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WARNING TO ADDICTS : How many years are your bad habits shaving off YOUR life? Terrifying graphic reveals how you are shortening your life

New website has calculated the cost of an addiction in years and hours
Smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes a day cuts ten years off a person's life
Drinking two or more alcoholic drinks every day cuts 23 years off a life
Cocaine addicts lose up to 34 years, with each dose costing 5.6 hours
Methadone users cut their lives by 38 years, and die at an average age of 41
A heroin addiction will cut 42 years off a person's life, killing them at age 38
Lifetime methamphetamine users lose 42 years, each dose costing 11 hours
You might think that just one cigarette 'can't hurt'. But it could in fact cost a smoker almost 14 minutes of their life, according to new calculations.

A new website has worked out how much time a smoker, alcoholic or a drug addict will lose, each time they use.

For example, regularly smoking 20 cigarettes a day cuts ten years off a person's life, the website claims.

Alcoholics cut their lives short by 23 years, while chronic cocaine users lose 34 years, it adds.

Each time a heroin addict takes a normal dose of the drug, they cut almost 23 hours off their life. Methadone cuts almost 13 hours and cocaine cuts 5 hours, the website claims

The calculations were made using data from official sources including the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Treatment4addiction, a website providing information people with drug and alcohol addictions, has calculated how many years an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone and heroine are cutting from their lives by continued use.

Mephamphetamine addicts live to an average age of just 38, while heroin addicts don't fare much better, dying at on average at just 38 years old.

The website's creators have also worked out how many minutes or hours each single dose will cost an addict.


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Yes, this is very sad.  Most people take drugs/alcohol because they are so unhappy in life.  When this New Earth appears, this stuff will be GONE!

Well seriously you need to use your loaf ( Brain ) learn to distinguish what is good for you and what is bad FOR GOD HAS GIVEN YOU A BRAIN ...why act/behave like zombies
Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs including Pharma Drugs, Eating Dead Animal Corpses plus other unhealthy addictions will kill you BUT GETTING IN THE MODE OF GOODNESS WILL HELP YOU EVOLVE AND BECOME A BETTER PERSON also MAKING THIS A BETTER PLANET and this is what Ascension and Awakening is all about.
Your bad habits also effects others and this Planet so get this into your thick heads or seek treatment .
About 75% or more beings on this planet are closer to zombies then humans.

Whether it cuts its life or not, it's up to user's will.

On awakened consciousness, "people" isn't gonna feel the "need" to do drugs anymore.

Most of the times, there's fear when there's damaging actions against others and yourself. Within full consciousness, there is full light. This means knowledge, lack of fear as a direct result. Understanding. Most of times, there has been suffering on a person involved in this kind of behaviour.

Just an advice, bring up your fears into the Light of your heart. And take a deep breathe. Once you recognize the incredible amount of value of life, within everything, there's gonna be a big shift on you.

I know it could prove difficult, with negativity blocking off your heart's nervous fibers, most of times it doesn't allow this process to come with ease.

The number one killer is actually heart disease through the continous need of exciting oneself over things which not only produces lots of emotions, but also makes the heart pound faster and the bloodflow higher, and theoretically for each percent you raise your bodys energy-usage per second above normal, is a second shorter you will live all in all. ;)

Get mad one day and you'll lose a day from the end of ilfe-time as well. ;)

Personally I prefer to smoke some weed and drop my body-frequency to several points below normal, put myself in a hypermeditative state but keeping the frontal lobe in oberservation-mode and even though I experience "time" about 10 times faster in that state of consciousness, I'll prolong my total life-time during that process anyway since the body, during such moments, only operate at about 10% energy usage than it does when I'm up and about. :)

Drugs are Tools for Mental and Emotional Exploration.
But like all other material things, their usage must be tempered by wisdom.

Lol beautiful


+1 totally agree. I don't do any myself but if ppl want to go there, they should be able to. Prolonging life to its absolute maximum is not necessarily everybody's goal. I would say ppl should position themselves to use what they think they need to use to go on their own personal journey to achieve their goals whilst they are here.  Souls are eternal.  Do not become hung up on maintaining the physical body to absolute perfection at the expense of the richness of your experience here.

....That Comment Was For.....Mr Acute.....<3 .........x.....



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