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At the moment the word butchers is used but as they become more evolved the word butcher will not be used anymore ...and later even meat free will not be used as this whole planet will go meat free 


Alcohol Free Pub @

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  • cool!

  • Kool Krishna!

  • India should be the first country to totally ban meat considering its has so many holy temples and sites's the duty of thr PM of India to ban meat completely from India ..including alcohol and must lead a highly tuned spiritual life following the sayings of great spiritual masters ..this is the way to minimise Karma and help ascension of planet earth mother earth 

    • Change happens naturally over time. A response that is not a behaviour imposed by an organization or government

      It is the people themselves who must choose, instead of removing the choice. Otherwise, there would be no real change, no matter how damaging their preferences may be.

      The universe allows everything, including restricting others freedoms. But change can't be forced.

  • LOL I just clicked on the link and they are making vegan foods but they are still making them names associated with meat - vege ribs & vege hotdogs, it's still meat term orientated..WTF

    • It's a start the beginning stages meat free butchers is being used but as all the meat butchers start closing their joints the word butchers will be phased out ..butchers really is a deadly word, a bloody word but has been used for a very long time so considering the inhabitants of Planet Earth it will take more time to phase it out 

  • If they are meat free then they cant call themselves butchers..the term butcher is a person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop,they slaughter or cut up (an animal) for food...No meat no butcher..start from scratch or the way you wish to continue,delete the word totally from day one:)

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