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Watch Joe Biden creep out a whole new class of Senators-Compulsive Disorder 'Toucherism'? Where's The #MeToo Gang?

he must get an ego thrill and a weird s** thrill;

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"Close talker" - lol!  Creepy Uncle Joe, who the hell would vote for him?

democrats and the media are already making excuses for him-dozens of vids of him groping women and children

So true, and the excuses are very very lame and weak.  

I totally agree!  He creeps me out just watching him.  If had groped me or kissed my hair, I would have full out decked him even when he was vice president.  Some people just say he is a friendly man, I say that he crosses the line into creepyhood...Nobody touches me without permission, that is just me.

Marique-'Toucherism' related to Frotteurism

Frotteurism is a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one's pelvic area  against a non-consenting person for sexual pleasure. It may involve touching any part of the body, including the genital area.

~Yeah, Marique... ole 'creepy uncle Joe' is a scary fella (too funny). Just to be clear, if you would have decked him for what he's accused of, it is you who would have been arrested. On that note (will be fun to see how deep the hypocrisy runs on this low grade post), you must feel Donald Trump should be thrown in solitary on Rikers for his endless list of beyond creepy behavior with women... right? You know Trump loves to "move on them like a bit#h" & "grab em by the pu#sy" without permission... I imagine you would have done more than decked Trumplethinskin in that case...

yep, Trump has a creepy way about him with women too.   I only care about the country and how well we do.  I think as a candidate that Joe Biden does not offer anything significant to make this country better so I dislike him, but still think he is creepy too...I don't vote for people due to their rumors, I vote for people who I think can make the country better, and I think Trump is doing a great job and is managing to not grope women since in office, lol...Biden, on the other hand, cannot seem to help himself. Trump's male bragging and locker talk does not mean jack crap to me...I did not vote for a saintly minister, I voted for a man with balls that loves this country.

Spoken like a true Trump devotee, Mariique.... even parroting terms like 'locker room talk' & buying into the absurd notion that a draft dodging con artist with malignant-egophrenia (ME disease) is a 'man with balls that loves this country'??? Thanks for the laughs... I needed that. I would suggest to stop feeding at the trough that is FOX Inc with the rest of the sheeple & widening the scope of your limited viewfinder. Politrixters have little to do with what makes this country great. ~Carpe Diem! ;-)

Carpe Diem to you too...Sounds like you have drank the Dem. coolaid and have Trump Derangement Syndrome big time...I do not waste my time talking to liberals and people who are brainwashed by the left.  Goodbye.  Since the left are pros at ad hominem attacks, I will let you have your fun.  You don't intimidate me and I could care less what is in your viewfinder.

oohh yeah, at least republican orange idiot goons are normal................thank goodness we have normal country some idiots desire............anyways..............................



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