What have YOU been SEEING?

I'll re-write this into a better post.

Hello again everyone!

I write to you today, on a very snowy afternoon (Got 12 inches of snow in one night, woohoo!!! :D)

As of the 23rd, many many people are "Waking up" and "Shaking Loose" the negativity and boogies, along with mother earth herself. So many people are coming online, and beginning to see lots of energy fields and clearing their chakras which allows them to develop the necessary natural traits we have to see and work with energy.

I will tell you the things that All of my friends and I have been seeing:

Large spirit animals, like Dire size. all around,

little garden gnomes that tend to the beautiful tree's we have around here

Archangels and light warriors whisping around doing their duties.

I actually recently saw a "Sasquatch" while we were driving home they are 4th dimensional creatures that garden a large forest. this is the 2nd time we've seen the same one, but unlike the first, I didn't freak out and tell my friend to slam on the gas, haha, they are beautiful furred big bear-men. ripped too, like 4x the size of swarzenegger...hah!

There is so much to see, if you have experiences, Share them Please!!!

Love, Light, and Namaste


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     I can't believe the things I've seen, I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff in the astral and physical.

    The spiritual wolves I see in my dreams are dire wolves..interesting you should mention the dire animals..you see them while awake?

    One day I was driving to work and I had a bobcat/tiger run out in front of me.

    OHH YEAH! This was awesome,..

    I saw a rainbow ship..it had to be one. It looked to be a perfectly round 3 dimensional rainbow that was enormous! Either that or it was some freak sundog. It could've been a sundog, but really I've never seen a sundog that big and solid looking.

    • I very much enjoy seeing all of these things around, yes I see them while awake, it is phenominal, it is not a "Physical" clear outlook, they can appear to whomever as whatever they wish to appear as, but any spirits I've encountered have been straight up and honest, along with my guides to tell me what I am seeing, their history, their purpose, and their intents.

      At night I often find myself seeing 4th dimensional spirits whisp in and out of the road in front of the car, a spirit that takes the form of a fox has whisped in 3mile intervals ahead of the car, and warned us of accidents that might happen if we don't pay attention.

      There is so much GOOD in the world! you just have to release the strain to "Force" seeing them, and just see!

      Love, Light, and namaste

      ~ Anasthun

  • Lets see what have I been seeing in the last while......

    Auras (a few) colors....

    Saw an angelic small type being that looked at me and said telepathically"you are going to need to ask permission"

    seen pictures of things, from frogs clairvoyant image, to whales (sure I was in communication with the whale)...I looked at my nephew and saw a ship in front of him....like a past life....

    people looks sparklie sometimes like not solid......holographic

    also through my third eye sometimes I feel like I am seeing far away places like the other night saw a island....water, coconuts....



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