Best option cook your own food and eat straightaway or maximum within 3hrs (According to AYURVEDA)

If you are going out to eat in Restaurants, caffès , food serving places make sure you are served FRESH FOOD and good to eat straightaway however food that has been at the hot counter maximum eat within three hours or it looses its nutritions and its taste ..this is recommended in AYURVEDA. Make sure you only go to eat at places where food is cooked fresh daily.

There is an increase of restaurants serving old food and mostly Indian heck ...putting fresh corrionder on top to make it look fresh 

 Also if you do go to any places of worship that serve food make sure it's fresh cooked food and best to eat straightaway or within 3 hours counter life ..any more time you will end up eating food that has lost its nutrients and its taste 

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  • KK said:

    "You will find it’s mostly meat eaters who are violent people and who mainly use abusive language as what goes in comes out ..they are also the ones who make the most mess leaving take away boxes all over the place like in public transport , roadsides etc …they need to evolve …SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT."

    Drekx response:

    So you made a study of those discarded junk food boxes...?? (Glad I don't live in your run-down urban neighbourhood,) Take away food is NEVER PURCHASED by myself......But I do enjoy quality grass-fed beef and steaks....Never eat junk food, such as those appalling and famous brands. Never eat Indian or Chinese takeaways....
    I enjoy beef, ham, bacon, steak, eggs, fish (wild caught salmon, or sardines,) cheeses (mainly French,) grass fed butter and I will eat these foods with an absolute abundance of vegetables....

    So, unless you know the facts, conflating my omnivorous lifestyle, with those who discard junk food boxes, is truly irrational...And how many people who leave junk food boxes on train seats, streets, etc. have eaten a veggie burger, or two...?? Do you check each box, or ask each person what they ate...?? Of course not and they would probably abuse you, for being an obviously irritating twerp...😜

    (Twerp is a legit English word, meaning a silly, insignificant, or contemptible person.)

    I don't condone swearing or abusive language, myself...and also I eat meat....It really does not make us more "violent." So these assertions of yours are ill-founded, by and large...

    Funnily I rarely eat chicken products....So your salmonella scare story, means very little to me...Chicken is not the best protein source....Eggs I do eat......I like the grass-fed pasture raised/free rangers....Very healthy, with orange yolks.....Shame you miss out, really....Poor fool...

    And it's truly amusing how you assume yourself to be more evolved....You are like one of those religious fanatics who thinks that his particular path, is the only path to God...So predictable....History is littered with puritanical people, who strive to be "holier than thou, " and often cause more trouble than they might have expected....
    I for one am not shamed by meat eating, nor in fear of catching salmonella from chicken.....And I bet that many silent members agree and share this view...A FREEWILL VIEW EXPRESSED for myself and on behalf of those who resonate, yet cannot be bothered to engage with you...

    I will speak out, as this issue anent shaming meat-eating, is far wider than your particular pettiness...It extends to globalist bodies, such as the WEF, who seek to reduce the world population....Their so-called green agenda...An agenda that puts the environment before human beings...And would ban all animal farming, forever, if they could...

    MOREOVER, as for eating fresh food I do not need "AYURVEDA" to remind me to do so...I use my own mind....
    If anyone wants maximum nutrition from food, better to eat raw, fresh and washed salads and veg, also pickled fermented vegetables....Cook sparingly....And only when appropriate, not all the time...
    • I have told you before I do not need your comments on my forum post ..look elsewhere…can’t you find other form post to comment ..who welcome your comments…I do not need your comments as you don’t even know YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT …do your own posting and look elsewhere to comment. If you don’t understand take some English lessons ..maybe you might understand what get lost means
      • Most members avoid your forums like the plague...I'm mostly the only one you have to learn by. So you will see my comments alone, in the main and only myself lending you a hand, in understanding yourself, by offering a mirror for you to view your hideous and hostile countenance...A charade of extremist dogma...Of hatred for meat-eaters....Which is idiotic, bordering upon insane...As you even conflate junk food takeaways with all meat....Nope, not the same....Many meat eaters avoid junk food...When will your brain accept this...??

        Oh I suspect that you do need to be challenged, as you live in a quagmire of illusions....

        And I would suppose that the term you used, to: "get lost," is not exactly balanced. You are truly very hostile and angry and the more so, the more lessons come back to you...

        Never fear I'm always here to help...🙂
        • I think now you don’t even understand what get lost means ..look elsewhere you have a choice you idiot …I don’t need your comments on my post nor will I ever comment on your post..if you don’t understand your foolish idiot go and take some English lessons.
          • Now, as palpably obvious, you have a temper and are swift to hostility...So one can conclude, that your vegetarian diet is not helping you avoid you often cite as one reason for it being promoted...That you view meat as making people aggressive...??


            I need say no more here.....It's a plain victory for me as a proud meat eater.....
This reply was deleted.

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