We Can Manifest Our Reality

Hi folks, since another thread decided to stop all replies that I thought were brilliant and inspiring, here is another thread you can continue to share freely within.

I have manifested so many things that I am aware of, I cannot even keep track of anymore.

Lately, I am experimenting with weather manipulation, to create balanced and natural weather energy patterns and guess what, the weather has been beautiful, though i still allow for the rain of course, as that is natural and so is lightning, though the rain is calm and steady, like it used to be when i was younger and the winds are much calmer and steady.

Also, relationships with others, i have improved by calling for only loving energies to be shared and guess what, those people that do not want to be loving, do not speak to me or associate with me until they wish to be loving, which is fine by me.

Many more examples i could give, though that's a good start.

Share freely as you wish.

peace love light

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  • Good effort hun I'm proud of you! More of us need to do this, even just that one positive manifestation makes all the difference to the energy grid and it makes life such a lovely place to live. Cabal nasties can't touch you when you love the world around you!! I will follow your example and continue to manifest Love and Light around myself and others, its good to know there are many of us out there capable of doing so (the rest will realise soon enough that we aren't special, we are all capable of manifesting beautiful energy) :D <3

  • i love manifesting stuff; the whole process is so exciting for me... and so fun fun fun! lol

    i think thats the best part about being in service (alive)... the manifestations can be incredibly awesome if the focus of energy and the perfect alignment is reached!

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