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lol-MSM on it's way out!

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I have predicted that msm will FAIL.  My favorite presstitute is Rachael Maddow. 

yeah-rachel madcow


Look at this nut cases' eyes-you'd think these demoncraps would move on to some other lie to pin on trump-could also be that trump is going to start indictments on the demoncraps for SO MUCH corruption! He could start with their own russia collusion;

Add to it that at any moment Attorney General Bill Barr could launch a much needed DOJ investigation into the real Russian collusion that took place between Hillary Clinton, her 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee that paid millions to Fusion GPS who conspired with nefarious Russian informants and other foreign and domestic operatives to orchestrate a destructive disinformation campaign against a sitting U.S. president.

The work of the Democrats seems like it was pulled from the pages of a coup d’etat playbook in corrupt third-world countries.

What the Department of Justice may discover is that many high ranking Democrats, including Schiff, who curiously met with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson in Aspen, Colo., in July, and also tried to block the release of Fusion’s financial records to Congress, are co-conspirators themselves alongside high-ranking FBI agents and other deep state actors who manufactured the whole Russian hoax to get Trump.

Schiff doubles down on Trump despite Russia report: ‘Undoubtedly there is collusion’

Pet Rock:  I think that Trump is waiting for the RIGHT TIME, and I think that the right time is NOW!


I work with a guy who says he's a moderate democrat but gets as insane as madcow and the rest-no matter what proof you show that the dems are not democrats and are completely corrupt and sold out to the chinese,etc.--i really believe that these progressives(he said he was a progressive during the election 2016} are on a spiritual telepathic network hell bent on destroying the US and depopulating the world-he/they, I'm sure you've noticed, HATE the 'human race'

Malcolm:  You know what is really strange about Rachael Maddow?  When she was younger she was a beautiful, feminine-looking, long-haired blonde!  (What happened, Rachel?)

Rachel got brainwashed by the Democratic Party, just like Alexandria Occasional-Cortex... And they both are dumb as dirt, like most of the Democratic Party ....

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Some alligators can grow up to 15 feet. But most only have 4. Russele'

lol-dumber than a lamp post-funny how she and beto are connecting with the millenials-non sense is common sense and common sense is nonsense

I totally agree..If she is the product being turned out of college these days, the students should ask for a refund and their student loans forgiven.  Even airhead is too nice a thing to call her.  

it's crazy-it's said she knows absolutely nothing about foriegn affairs you could read about in news articles or on credible radio talk shows and other issues-social media got her elected and she's under investigation for embezzling donation money from her campaign and buying $3000 pants suits and $600 shoes!

I know, right.  She can't even decide when the world is going to end, was 8 years now stretched to 20.  Her new green deal is a joke completely...The Dem party as a whole has nothing to offer other than to Trump bash all day long like spoiled toddlers who did not get their own way, sigh...Actually I know toddlers that act far better and are more reasonable.  The people that spew hate of Trump have a hard time telling why their life has been negatively affected by his presidency.  They can only make fun of his appearance or his speech or his past...The country is doing far better than it has been from the previous 8 years. 




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