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Enormous 2000 mile long and 2000 mile wide Motherships glowing and blinking in lights just hanging there in the sky right above our heads... man.. 14 feet tall blue people mingling with us... smaller ones up to our waste level... Galactic languages... bizzar food LOL... incredible technologies... rides in space ships to other planets... drinking ET beverages in the star wars bar on these Motherships...sleeping on these Motherships.. dreaming in our sleep on these Motherships... visiting other worlds, sisters and brothers we are gonna be stunned ! Make no mistake .. its gonna blow our minds into the deepest dimensions imaginable !

We are going to be stunned when all of this happens.. and apparently its gonna happen EXTREMELY soon !
We are gonna be mind blown... lets face it... I have been thinking about this for ages and as I see it... we are gonna be STUNNED !

No matter how you look at it now.. all of the UFO sightings up until now are just tiny blinking lights in the sky but what we are about to see happening is literally undescribable, it will blow our f****** minds ! Close encounters of the third kind is on our dooestep and anyone who shrugs it off can kiss my Extra Terrestrial ass because we are gonna be in awe, it will render us speechless at least for a few moments.. jaws will drop.. mouths will be left gaping wide open.. peoples eyes will bulge... and that folks... is a fact. As a side note, apparently a sacret ''weed'' can be consumed on those ships (I have heard) .. its called Galatic oil ! .. in which case, I cant wait to light up on a Mothership :)

Decloaking, as I see it many people will be in shock when it happens but the shock will fade away and excitement will set in and we will be forever changed.. our Love for one another is magnetising it into physical manifestation and its about to happen... the party to blow away all parties is about to begin and we are in for one heck of a Spiritual expierence... and before anyone says it -  I know it already happened !

That is how I see it. How do you see it? Perhaps its different for you. either way, see ya on a Mothership hopefully. We will not be able to contain our Joy and we will laugh uncontrollably - it will blow us away !

Holy [email protected]%k !



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Another thing I want to mention is, this indeed will be the biggest thing to happen to humanity. And while, like you, I am excited at the..novelty I guess you can say, of it lol and all the different prospects that will be open to us; I don't think it will be party time per se, but more than anything, it will be a time to get to work! That is how I feel at least.

I tend to think very little of what this event will offer me, personally. I think much more, and have my heart set on, using this event to help teach people the truth, and help restore our planet into the condition it is supposed to be in. For most of us, it will be a time when our real work will begin, and we will be able to fulfill the missions we came here to do. I so look forward to using the prosperity we will receive to set up programs that will help teach people and help them overcome their limitations and fears, set up clean-up programs for our environment and begin restoration projects, set up programs to help abused and neglected animals, something very close to my heart. I look forward to finally being able to be of great service in the upliftment and restoration of our planet, and my fellow man!

I guess this is just my mission, it is why I am here. This is what is important to me. Party time will come AFTER we clean up the mess we've made on our planet, and do our work helping our fellow man take that next step in awareness and spiritual growth. This is what it's all about. And I'm happy that we will have the help of our galactic friends, and with their technology, we can clean up our mess in record time, and they will help us provide all the evidence we need to teach people the truth about history, science, spirituality, and every subject of importance.

Thank you :) It's going to be a great time for all of us, and a great relief. It will also be a time of great work, because great changes need to be made before we can fully commence with the Golden Era. But it will happen, and I believe it will happen relatively quickly. Then, the celebrations can begin!

So, for me, it will be a time of teaching, a time of clean up, a time of being of service. Once this is done, and once our planet is restored and our fellow humans are taken care of and are firmly on the spiritual path,  then the fun and games can begin! We can then enjoy our new paradise and our new Golden Era on Earth, and have the time to enjoy our pass times, pursue our passions, and develop our talents.

Like for me, I love to sing and dance and I hope to be able to take that to a very high level. I also love going on adventures and exploring forests and wilderness and rugged terrain. We will all be able to live our dreams and follow our pleasures, and this prospect is indeed exciting! It will be a great time...once we get our work done, and for me, the work is most important! It is my great passion. My greatest desire, above all else, is to be of service, in the greatest way I possibly can. Forget riding on motherships, I want to be of real service and leave this period knowing I did a great job assisting the cause of upliftment and Ascension! That would fulfill me like nothing else would.

So don't forget this, fellow light workers, when thinking about first contact and Ascension. Don't forget about the work we have to do, and what this cause is all about. After the job is done, then it will be time for celebrations! That's all I have to say, thank you very much!


John .. thats great.. yes.. you are right brother.. its about Love, service to others.. Love of ALL .. yeah we have a job cleaning up alright... yet I'm not going to forget about riding on a Mothership.. thats just my own Imaginings.. looking forward to it too :)
Well sure, absolutely Luke. The Golden Era will see the fulfillment of all our dreams. If you have dreams of riding on motherships exploring the universe, it will be yours! It's going to be great time as we all come together and celebrate our freedom from bondage. But again, the partying will be paired with great work, because when we are free, we will have work to do to move our civilization into a galactic society. Only our "work" will be something we will enjoy, for example, some might enjoy the process of building our own spacecraft and motherships, and they will have that opportunity. Some might enjoy being ambassadors for humanity to the Federation, and they will do that. Some interested in scientific study will be able to do that, others in music and dance will do that, all options will be open to us! It will surely be a time of great love and joy!
Love all, serve all.
And who told u this???

"and apparently its gonna happen EXTREMELY soon !"

Just curious cause when is soon, is there a date or some sort of serious non adjusting time frame?

Freebz ... ok you are right.. maybe its wishfull thinking on my part.. but I have every right to wish it is soon.. looking at the world as it is these days..

No one told me this.. as you asked... sometimesd we can all get carried away in our postings.. but I aggree with you and in hindsight, when is soon? good question.. I guess its when we all Love each other without conditions.. I'll be more cautious I guess whenever I read anything like its going to be soon..

I guess I've just been hearing that its soon like everone else.. Extremely soon I dont know.. so I take that coment back.. dont wish to confuse anyone.. :)


ok luke thnx i understand i wasnt trying to be rude or skeptical or anything just frustrated with all the channelers and people making predictions and givin dates and what not. would like benevolent contact more than anyone cause i think we need it and would like a huge change in our life that it would bring hopefully for the better. So in conclusion just responded like that hopening u may have heard something tangible.
Thanks freebz.. I wish I had something tangible.. I guess I'm hoping like everyone else.. but I feel so into it.. theres been much discussions about UFOs and about Heaven on Earth for years but as I see it, we are dealing with something very very big here.. its Multi dimensional and holographic and for me, very real... some people forget that we are on a planet floating in space just like any other star.. and what I find funny is how people speculate as to whether there are ETs in the Universe.. because as they awaken, they can see an Extra Terrestrial in the mirror... its a Joy to observe :)
I am frustrated as well. I have followed many messages like this for three years...
Thanks Pamela and James :) .. I feel its going to be amazing ! :)



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