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hello I got kicked off of I dont know why but I am a starseed and someone on there is connected to united well I am trying to understand this but I have no clue why any one would want to banned a true starseed sister that is really wrong. starseeds are there to help and be aid to other lightworkers. what are your take on this?

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Sorry, am not familiar with them but have heard they have strict guidelines.  Please feel welcome here to post :)

Hello friend.....You are welcome here.....many of us are real starseeds and luckily the site owner is one too, so understands us very well...

Maybe that other website you mention is named after starseeds, but is not truly run by one...and another agenda is at work...?? Was a rule broken to cause the ban...??

There are no "Perfect" admins, but I always follow my heart and choose wisely before I make a decision. I am Always humble but I have to make choices to. Its impossible to "please" everyone as you say. So we cant judge whatever caused the ban, because there are so many levels to such a thing. People may Re-Act and do things that they have not really thought over. Instead of acting from a state of "Integrity and calm".

As an "overseer" of this website, which is created from my heart, there are guidelines, just as you were invited to someones home, knowing how to communicate and never judge anyone, because words are very limited. People who argue online, may become best friends if they would meet "in real life".

There is a "REAL" person behind every screenname, and sometimes people cant come along, and they may have to leave, its just how it is, all people do not come along, and its nothing Negative. Its just that we are in constant motion. Some people cannot let go of dramas, and feed it constantly, then I as an Admin may have to Step in and "temporary" remove that person, not to Be EVIL, but simply give that person a "BREAK" and focus on something else, its like a Nice Re-minder. We all Choose what to engage with and some people cannot stop Feeding the same thing over and over again. I had this issue once, and I decided to "ban" this person, due to that, this member became blinded of all the "drama" and couldnt LET GO, and this was effecting everybody else, who did not feel their "calm within", and were dragged into this Drama. As an admin, I dont see things as right and wrong, My choice is Simply A choice from my heart, and I do not have any obligations to explain myself, but I most often share that, because I am Fair and I do care <3

There are people sometimes, that a we can "label" as "internet-trolls", they post alot of irrelevant posts, topics, comments, pictures etc, and they may be "removed", because its not in harmony with the "energy of the community".
This is a part of common net etiquette.  

I know its impossible not to be judged as an admin, but thats a part of the "role". 

In all honesty, there has been very few people who have been so called "banned" on AC.
People have no "idea" about the "Why" when I make choices, and may project all kinds of "Beliefs"
of right and wrong, but its ok, because I can take that. I have a Strong integrity.

I am not here on Earth to Be Nice and please people as you say, i have said this many times, I say it again =)
I will step on peoples "toes" but out of love. People need "cold showers" sometimes to wake up from their "Slumber or Light- Coma". To be a Light-worker or a Light-bearer or whatever we want to label it as, its about Loving integrity and Claiming mastery of Self, Being The CHANGE, be the change you want to see in the world, everything comes from within. Its not about changing others "out there", to Follow a certain path, its more about Re-minding people Simply by you being you. To choose love isnt always easy, because people will "test" you, people will mirror back that "doubt" you have within your-self. Its your job to "transmute" this limited program and Embrace Duality for what it is. Duality is a "mind-game", the heart does not know Duality, it simply sees everything as it IS, without judgement. 

Some people want to have the "last word" or want to have the right Answers, there are no right answers, so
if you know that, you will feel less serious and just share from your heart, it doesnt even matter f someone even listens, because you share because you love to share. True Knowledge is within the heart, which embraces all possibilities, without fear and Trust the Synchronicity of Creation. A master only needs to kNOW what is NOW, the rest is irrelevant.

With these words, if you read this far, Thank You for being you....
And as Always, This is MY POINT OF VIEW.....


................and that's why we love it here, Ben ~!~

give your self a pat on the shoulder, brother......................

All very true, dear friend....thanks for being yourself, Ben...I appreciate you and I know many others do...




We're all in this together :)

I was only on HollowEarthNetwork for 2 months before the admin "banned (me) for life!!!" Yes, three exclamation remarks, because I had posted a pro-Obama article that I'd found on this site. I was already enjoying my new home here much more anyway, so I just let it go, and brought a few people over here with me. :)

Thank you Ben for allowing us to thrash out our ideas on this site without jumping to the conclusion that those who disagree are of the dark. I strongly suspect that there are one or two members here who are of the dark, but so what? Maybe they will be persuaded to return to the light when they see how much love there is here. They can't have any effect on us if we check our egos in at the door. 

Much Love and Gratitude,

Star Flower

Well I think freedom of speech is paramount, and should be respected. Unless it's threatening lol Or there was one time when...somebody, I forget who...made a blog about me and asked everybody what they thought of me, and I really didn't feel comfortable being put in the spotlight like that, so I asked Ben to remove it and he did. And I kind of regret it, because...I believe firmly in freedom of speech, even if I don't like what people say, they have a right to say it.

I think that goes for everyone, and I thank Ben for being real about it and being cool, and letting people just express themselves. I mean there are many times when the site guidelines are broken lol But it's all good....there's so much freedom here, and Ben you're really cool about it, so I thank you for that.

As for other sites...well...I guess some people really feel the need to control what goes on with their site. Here too alot, people delete comments or close their discussion because they don't like what people say or where it's going...and I say, just let it flow. Let people say what they want, let the discussions take their natural course....of course we should make an effort to not trash other peoples blogs lol And keep it on topic...but I think stifling it is much more detrimental than just letting it happen.

The owner of the site is Deluded and has bought into some pretty unwholesome energies and messages. Like some others, she got into that trap by not trusting her Discernment with the information that she was getting.

It leads to Ego-centric behavior and a refusal to accept any other information, even when it makes sense and would ring true to one's Discernment (it seems Especially if the information is true). Which leads to attacks, like getting kicked off somebody's site.

It sounds like a judgement, but its just an assessment of her behavior and choices.


This was the reason why I stopped going over there. I still have a profile there but I don't visit the site anymore.

So you should actually be happy that you're not there. I don't know about the energy here on this site since I havent been here long but it does feel better than

It reminds me of something that did happen to me playing Quake 2 Multiplayer though.

There was this one server called Friends of Xatrix (FOX) that I was invited to come play on. So I did, but I was complaining alot about how none of the maps they were using had the BFG in them (a powerful weapon in the game).

And suddenly I started getting kicked off the server, because the guy who was running it didn't like what I said. But its like so what... alot of people say things on these games that get pissy.

Someone else said I might have shot at the character his wife was playing... but that's sorta the point of the game. If he's upset about his wife's character getting shot at in a game where everyone shoots at everyone (and I don't know what Her character looks like) then maybe he shouldn't have her playing the game.


I would say... sometimes we are subjected to bigotry like that simply because we are High Vibrating people. We get singled out because of it, for no particular reason.

There was also another .ning site that this one lady who was running it got totally Brainwashed by some friend of hers, that told her all this metaphysical stuff was evil and these were the end times.

And she totally went berzerk and started kicking everyone off. Changed the name of the site, deleted the posts. This was back around May 21st last year (so you can imagine, that's when those apocalypse nuts were raving).

Crazy huh?

I lost access to a Channel someone had done about me and my Guardian Angel because of that. Im glad I remembered it, for the most part.

i am not sure why they did what they did but think of it as maybe you where suppose to be on this website instead of that one and so they helped you out by kicking you where not suppose to be there anymore.....lots to learn here....


welcome to ashtar command....



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