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I have been pondering the wording of this theory and it unsettles me...

People talk of Ego so harshly. I understand that you mean we just teach the Ego-Self some manners (props to FeatherWinger for that). What confuses me, is the application of this theory into everyday, practical life? I'm sure if I searched deep enough I'd find the answers and that is my goal for the week :)

I'm interested to hear your thoughts though?

Indulge me?



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Returning to the one......from seeing yourself as seperate compartmentalizing, judging....from everything to seeing and feeling and knowing that you are one, united with everything. I was meditating last wed nite and it was the best mediation I have yet to experience. I was comfortable, my foot did not fall asleep, my butt did not hurt...hahahs It felt for a moment that the clouds had parted, and my ego gave way.(or something) Also my ego parted in the sense that I was aware that it is not about me, but us all, and angels and miracles move through other peoples lives as well. yes the ego does get a bad wrap, but it is apart of us and beautiful!!!!
Embrace accept and love....... The ego does not have to be this thing that we demonize, reject within us.......I think that is the key. I was thinking about it last night....changing the thinking and the wording around it. What we resist persists what we reject and deny the bigger it gets bigger while we are unaware. I liked what I read in this book about the ego and how(if I remember correctly) it does not have to change but only how it sees itself. the shifting of the ego to see itself as spirit.....

I've tried being completely egoless...I did stillness meditations, cleared my mind of all thoughts, and just went into a state of pure awareness....and it doesn't work. You can't live life that way. Without an ego, you have no desire to do anything at all. You just want to be, and let things be exactly as they are. You have to go into some level of ego, even to get out of bed, or type on a computer. It doesn't work, the ego exists for a reason.

And from what I understand...and from what I read....we're not supposed to totally get rid of the ego. We're supposed to balance the ego-self, with the soul-self. The egoic mind is a servant, the soul-heart...the master. The egoic mind works with this universe of separation and duality, the heart works with the inner being and soul....and that's the real reality, the outside universe is an illusion. We still need to operate in it though. We still need logic, and the ability to break things apart and analyze them. Or to structure things. We still need an intellect, we still need a mind that works to separate and divide things, and analyze them. As long as you're not stuck in the mind and intellect, and live from your heart and inner being, which works with unity and love, feeling and being.

That's the problem, the mind has become the master, and the heart disconnected. People live in their intellect...and in logic...and facts and figures and's been like that throughout history. We even invented something called "legal language" which is just complete mind. It complicates things unnecessarily. In the heart, everything is simple. The mind likes to divide things so much that it makes everything so complicated. We need to get out of the mind, and start getting into ourselves, our heart and soul, our inner being....and using the mind as the tool, the servant, that it's meant to be.

-headnod- lol <3<3<3

                       ( ( ( Temet Nosce 247 ) ) ) 

“I find that the sensation of myself as an ego inside a bag of skin is really a hallucination.” ~Alan Watts

In Taoist Metaphysics, the focus is on seeing that 'Duality' -THIS versus THAT- is a creation of the mind.

This and that is the natural polarization throughout the universe that creates movement and change.

the Old Master said,

Throughout  the world, Beauty can be seen as 'beauty,' only if there is 'ugliness'

You can only know good is cool because there is bad and its uncool!

So, Having and Not Having arise simultaneously

Difficult and Easy are complimentary

Long and Short are contrasting

High and Low are stacked on one another

Voice and Hearing are harmoniuos

Front and back tango together! : >

and so, the sage goes about his business; Nothin' doin'
teaching others:

"don't be such a drama queen!

The Ten Thousand Things come and go all day long, endlessly

Creating, but claiming no ownership

Working without taking credit

Things are done, and then forgotten

Therefore, the Way it Is lasts forever

I took my ego to the laundry, but then when i went back to pick it up, i found I had lost the ticket and they wouldn't give it back.  So, I had to send my Id into my subconscious to retrieve my ego.  After many strange and weird adventures I managed to rescue my ego and return to "normal" reality.  And, you know, ego wasn't even clean!  It still had stains and flaws and seemed stuck in "duality".  But, in retrospect, it was a lot of fun.

Wow, I want to hear more of these Laundry stories. Details, please, DETAILS!



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