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Vladimir Putin Wants To Regulate Rap Music...HE IS ABSOLUTLY RIGHT ITS THIRD CLASS Music

The Trump administration is pushing for a new Cold War with Russia and China.

Meanwhile, Xi has already banned rap music in China and now Putin wants to regulate it in Russia because he says it is poison that degrades his nation:

President Putin has urged “great caution” to anyone banning concerts for young people in Russia, and suggested that such events should be “taken over and navigated” by the authorities.

— BBC Monitoring (@BBCMonitoring) December 15, 2018

2/ Putin said he was concerned by the popularity of rap music, which he said: “rests upon three pillars – s**, drugs and protest.”

— BBC Monitoring (@BBCMonitoring) December 15, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that listening to rap music is “a path to the degradation of the nation”

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) December 15, 2018

Putin’s comments come amid a crackdown on contemporary music that evoked Soviet-era censorship of the arts


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Other countries should follow as it’s nothing but soul destroying **** music 

Put all the rappers in the jungle and after some time their music will upset the animals who will eat them up and that will be the end of rap music on planet Earth  

another statement bordering racism with the jungle insinuation . keep it up Mr. but stay away from Public Enemy, the masters of rap . Its like saying that every brit hindu is low grade citizen ( like you ) that dont belong in civilized world , right ?



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