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Why are you here? Guidance? To give guidance? To be apart of community? To love or be loved? To gain wisdom? To give wisdom? To observe? To take action? All of these things? I like it because it's wide open.. Open to all things that are right or wrong. Light or dark. Transparent :)

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I feel drawn here, still not sure of the precise reason... But it feels right, and I'm thankful for the opportunity.
I enjoy Ashtar Command very much. To learn and understand what others are going through and to share our experiences with others without any fear of being 'judged'....and I can feel that others know that they aren't being judged.

I'm not afraid of being judged...that's who I am. I'm 'nudged' to share my opinion and views about life's experiences with others who're from all walks of life...and that is good. We learn to accept others for who they are. Opening ourselves to help others is the doorway to being 'One' with our higher selves/God/Universe. Thanks to Ben for opening out to us. God bless all of us and this website, Amen.
I like ashtar command beacuse it is a place where like people can share their thoughts and feelings with like minded people,where they can give and share knowledge with newbies and widen their scope even further.It is a place of gathering,where peace seekers yearn to unite humanity in the greatest event in the history of our solar system.And all thanks to our brother Alex(Ben-Arion) who has so kindly given his time to making this site a comfortable sanctuary for freethinkers and alien fanatics alike.He has united us in a way nobody can.I wish to thank him for this.And all of you,my brothers and sisters,for making this site what it is today.I hope to see you all in the 4th dimension with our ancestors.When the gates open,our souls will soar high,and we will awaken once more in the new light of unity,love and peace.Namaste.

Man,I love wrighting this sort of stuff. :D
Why ? Well you`ll never know what you`ll learn on here.Awareness to me is the key to be free.Problem is I`m feelin` more and more fustrated by the day ,like a bird in a cage.
been here for a long time and i check in sorry if i get all worked up sometimes but i deeply get hurt when i see my fellow brothers fall for traps and obvious lies...i only seek the truth and welfare of mankind...but i know a world revolution needs to take place...
"Guidance... To give guidance... To be apart of community... To love or be loved... To gain wisdom... To give wisdom... To observe... To take action..."
Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean: the Coming of Nibiru
I am here primarily, to connect with likeminded ones. I am also here to give and receive the many levels of Love energies. I am here to share my gifts of teaching, learning and evolving and the site is very well put together and Ben is an excellent leader.
To have a little help in figuring this all out
That is an very good question! I like the opennes and the fact that I can watch what is going on in the conciousness of others.
Soon this will be important!



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