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    • thank you for the vid. VioletRay.

      love 'n' light to you,


    • i agree with him and totally respect what he is saying. thank you for introducing me to this man. i will keep an eye out for him in future. he is a wonderful soul and i could listen to him for hours. he speaks with love and he speaks common sense.

      i believe because i have experienced many things that i dare not talk about to most. i have shared some things but there is so much i havent shared. one day when i have the courage, i may write about what i have seen and done. sometimes i am not sure if these things really happened or not, but i have had witnesses to confirm my claims as crazy as they may sound. i am talking about spiritual experiences and not while i was on drugs either, as well as physical changes, also known as shape shifting. whoops ... there i go. anyway, you have given me some comfort with these vids so i thank you again and send you BIG HUGS AND KISSES. xoxoxoxo

      love 'n' light to you,


  • Nothing happend .
  • thank you dear friend. i fully understand what you are talking about and i do try to do those things but find it uncomfortable as i feel like i am lying to myself and i am sick of deceit. its hard enough to trust others these days and now i am supposed to lie to myself. when i do something that i think is worthy of cheer, i do so. i am not one to wait on the approval of others. i have searched inside for a reason to be happy but cannot find anything. my whole life has been a disaster. true story. goes back to my parents even. all my life i had excepted and tried to move on with my life and change for the better but all in vain. often i wonder if my family was cursed??? anyway, thank you for your caring note and i truely am sorry for having upset anyone...i guess i was just airing a frustration a little too loudly. lol. anyway, much love and light to all on this site. i know you are all great souls and i feel humble to at least have you guys to learn from. much, much love 'n' light to you all, especially the ones that are lost like me. xxx
  • I know this is exciting to me, yesterday (27th) and today I have been blasted with energy~!  Similar to when my Christian spirituality first started and my divine spark exploded in my chest ( burning of the bussom )
    I feel static energy surrounding me, like I might zap someone. Im  filled with a readiness, like Im waiting for my boarding call. My two girls are off the charts with hyperness. Even the daycare stated the were unusually active.
    I'm holding a strong hope for a sudden event to wake the world up this weekend.

    • Yes I feel this too and think this is what it's more about an upping of the energies again. People are expecting far to much all the time and expectations lead to disappointments. I felt quite wired and fatigued at one point yesterday went for a meditation got knocked out of my body and was out for over an hour it was totally awesome. I couldn't come back for a while the energy was potent. Have some faith, hope and keep being a lightworker and keep meditating... :)
  • Thank you, you are very sweet.but i am not hungry for food. i am hungry for love and happiness. i do not need a house, i have the sky and its blanket of stars. yes, it sometimes gets wet and cold but its better than the cold egos i am smothered in when amongst the general population.i guess this will pass, i just hope it is sooner rather than later before i completely loose my mind!

    big hugs all round and (my kids and i called them family cuddles) i love you all. xxx

  • Well it's almost the end of the day, and unless something happens between now and midnight, the 28th of October will have passed, with nothing major happening. As usual. I hope people aren't too surprised. Did people honestly expect anything to happen, some major Earth changes to commence or something. I was looking for some kind of announcement on the TV, but, lo and behold, nothing. I also don't feel any different, or feel any fundamental shift took place. Today was just another day. I am growing weary of all these prediction dates passing with nothing happening....makes me wonder for a minute if we are all being played for fools with this stuff.
    • They are never going to tell anything of this on the TV because all media is controlled. Check out all the protests thats growing around the world.....the media is not showing much of it. Its the biggest protest in human history......thats big news in my opinion. The net is the answer, not the TV. The earth changes all the time......earthquakes at all time high...floods, volcanos, wierd weather. Countless of Ufo reports coming in every day/week. Stuff is happening for sure. Dont worry :D
    • i'm starting to feel a bit like you. are we being mislead by what we want to believe??? are WE THE REAL SHEEP? i have lost all my friends and family due to my beliefs. they keep telling me what a space cadet i have become. they have distanced themselves from me and now i am alone (which is where they want us). all the lovely spiritual messages are wonderful to listen to and help give hope in times of need but how true are they really. i am sick of being told to love my enemy. they dont bloody well deserve it. why am i always having to suffer. what harm have i done to deserve such harsh treatment. all i ever loved has been stripped of me and now i am just waiting to die. long story. i have many long stories but there is no point in sharing as i will just be told to forgive and move on. would be a lot easier if i was compensated for my pain and suffering. seems everyone else gets some type of compensation, am i not worthy of it??? i keep being told by these spiritualists that i am loved and worthy...if so then prove it as i am expected to blindly prove my love by living in this miserable world of sufference. if i am here to do a job, then why am i not allowed to know the how, why, wheres and whats??? every job has a job description...where is mine? i dont believe i chose this life. why would i put myself through all this misery with no real outcome in the end other than more pain. i am now left homeless and worthless, yet am expected to stand in grace, believe and keep spreading the love. i too have needs but that doesnt seem to matter. i have so much more to say but i think i have said enough. i didnt mean to be a complainer but we all need reason to continue doing anything...so what is my reason...i have run out of reasons and am now lost. i am  haunted now with saddened thoughts as i search for my reason to live...is there someone out there that can explain to me WTF??? i still send out what love and light i have to all those who feel the same and even those that dont. it is all i have to give and give it freely. thankyou for taking the time to read this. xxx
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"Food wisdom: when we eat more saturated fats, we have less food cravings, thus less cravings for carbs and sugar.

This data comes from Dr. Berg and he is right.

Fats, protein and carbs all fill up, but we should pick the healthiest options.

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"I just watched her video about Kaliningrad. Great to watch. The tour through the city and the short interviews with the people living there.

This makes me realize how much anti-Russian propaganda is actively spread in Europe. The aggressive…"
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"In this video, Eli talks about the hate mail she gets, for her vlogging....All the silly comments, the false accusations made about her, which are completely misguided....She is not the type of gal to respond with sob stories, though, as she's got…"
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Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post One Rebel Star Should Fall From The EU Flag's Circular Constellation and Rise Anew With Greater and Brighter Light
"It is always a good practice, to learn wisdom from past luminaries, such as Sir John Redwood, who was a Conservative cabinet minister, during the Thatcher years of economic boom, in the UK...
He, like myself, sees the merit of energy independence…"
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"I liked that video about Afghanistan. The chats with the locals were easy going. Except the Sharia guy, he freaked me out. Also the compound looked like a prison ⛓

I like travel blogs and videos in general, it’s more real than heavily biased,…"
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"Thanks! 😊

I take notes and I’m learning. I’m not a fanatic and go slowly 🚶🏻‍♀️🌲🌲🌲"
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"So adagio moderato on the proteins 🎶

I don’t eat much meat, I find it heavy to digest. But softer meats in a stew or chicken (soup) sounds good to me. Or thinly sliced on a carby sandwich 😉

Dr. Berg eats hamburgers, not the Mac version. I may…"
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