Note from Wes: With respect and Love to all of you, I'm going to stay out of the debate that could result from this discussion. It's always important to consider every viewpoint on every issue, instead of the ones that work best for us based on already-predetermined opinions.

The real advantage of listening to channeled sources and reading channeled messages is that we can find out what is going on behind the scenes. Who does not want to know what President Barack Obama is doing, thinking and planning regarding Syria? I venture to guess that all of us do.

So I rush into print my own transcription of Sanat Kumara’s words today, from the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, on Obama’s strategy in regards to the Syrian situation. Sanat is planetary logos, which he describes as “overseer” of all that is transpiring on Earth.

Sanat Kumara: What we would say about Barack Obama is that he is being worked with. Now does he always listen to guidance? No, but primarily he does. ….

Barack Obama is not usually a person who waffles. He is a person who makes clear, quick, and decisive decisions and has the capacity to move into action. So my question to all of you is why do you think he is waffling so much? And why are the actions of the military not completely aligning with the words.

[Barack Obama] is a strategist and the strategy at the moment is stall, stretch, wait, so we would suggest that you look more clearly at what is taking place rather than just what is being said.  …

The public of the world is very actively and vociferously coming together on two platforms. One is saying … the information about this entire situation with Syria is incomplete. There are factors that have not come to the surface as yet.

But the second collective opinion or movement is that, regardless, people do not want war. Finally the human collective is tired of war.

So even in the United States, for example, where you have the leadership speaking of war and strategic strikes you have the populace saying “No!” And that is significant and has not occurred since the time of Vietnam at this level. So this is an important shift.

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So sometimes the words of threatening war make everybody sit up and take a position and pay attention including those who are being threatened. And in this case it is the Syrians.

But the threat is not simply about the Syrians. The threat is to say that certain forms of warfare are completely unacceptable, that you cannot with invisible weapons kill children in their beds.

But we say to you many are lurking, above and below, in the White House with Barack Obama and I would ask all of you, each and every one of you – and we do not care what your political affiliation is, this has nothing to do with it – to send prayers, love, meditation, however you conceive of this, to Barack Obama and the people of Syria.

So my reading of that is that Barack Obama is (1) making threats to have all sides in Syria (and the world) wake up and (2) stalling so that war never occurs. That explanation satisfies me.

Of course if we’ve taken a position on Barack Obama and dug ourselves in, then no explanation will satisfy us and we’ll find a thousand things wrong even with Sanat’s explanation. But it sounds reasonable to me and I accept it.

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  • ...dear Wes~?~.............did you really said/write that Obama, the beloved leader is clear, quick and decisive in his decissions ~?~.....are you sure you got the right guy ~?~..this guy tip~toes around the issues unlike anyother pres we had in a long time. He is worst that King George Bush jr in that department....................

    Sorry dude, you need to change your channeler to get this right.......................

    • Hello Assiya, 

      Linda Dillon's channeled source made the referenced statement; I'm simply reposting it for the sake of providing a different perspective. You're encouraged to express how you feel about this issue, because this is the point of posting things like this - generating thought and discussion. 

      Much Love! 

      Wes :) 

  • I can say that this quote really resonated with me: 

    "(...) we would suggest that you look more clearly at what is taking place rather than just what is being said."

This reply was deleted.

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