9.8 – THE MYSTERIOUS NINE (7.8.16)


Ossining, New York. 1958. After his initial contact with the Nine, Dr. Andrija Puharich creates the Round Table Foundation at his private estate. Various psychics and mediums are invited to channel the self-proclaimed Egyptian deities for a group of influential observers.


“Puharich just simply carried on investigating psychic abilities. His idea almost certainly from the beginning, was to hook big names, movers and shakers, writers, people who could ensure that the message of the Nine reached the top layer of society, but who could be trusted with a big secret.”

– Lynn Picknett (Author, The Stargate Conspiracy)


“Among the participants in these meetings were Warren McCulloch, who was an early pioneer in cybernetics. Another was John J. Hammond, who was considered to be the student of Nikola Tesla. Henry A. Wallace, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Secretary of Agriculture and third term VP, was also a participant in these meetings. Ultimately, they appeared to be deeply interested in how the human mind can connect with the extraterrestrial mind.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)


One observer of the Round Table Foundation, according to his writing assistant Jon Povill, was future Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Povill claims Roddenberry actively participated in the sessions, and that parts of the Star Trek television series may not be Roddenberry’s work at all, but directly inspired by the Mysterious Nine.


“Of all of the famous guests, Gene Roddenberry was one of the most gifted, and was a part of our team, taking notes and scoring information that he felt would eventually be used worldwide. What is exciting is some of what Gene saw there in our work together was produced in some of the episodes of Star Trek.”

– James Hurtak, Ph.D.
(Social Scientist & Colleague of Dr. Andrija Puharich)


“Gene Roddenberry sat in and could ask questions of the psychics who were communicating with the Council of Nine. And I think this is where you get various ideas such as teleportation, warp drive.”

– Michael Salla, Ph.D. (Author, Exopolitics:
Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence)


“In Star Trek they have the Federation, and the Federation is responsible for governing planets all throughout the Universe. That’s very possible that it’s happening here, that there’s a group that oversees planet Earth, this higher power within the Universe that is monitoring things on Earth.”

– George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)


“I don’t think there’s any doubt about the federation being real. This is something that I’ve heard since I first became interested in the subject of ufology. And I’ve talked to hundreds of people who have had contacts, direct or indirect, with various individuals from one or more of the planets that are members of the federation.”

– Hon. Paul Hellyer

(Canadian Minister of National Defense, (1963-1967)


Set in the future, Star Trek chronicled a peaceful scientific mission. Among the futuristic concepts revealed in the series, is the Federation’s Prime Directive – their guiding principle that prohibits them from interfering with the development of a still evolving civilization. Researchers studying the Mysterious Nine have concluded that they may function in much the same way.


“Roddenberry heard about the Prime Directive from these sessions. Now, what is the Prime Directive? It’s the idea that an extraterrestrial race should not just show up and announce its identity to a fledging planet that has not yet achieved interstellar travel. An extraterrestrial group is not going to make themselves openly known until that society is ready for it, meaning until their development has naturally steered them in favor of the idea of extraterrestrial life, so it wouldn’t come as a great surprise, and it wouldn’t overly disrupt their existing social and political order.”

– David Wilcock (Author/Filmmaker),
(Author, The Source Field Investigations),
(The Synchronicity Key)


“If we are being monitored by extraterrestrials, it seems to be that one reason why they don’t openly land on the White House lawn is something very much like the Prime Directive.”

– Nick Pope (British Ministry of Defense, 1985-2006),
(Author, Open Skies, Closed Minds)


“I think the Prime Directive is that they are not to interfere with us, that we were given the power of choice, and so that they have to let us exercise that choice which the creator gave us, even though we often choose very badly, make the wrong decisions. That is our legacy. We’re allowed to do that.”

– Hon. Paul Hellyer

(Canadian Minister of National Defense, (1963-1967)


“Is it possible that the Nine extraterrestrial overlords don’t want to directly interfere in our society, but to guide us from behind the scenes? You have to wonder if there’s not some truth to the science fiction. Television and movies and books, are a way of preparing people of the Earth for what’s coming.”

– David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)


Might there actually be some galactic truths found within the Star Trek series, truths that were shared with Gene Roddenberry through the sessions with the Mysterious Nine? And if so, was this in an effort to assist humanity and guide us to a more peaceful future? Or is there another aim altogether…perhaps one that prevents us from becoming a threat?



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                  • He did create some karma for himself by doing this.. However, most of us starseeds here were also renegades back in Atlantis so I can totally relate, and if I meet him one day I’ll tell him that although he went against the GFL protocol.. I admired his message lol!
                    • Yes he might be surprised when he sees all these responses lol.
                    • Agarther has much to see when he returns to his blog!..lol
                    • That's good as long as they are being watched over all is well.
                    • I would like to assist Sheldan and also Billy, but the Medical Team are restricted from intervening directly until first contact.. However the Arcturian’s are monitoring and energising them both on the etheric level..
                    • Billy much like Sheldan is a hero in my eyes. A great man who's been through a lot and is still going strong :)
                    • Billy works very hard and in a recent contact report, with Ptaah, he said that he's been "working from an adolescent age.." Ptaah was trying to get him to slow down a bit...
                    • That's good. I was watching a old documentary with him from the 80s I believe. I'm almost finished with it and gonna post it on this site as soon as I'm finished watching it.
                    • I believe that Billy is keeping well..
                    • Yeah people are gonna be confused when they see this conversation cause the responses are all over the place lol :P
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