A journey 333 feet below the Earth's surface, within caves millions of years old, leads to one of the most popular music venues in the United States.

Cumberland Caverns Live in McMinnville, Tennessee, has hosted a wide variety of musicians from across the world for 55 years.

Artists perform in the world famous Volcano Room, which is gaining even more popularity due to its the near-perfect acoustics and beautiful setting.

Long cavernous hallways of stalactites and stalagmites lead 600 guests to the open amphitheater, formed with large stone walls that bounce sound waves in just the right way to generate near perfect surround sound.

"I think it's one of the most fascinating, beautiful venues there is for a concert," said Cumberland Caverns general manager Travis Young. "Every artist who plays Cumberland Caverns Live is in awe. The cave is incredibly unique, the acoustics are impeccable, and the lighting is truly amazing."

The uneven surfaces scatter the sound in a way that eliminates echo. Though the high humidity makes tuning slightly harder, guests and artists can't beat the constant, cool temperature that exists year round.

Throw in some neon lights and a massive chandelier, and you have one of the most unique venues for concert and caving enthusiasts to enjoy.

People walk through caves to get to the music venue.Endless hours of caving lie ahead for those who visit Cumberland Caverns. (Photo: Travis Young)

Cumberland Caverns is one of the most extensive caves in America. Currently, there are more than 32 miles that can be explored.

Thousands of guests visit the caves each year to see the historic mines, underground waterfalls and gleaming pools along the rocky underground routes.

The Volcano Room used to exist as a local place for church groups or Boy Scouts to meet. Starting in 2008, a monthly music event called Bluegrass Underground brought consistent tunes to the caves and aired on PBS. Now, concerts are held year-round, featuring all genres of music.

This Memorial Day, the venue is preparing for a Southern Rock weekend with The Allman Betts Band and The Outlaws.

It has some of the best acoustics for a live performance space.A peak at the intimate performance space at Cumberland Caverns Live. (Photo: Steve Branin)