Last night i had a cone lol. I was feeling like i was continuously waking up, after i said something to somebody, i felt like i just woke from a dream, my reality was flickering around me, i was so sensitive to everything around me. 
I was getting visions of reptilians and the all seeing eye. It was like i was able to ascend if i wanted to, i felt like i was in control of everything. I had smoked so much last year, but this time, i felt more stoned and powerful then ever before. I cant even describe it. People post your thoughts please. 

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  • I've been smoking for years and recently decided i cant do it anymore. My body's just laughing at me, it seems, telling me "NO STUPID!" It used to slow me down and unplug me from the matrix, allowing me to fully process whatever i wanted to around me. This was a beautiful thing...yet, it was getting harder and harder to reach that state, sober because i kept needing to abuse a plant(i say that because i truly don't believe pot plants' life aspirations were to grow up and get smoked, eaten perhaps, sure...but smoking it is killing it first) That's not really my point anyway. When I was 12, sure pot helped me wake up, now it's keeping me from myself. It formed an ongoing battle between my conscious and my subconscious mind, and I'm starting to see that the easiest way to win this battle is to deny it the fight, and move past it already. If you've been clean for 9months, don't give up now. Not for any typical reasons, but because all it does for me, is open a proverbial window into enlightment...which is fascinating..truly, but i i think it's about time i relied on my own power and forged an actual doorway into this state of mind. I don't want to get high and take a trip to the outskirts of my mind. I don't want to subdue my ability to process what troubles me. I want make right with all i am, and meditate on my time, not pot's time. The time for the physical addictions have come and past, they only slow us down now. Oh, this is coming from someone who really, really likes pot...don't get me wrong. Just time, I took the wheel of my mind, instead of sitting in the passenger seat while pot lazes about my mind, aimlessly.

    ~With Love

  • no, no, that was perfect. lol. I can only follow you because I already have the same understanding. it's just that the whole density vs dimension terminology gets completely confused on internet boards.

  • 4th dimension 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5th dimension 1 lower astral 9 higher astral

  • it is clear this does not serve your higher being. [no pun intended]. if you are dreaming of draconians [reptilians] it is evident they are trying to influence you. not a good thing. they do not have your best interest at heart. be done with it its no big deal. love and light to you brother. namaste

    • maybe it does?, i manifested it there is a lesson there to be learnt. :P. btw everytime i am in thev 4th density they aere there or should i say the same one, i have conversations he remembers past things i said, maybe its attatched to my energy field succubi? lol

  • I bet all of you pot heads are against tobacco use-I'll admit I smoked some dope as a kid and it heightened my senses and all the rest but it made me panicky-meditation does it for me, developing the third eye was a chore but now I don't touch alcohol either-it only cuts off oxygen to the brain-

  • Dawn wouldn't that be the lower 4th dimension or the lower astral - same thing, different terminology.

    Isn't 4th density/5th dimension, a completely different thing altogether?

  • Lol dude are you high right now?

    Let me see if I can understand that last sentence: Done every drug in the book...all preliminary...nothing really started until I forced myself to face myself??

  • totally disagre, that wasnt my experience, you didnt have my experience. All of this is out of context lol

  • weed makes me that relaxed in guided meditations they become so much mopre potent and amazing

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