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"The Airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood"
One of the most interesting and intriguing extraterrestrial groups of them all is that of Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command.

Commander Ashtar is the man who is in charge of the Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood, or Brotherhood of Light. Commander Ashtar and His vast extraterrestrial army of workers of over twenty million, work closely and in conjunction with the Ascended Masters.

Besides the twenty million personnel under His command in our solar system, of which He is in charge, there are another four million members and workers on the physical plane. Commander Ashtar, Himself, is a great and noble being approximately seven feet in height with blue eyes.

His body type is that of the Adam Kadmon which means it is similar to ours of Earth. He evolved from the planet Ashtar, in His development as a soul. Although Commander Ashtar is in charge of the space fleet in our solar system, He is not restricted to this sector of space in terms of His service.

He represents our solar system in the council meetings of our galaxy, and universes throughout the greater omniuniverse. One of the important things to understand about Commander Ashtar and His army of workers, and fleet of extraterrestrial aircraft, is that they are etheric in nature. They do not have physical bodies like we do, however they are able to manifest physical bodies, and manifest their aircraft onto the physical plane anytime they want.

A person seeing them would not think of them any differently than you or I. Most of the life on the other planets in our solar system is etheric in nature. Sometimes for this reason these beings have been called etherians. They would not be considered disincarnate beings for they do have bodies.

They are in a state of evolution just as we are, and their life on their plane is not that much different than ours, except that they have transcended much of the lower self and astral desire that the people of Earth struggle with so frequently. Commander Ashtar also works closely with the Angelic Kingdom, most specifically with Archangel Michael.

Commander Ashtar is an extremely loving and gentle man but stern and adamant in His mission to serve, educate and protect humankind throughout the solar system.

Commander Ashtar and His crew do not wish to be seen as Gods, but rather as comrades and equals with us on paths of ascension and beyond. Two of his main missions are to spiritually educate mankind to their true mission for being here, and secondly to defend and protect the Earth and the solar system from hostile and selfish extraterrestrial groups.

People have no idea of the gratitude that is entitled to Him and His tireless crew and workers

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sorta like the flower of life ,sweet ,thank you rune

Yes the ashtar galactic command are watching

(and ignoring the hate threads) lol

Love from crew <3 !

 funny though i posted this in hopes that i would get dog piled from those who turn things sower ,oh well, i need to sing off for a bit to do 3D work ,back in about an hour or two ,i love my job.

lol watch out Obi, i smell em coming! haha <3

A good job, Obi......!!  Thanks for posting this, my friend...!!  ;-)

oh shuks Drekx , i love you brother

absolutely ,love is the force that holds the vibration that keeps it all together

awesome  Ivy Ivy

thank you very much Andy love and light the best two keys ever

you would not join a model air plain club if you do not like model air plains would you

some things in life make no sense,

like why does marmite have to smell? you either love it or hate it... either way marmite haterz dont join marmite organisations lol




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