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Listen to this crap!!!

Jay-Z’s bling from ‘whites are devils’ group

Black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world.

These are just some of the ­beliefs behind the bling — the gaudy Five Percent Nation ­medallions worn by Jay Z and Carmelo Anthony.

Last week, all eyes at the Barclays Center weren’t on Jay Z’s better half, Beyoncé — but on the coaster-size golden pendant swinging from the rapper’s neck as the couple sat courtside. Asked once if the group’s symbol — an eight-point star with the number 7 in the middle — held any meaning to him, the rapper shrugged, “A little bit.”

So what exactly do Five Percenters believe?

“The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” says Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of two books on the radical group.
“Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.”

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Yeah Pet, whether those clinging to the old paradigm are ready; or not... the Circle is growing!

Humanity stands on the cusp of a 'Return to Our Belonging'... & guess what PR?

Everyone is invited! 

There's nothing to fear but... ;-)  *OneLoveRevolution2014*


Exactly, Stick, a change is coming whether PR wants to be a part of or not and it's going to happen so he might as well join in.

are only points of view, one can say so, and otherwise it is always the same,
the good and bad everywhere and anywhere, we're always getting "hacked"

Many of the people posting in this thread seem more focused on the poster than on the subject. A nazi like attitude is wrong no matter what.

Real mature.

I will explain: I am a poor Italian who knows and speaks English for me to understand use the images because many times the automatic translator writes words not mine .... maybe I exaggerated for this I apologize and understanding- Italian greetings thanks bye ... ....


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