What Ascension Might Take Away

Hey, guys.  As much as I look forward to Ascension, there are things that I'm kind of sad about.  There are some things that we will not be able/allowed to do in the 5th Dimension and things we can't have anymore.  Here's a list:

- Novels that have violence (this is one of the things that makes books exciting).
- Video games.
- Movies with violence and conflict (again, this makes movies exciting).
- Music about but not promoting hate, conflict, anger, and sorrow (this can make music interesting to some people and move them, too).
- Team sports (well, competition going would be nice but some people will still want to watch football after Ascension).

All this stuff could be gone and never brought to mind again.  The novels and movies are what I really like and I don't know how I could stand them being all happy all the time.

Is this what has to happen or will there be a pact that we can do these things as long as we don't actually hurt someone?  I hope the Galactic Federation of Light will allow us to do that.

P.S.: There is also a book that a friend of mine is nearly finished revising; I REALLY REALLY want to read it! But, he still has to look for a publisher and that may take a few years, which is too long considering that 2012 is almost two years away.  Yes, it has violence.  If we do ascend to the fifth dimension via the Galactic Federation of Light, his book will already be forbidden to read and my four years of waiting will be for nothing.

He doesn't even want to give me a copy of the manuscript because he thinks it will ruin the surprises.

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  • This shit is an illusion. let go of your materialistic ass ways and think outside of the box.
  • I don't think this is how we should look at it.. furthermore, I don't think 'Ascension' will necessarily happen that day in 2012.. we have to look at it realistically.. we and the world still have work to do before all that can happen anyway, but it will happen in its own time and in its own way.. 



  • Hello there.... In the process of Ascension, you will be tuned to ignore all that you are passionate about. So, do not worry.. If you like the games and stuff now, once you get onto the path of Ascension, you will not have any more passions except Spirituality. I bet on this, coz I am going through the same.

  • Bump.
  • I dont really care about the violence, video games or even sports, but I do care about my music which is Metal, and Hard Rock with bands like AC/DC, KISS, Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Nickelback! :(
  • Hi, Im glad that you did that! If everyone thought like this the world would change very quickly.
  • I have to say I agree with you here Spirit Growth. You will just not care about 3D media entertainment anymore.
    You will be living in your own movie!
  • Its not a question of mankind being ready or not, it is mankinds right and requirement to know.
    I hope you will be here in time for ascention, trust me it will be worth the wait! Only another two years.
    • I don't think anyone is ever quite ready for big changes, no matter how much they may be wanted or forced. We just have to take things as they come and transmute things into positivity when we can...
  • I am with you and agree Star.....I personally do not want to remember 3D, it has been one rocky ride for me. I would just as soon forget, lol. 5D does sound so good to me.
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