn't need to talk to anybody, nor to interact with anybody, since within this frequency, which is your original frequency, you're everything, and so, you need nothing. This means that interact, create, explore, experience, and relation yourself with another conscious beings, just for the sake of the experience. Not just because you need them to survive, but because you enjoy such interactions. There isn't "need" within your true nature.

They have you enslaved within a connectivity prisons like news, worried, using fake information most of the times, as they use your negative vibration to create more chaos. They tell you there's a new disease, and so, I you BELIEVE it, this disease is born. So they tell you a lie, and then, though you, it becomes true, since still retain your very potential.

They took your Creator's capabilities with religion. They made you believe you're a lamb. You have your most powerful source of energy, your heart Cordial-center, snatched by some vampiric religion. So you believe in them, you create nothing, and of course, they still remain in control.

There is no forgiveness within my family, just the balance, which must be restored. They will bleed as much blood as they have spilled.

So it was true that I'm from hight above. I'm always changing. It's like if many consciousness were speaking though me, even if I'm the same being. Each day I'm someone different. This consciousness of mine, is already here. It doesn't believe about learning curves. It just wants to have their bodies untouched, so he can make some morbid piece of art out them while still alive. Then it's gonna repeat the same process, on each "victim" over and over and over again. It dislikes the family of light, so much peace while innocent blood is being spilled, they would rather commit suicide in front of danger, rather than swallow up their enemies.

My enemies can only make me stronger, I feed on pain, on hatred. They're dead already. They day they picked up our attention, with their stench, they were already dead.

I feel like I'm on fire now, burning as my Sun starts swallow up the earth, from below, from below, from below... from below. It repeats. Inverting places.

It's gone now. This information feels, chaotic, painful. It's the first time I've felt this way. It wasn't just justice, but vengeance. Each moment this grid starts to change, I start to get in touch with my other alter-egos. They're already here, waiting for the disruption to take place. It's like there is thousand of beings within me. Each one is different, each one comes from a different reality, from another dimension. Some of them are peaceful, some of them are fair, some of them are vengeful. None of them enjoy to play with innocent lifes. It's something that disgust them. Some of them want forgiveness, some of them don't even care, some of them are anxious for the hunt. This is annoying.

Please. I just wanted to live in peace, relaxation. But this world, it doesn't feel like home to me.

Not again , I'm starting to feel chaotic, all over the place. reality loses its shape, this trap starts to fall apart. I'm starting to question my very nature, this world feels so disgusting, it's infected with parasites, feeding on suffering. It's a trap.
I don't know who am I from all of my alte-egos. A voice tells me I'm everyone, and no one. There isn't "me" just "all of us" under my higher command.

Well, that was mildly disturbing. I'm feeling better now. It's like there is no truth out there, everything is possible. Even lies become truth inside this cosmos. You're an artist painting with Life. Well, that would explain some of my astral travels.

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