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Why are you here? Guidance? To give guidance? To be apart of community? To love or be loved? To gain wisdom? To give wisdom? To observe? To take action? All of these things? I like it because it's wide open.. Open to all things that are right or wrong. Light or dark. Transparent :)

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Many reasons. Mostly to meet with some likeminded, beautiful souls. I know i am AC Groundcrew with every cell of my being and so was delighted when i came across the old, original AC site before it was closed down and BenArion (Alex) set up this replacement site.

I'm keen to share what i beleive to be important news and thereby hopefully helping facilitate change for the better for the planet and its people.

I'm ready to help facilitate change for the betterment of this planet and its people!
THANKS for your posts!
Brenda in N. Central Idaho Mountains
I Love AC, because, I feel perfectly free to be who I am, which I am determined to be. I've decided to Love and accept myself exactly as I am here and now, for I feel that without criticism and condemnation of oneself is how the most growth is gained.

AC is such a mixed bag, and is so stimulating to my personal growth, just reading the various opinions, experiences, questions and answers of others. Basically, I am here to share what is in my Heart with those who are open to it.

I would like to praise Ben for the wonderful job he does here of being so very understanding and tolerant in his monitoring of this site. While there may be others that have been banned, in my experiencing here, I only know of 2 people who have been banned.

This site to me is very creative and inspirational, and while I don't have as much time as I would like to post, I check several times a day, and, to sum it up, it's a very rewarding experience and a great way to connect with others who are CONSCIOUSLY on the Spiritual path.

Thank you, John, for starting this thread. I expect to see many comments on this.
I love AC because the people here challenge my way of thinking and offer me new ways of looking at things.

Although I often feel that I am not welcome here, that I'm just not the right 'type' of person I try hard to curb my flight response and stay to learn new things.

Ditto to what others have said - mainly connecting with likeminded people who are interested in similar things and open minded and searching for answers. I am curious by nature and have been on a major learning curve these last 6 months or so. The other people in my life are occupied by making a living, caring for family etc, and don't have the time, energy or inclination to think too deeply about life. So I am very grateful to have this community to share the journey with, and I have learned heaps through others' posts and contributions. I also feel better knowing that it's not just me that wonders about and thinks these things!!! I also love the international flavour and the diversity of views and ways of looking at things. Long may it continue!

im not fully sure as to why i am here to be honest but for the meantime i do have some reasons, furthur reasons for my being here may be discovered over the corse that im here. i am here now at this time is to be apart of a community i guess, a community of understanding where a being can share their belifs and get things off their chest without being put down or not listened too. though this reason wasent mainfested in me it eventually became gradual over time as well as most of the other reasons im here. i also here to gain wisdom from this site. wisdom about love, (others and myself), diffrent brothers and sisters and various star races out there. also the workings of the universe. the mechanics of it as it were. how the process of love creates and how the various higher dimensional beings keep the universe ticking and how spiritual ether can be transformed into physical matter as what happened in the creation of the physical plane:) plus more im just intrested in this stuff dunno why. i like to try and help people aswell and try to guide them and if they want love ill give them love also by being friends and listening to them( friendship is form of love) and giving them big hugs :D lol. but if im upset about something i can get snappy easily( im very emotional). so anyone who has been on the recieving end of my moods im sorry for this. i try to give wisdom and guidence too. me too i like this place because its wide open :D i love the work that ben airon is doing here and also all of you who have contributed in any way to this site or for benifit of others in anyway on this site and in community im one of those who thanks and hugs you all :) i love the colours of site too and various pictures and messages that are shown here.

so these are most of my reasons for being here, as i said other reasons may manifest over time but for now these are reasons.

thank you for setting up this discussion and thank you for reading.

robert gordon
all this is beautyful that i meet here is like traveling thru the world love harmony peace n light to all

I'm here to observe the discussion on this network with a subjective view (so I won't engage in many dialogue with others). I'm here to learn about others perception of extraterrestrial and spirituality, and I'm here to find others of like mind.
get to learn how to transgrest in to been a higher being
I feel like you're part of my family after having spent so many hours on your wonderful website!! T
hank you ... thank you!!
However, this show us that are people who care about these subjects of truth and reality (truth is very important in our troubled times), I believe we now have this new way of thinking..
Intuitive understanding of the wave structure of matter and Unity of reality.
The most important thing for me is to keep reading as many great minds as possible and keep thinking!
Again Thanks! Y
every day I open this page, charging me, I feel happy to see that
All is not lost, as I thought.
See that in this cruel world, there is spirituality ..
There are people who love the truth, light, love, harmony.
Since I know this new world, they are joyful, enjoy life every day
Thank you Thank you so much!
Namasté thankyou for your reply i send you love and best wishes. for the on comming times. I wish we lived in a more happy place.



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